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CheatGPT Review: Can CheatGPT Really Help You Bypass AI Detection?

Lawrie Jones
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Lawrie JonesProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Mar 22, 2024

There are many so-called undetectable AI writing tools out there nowadays, like CheatGPT. With its clever name twisting the "ChatGPT" concept, this tool claims to help users bypass popular AI detection tools on the market.

But can you really rely on it? Find out in our CheatGPT review.

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What Is CheatGPT?

image7 (8).jpg

CheatGPT is an AI detection bypass tool, otherwise known as an undetectable AI writer. Free to use, but also with a premium plan costing $5 per month, it was made by a college student named Adam Oommen Jacob. Jacob worked on the tool as a side project while studying engineering at college.

The tool hasn't received any notable funding and is a much smaller project than most other undetectable writing platforms out there. As such, it doesn’t have the same advanced features as many of its competitors and isn’t quite as fully-functional or versatile. It’s a relatively simplistic tool that simply rewrites text in the hopes of bypassing detection.


The feature list of CheatGPT includes:

  • Humanize AI-generated text from tools like ChatGPT
  • Bypass AI detection platforms like Turnitin and Content at Scale
  • Offers a free plan
  • Unlimited prompts

Can CheatGPT Beat the Best AI Detection Tools?

Since it was only designed as a side project by a college student, CheatGPT doesn’t have the same reputation as other, bigger undetectable AI writers. However, it still claims to be good enough to bypass a lot of the big AI detectors.

But is it really able to do that? The only way to find out is to test it. So, that’s exactly what we did. To start off, we visited ChatGPT and asked it to produce a short (300-word) passage on the topic of “family and love.” Here’s what ChatGPT provided:


Next, we needed to see how CheatGPT would humanize the text, and whether or not it could actually bypass AI detection. To do that, we took the 300-word sample from ChatGPT and pasted it into CheatGPT. Unfortunately, we then encountered an issue, as CheatGPT has a strict word limit of 180 words.


As the screenshot above shows, it was impossible to use the original 300-word sample with CheatGPT without paying for a premium plan. To address this, we decided to trim the sample to approximately 180 words to assess its features with the free plan. Subsequently, we obtained a "humanized" version with CheatGPT, as illustrated below.


CheatGPT Against Originality.AI

The first AI detector we attempted with CheatGPT’s text was Originality.AI. This is known as one of the toughest AI checkers to beat, with leading technology to detect AI content. So, how did CheatGPT fare? Let’s take a look at the results.

image12 (1).jpg

Well, that certainly looks impressive. It seems that CheatGPT got an almost perfect score, with 96% of the text classified as “Human” and only 4% ranked as “AI”. However, when we looked closer, we started to notice a few things that didn’t add up.

Firstly, take a look at the title box that Originality.AI generated.

image1 (8).jpg

To generate this “Title”, Originality.AI simply used the first few words of the text itself. And, strangely, certain letters, like “A” and “C” are missing from the text.

That’s not all. When we read through the text that CheatGPT gave us, we noticed that the entire thing was exactly the same as what ChatGPT had provided. In other words, CheatGPT hadn’t humanized anything. It hadn’t even changed the text at all, except in one very sneaky way.

As we inspected closer, we found that the letters “A”, “C”, “D”, and “P” all looked slightly different from the rest. And there’s a reason for that.

image2 (7).jpg

The four letters listed above had all been replaced by CheatGPT with Cyrillic alternatives. Basically, these are symbols that look almost identical to the letters we use every day, but AI detectors aren’t programmed to detect them. So, by replacing letters with Cyrillic alternatives, CheatGPT quite literally “cheats” the AI detectors (and its users).

Since this is simply a cheap trick, we went back into CheatGPT’s text and replaced all of the Cyrillic letters with regular ones. Then, we ran the scan again.

image4 (7).jpg

As the screenshot shows, with regular letters replaced, the results are far less impressive. In fact, CheatGPT got the worst possible score of 0% Human text in Originality.AI, since its text is basically unchanged from the original ChatGPT content.

CheatGPT Against GPTZero

image8 (9).jpg

The failures continue for CheatGPT in the next test. When we ran its text through GPTZero, it came back with a terrible 98% AI result, suggesting that only 2% of the text appears to be human-written.

