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uPass Review: Does uPass Actually Work?

With its strong humanization technology, uPass claims to be one of the best undetectable AI writers around. But does uPass actually work? The only way to know for sure is to put it to the test. So, that's what we did! Read about this uPass review to learn all about uPass and see the results of our uPass tests to find out whether or not it works.

What Is uPass?

uPass is an AI detector and undetectable AI rewriter, aimed primarily at the student crowd, but also usable by other people. It aims to humanize AI-generated text and help users bypass the AI detection of Turnitin and other leading AI detectors such as Originality.AI and GPTZero.


In other words, it rewrites an AI text to remove its AI elements, helping users get high human scores on AI detectors and avoid all the penalties and punishments that can come from having their content (like essays and coursework) flagged as AI.

Beat Turnitin, Originality, and Others

As a leading AI humanizer, uPass is able to take AI-assisted or AI-generated content, like essays, assignments, and papers, and transform them into undetectable content that looks and feels like it was written by a real person. It can beat leading detection tools, like Turnitin, Originality, and more, to help students avoid any detection.

An All-in-One AI Humanizer and Detector

uPass isn't just an AI humanizer. It also comes with an AI detector, too. It's able to scan your text and the text it produces across a wide range of AI detectors simultaneously, letting you know if your text passes or fails each detector. This is a serious time-saver, making it so much easier and more convenient to tell if text is human or AI.

Guaranteed Plagiarism-Free Content

In the process of making your AI text undetectable, uPass cleverly creates completely fresh, original content. That means no copying, and no plagiarism. It always comes up with unique ways of phrasing or expressing the ideas of the text, so you won't be accused of copying and you'll easily be able to pass plagiarism scanners like Grammarly or Copyleaks.

Humanize Any Academic Text

Essays, papers, assignments, homework - no matter what kind of academic work you need to humanize, uPass can help you do it. It's able to humanize texts of various lengths and on a wide range of different topics, ensuring that the final content is always high quality, readable, original, and engaging to help you get great scores and better grades.

Error-Free Writing

Another huge benefit of using uPass as your undetectable AI writer of choice is that it doesn't make mistakes. It produces flawless output content, every time. That means no typos, spelling mistakes, or weird grammar errors. Instead, it gives you the most professional-looking content to impress your teachers or professors.

Does uPass Truly Work Against AI Detection Technology?

uPass has a lot of interesting selling points that make it an appealing choice for students seeking to evade AI detection. But first, before you use this tool to help with your AI-assisted essays, you have to be sure of one thing: does it actually work?

To find out whether or not it works, we decided to put uPass to the test.

We began our test by asking ChatGPT for a piece of text. This text is our baseline. It's what we'll use throughout the rest of the test in order to keep it fair and balanced.


Now, we have to verify whether or not this original piece of ChatGPT text can pass AI detection. To do that, we ran the text through three separate AI scans, using Turnitin, Originality, and GPTZero, three of the probably most-used AI detectors in the academic world.

Here's what they thought, starting with ZeroGPT:


Then Originality:


And finally GPTZero:


As you can see, the results speak for themselves. All three tools clearly flagged the text as AI, using their AI identification technology to accurately determine that this text was made by ChatGPT.

Next, we have to see if uPass is able to improve those scores. To do that, we take the ChatGPT text and let uPass work its "humanization" process on it. Here's the result:


Now, the important part. Can uPass humanized text beat AI detection? Let's run it through all three AI detectors one more time and see how it fares.

Starting off, ZeroGPT:


Originality comes next:


Finally, GPTZero's scan result:


The difference between these results and the original results is staggering. Originally, using the ChatGPT sample, all three tools correctly spotted the text was made by AI. But, with the uPass text, the results are totally the opposite, and all three tools have been bypassed.

They all think that the text is human-written, which just goes to show how incredibly effective and powerful uPass is. It has successfully made key changes to the text – including the vocabulary and structure – to fool some of the best AI detectors.

Count on uPass to Evade AI Detection Penalties

By using an AI humanizer like uPass, you increase your chance to avoid AI detection and the risks follow along. The tests above have demonstrated how effective uPass is. So test it out today and see how this tool can help you enjoy a less stressful and more productive student life.

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