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Rewritify Review: Is It Truly Able to Bypass AI Detectors? (Tested, with Proof)

Rewritify.ai is one of the top-rated AI humanizers on the market right now, using advanced technology to make AI text seem more “human” and help users bypass detection. But, if you’ve not used this tool before, you might be wondering: does it actually work? Let’s find out if Rewritify really works or not by putting it to the test.

What Is Rewritify.ai?


Rewritify is an AI text humanizer, designed to humanize AI content and help users get a 100% human score when they run their text through detection tools like GPTZero, Originality.ai, and ZeroGPT. It doesn't merely replace some of the words or rearrange their order.

Instead, using advanced humanization technology, Rewritify completely rewrites and restructures your AI text to remove all signs that it was made by AI. Here are just a few of its key features and unique advantages:

Produces Undetectable AI Content

If you want to beat AI detectors like GPTZero, Originality.ai, Turnitin, ZeroGPT, Winston AI, and more, Rewritify will help you do it. It's able to take a piece of AI text, and remove all the obvious signs and "AI watermarks", all while retaining the original meaning, to help you get a human score and no AI-related penalties.

Humanize Any AI Text

Boasting some of the most impressive humanization technology around, Rewritify is able to humanize any piece of AI text. That goes for both long and short-form content on a wide range of topics, from the simple to the complex, and it works on texts made by many different AI tools, like Gemini, ChatGPT, GPT4, and more.

Beat Plagiarism Detectors

Rewritify also has the unique benefit of producing entirely original, plagiarism-free content, every single time. It never copies or uses other existing work. Instead, it makes its own fresh text, helping you bypass not only AI detectors but plagiarism detectors (like Turnitin and Copyscape) too.

Avoid Google Penalties on AI Content

These days, AI content is often penalized in SEO, struggling to rank high on Google and other search engines due to its repetitive and bland nature. Rewritify is designed with SEO in mind, helping to optimize your AI text, maintaining valuable keywords, and adjusting the structure to make it more original, helpful, and human-like in the SEO stakes.

Multilingual Capabilities

Rewritify isn't just for English-language text. With this advanced AI humanizer, you can humanize AI text in over 30 different languages. It's incredibly smart and accurate in any major language, understanding the unique syntax and grammar systems involved to produce accurate, top-quality content that is readable to people around the globe.

Putting Rewritify to the Test

Clearly, Rewritify has a lot of useful features and functions. But you might still have that one big question on your mind: does Rewritify actually work? Well, we’re about to find out, by putting Rewritify through a fair and balanced test.

We’ll take some AI-generated content from ChatGPT, run it through Rewritify, and see if the output text is good enough to beat leading detectors, including Originality.aiI. So, without any further ado, let’s begin.

First of all, we need some AI-generated content. So, let’s head over to ChatGPT and ask it for a simple sample of text.


Next, we have to verify that this ChatGPT text is not able to bypass AI detection. So, we have to run it through a few different AI detectors – GPTZero, Originality.ai, and Copyleaks – to ensure it gets flagged as AI.

Let’s see the results of each scan, one by one, beginning with GPTZero, which obviously thought that the text was 100% AI.


Next up, Originality.AI also deemed the text to be AI-written:


Finally, Copyleaks agreed with the other two tools, saying that the text “Reads like AI”:


These results are not surprising. AI detectors like Originality and GPTZero are trained to spot the signs of AI writing, so they had no trouble identifying this ChatGPT text as being made by AI. But what about after Rewritify has worked its magic?

Let’s find out. First, we have to take the same ChatGPT text and run it through Rewritify’s “Humanization” process. Here’s the result:


Finally, this is what it all comes down to. The key part of the test – we now take our Rewritify humanized text and run it through the three AI detectors one more time. Can it beat them?

Here’s the result from GPTZero:


Next, Originality.AI:


Finally, Copyleaks:


As you can see, all three tools had totally different responses to Rewritify’s improved, humanized version of the ChatGPT text. All three of them, without exception, felt that the text was human, proving that Rewritify really does work and can successfully fool even the best AI detection tools.

The Final Word on Rewritify

Overall, the conclusion here is an easy one to draw: Rewritify absolutely works. It’s as simple as that. Our tests proved without any doubt that this tool can take AI text, remove the signs of AI, and pass AI detectors with flying colors. Whether you’re trying to beat Originality, GPTZero, or another tool, you can count on Rewritify to help you do it. Give it a try and evade AI detection.

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