CheatGPT Against Copyleaks

image3 (7).jpg

Once again, in the third test, CheatGPT fails. Its text was easily seen as AI content by Copyleaks, proving once and for all that this tool is not a reliable undetectable AI writer or humanizer.

A More Reliable Undetectable AI Writer: HIX Bypass

Our testing discovered that CheatGPT truly is a cheating piece of software. All it does is replace certain letters with other symbols in an attempt to fool users and AI checkers. In other words, it’s not a reliable AI humanizer at all. So, if you want a truly undetectable AI writer, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

image9 (11).jpg

HIX Bypass is one of the best tools on the market, using state-of-the-art humanization technology to truly transform AI-generated text into 100% undetectable content. This is achieved through the meticulous restructuring and rewriting of the original text, closely emulating natural human writing while preserving the core meaning.

Not only that, but HIX Bypass also consistently bypasses leading AI detectors, such as GPTZero and Originality.AI. Plus, it works in dozens of languages, making it ideal for users around the globe.

Explore the Effectiveness of HIX Bypass in Bypassing AI Detection

Winston AI
Content at Scale


Here’s a full list of HIX Bypass’s features:

  • Humanize content from ChatGPT, Bard, etc.
  • Beat detection tools like Winston AI, ZeroGPT, Sapling, etc.
  • Score 100% human ratings
  • Functional in over 50 languages
  • Preserves the text’s original meaning
  • Optimized content for better SEO scores
  • Built-in AI scanning and detection

Is HIX Bypass More Effective at Bypassing Detection?

While CheatGPT cheats its way to better detection scores, HIX Bypass actually humanizes content using advanced natural language modeling.

But how efficient it is? To find out, we put HIX Bypass through the same test as CheatGPT, using the same ChatGPT text to figure out which tool was more effective at getting past the AI detectors.

Here’s the text that HIX Bypass humanized, based on ChatGPT’s original creation.

image5 (9).jpg

As you can see, unlike CheatGPT, HIX Bypass actually humanized the text, changing the words, structure, and flow, while preserving the original meaning.

HIX Bypass Against Originality.AI

image6 (8).jpg

Up against Originality, HIX Bypass achieved an almost perfect score. Its text was rated as 98% Original, with only 2% being classed as AI. This is almost the exact opposite of CheatGPT, which had a 0% Human rating.

HIX Bypass Against GPTZero

hix img

In the next test on GPTZero, HIX Bypass continues to impress. It scores a near-perfect 99% human rating, with only 1% probability of the text being made by AI. Again, this is much better than CheatGPT.

HIX Bypass Against Copyleaks

image11 (7).jpg

Last but not least, HIX Bypass also got a human rating from Copyleaks, too. This is also something that CheatGPT was unable to do.

In short, HIX Bypass passed all three AI detection tools, while CheatGPT couldn’t beat any of them.

The Showdown: CheatGPT vs. HIX Bypass

The table below shows all of our testing results for both undetectable AI writers.

  • AI Detector
  • CheatGPT Results
  • HIX Bypass Result
  • Originality.AI
  • 0% Human
  • 98% Human
  • GPTZero
  • 2% Human
  • 99% Human
  • Copyleaks
  • AI-Written
  • Human-Written

The conclusion is a pretty obvious one: CheatGPT cannot consistently beat any AI detector without its cheating Cyrillic letters, because it doesn’t actually do any humanizing. Instead, it simply swaps out letters with other symbols to fool people. It’s not an undetectable AI writer at all. In contrast, HIX Bypass is truly able to create human-level content, every time.

HIX Bypass is also much more advanced than CheatGPT, with lots of extra features, support for additional languages, and other AI writing tools. It’s by far the better option to use for anyone who wants to use AI without worrying about detection.


Overall, when we put CheatGPT to the test, it clearly comes up short. As stated earlier on, it markets itself as an undetectable AI tool to bypass detection, but all it really does is swap letters around.

This is a cheap trick that anyone can do, and many AI detectors are being upgraded to spot when users try to fool them with Cyrillic letters or symbols. So, if you want truly undetectable AI content, it’s better to use a more trusted tool, like HIX Bypass.

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