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GPTinf Review: Is GPTinf Effective at Bypassing AI Detection?

Lawrie Jones
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Lawrie JonesProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Mar 22, 2024

AI detection software can easily identify and flag content made using tools such as ChatGPT or Jasper AI. With AI humanizers like GPTinf, however, you can rewrite AI-generated content into text that’s undetectable by AI content detection tools.

But is GPTif as effective as it claims to be? In this GPTinf review, we’re going to be running GPTinf through a few tests to see just how effective it is at humanizing your AI-generated text.

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What Is GPTinf?

image5 (7).jpg

GPTinf was founded in 2023, a relatively new company in the AI industry. This is a simple, direct AI text humanizer that claims to bypass a wide variety of AI detection software. This includes tools such as Turnitin, GPTZero, and Copyleaks, among others.

The platform offers a monthly subscription system that is based on the number of words you wish to rewrite per month. It requires an account to use and features a freeze-list option that allows you to “freeze” certain keywords, preventing them from being rewritten. This is particularly useful when dealing with highly specific technical documents, where certain words, expressions, and phrases must remain unchanged for accuracy.

GPTinf’s Features

  • Free to try
  • Bypasses many different AI detectors
  • Freeze-list feature for preserving certain words
  • Sleek and minimal design

Can GPTinf Bypass AI Detection?

As a proper GPTinf review, we need to figure out if processed content generated by GPTinf can bypass a selection of AI detectors. To kick things off, let’s generate some text using ChatGPT. In this case, we asked ChatGPT to write a short article on the future of vehicle autopilot.

image10 (6).jpg

The resulting piece is about what you’d expect from a ChatGPT-written article, and you’re very likely to get flagged at this point. So, let’s copy the result and paste it into GPTinf, and see what happens:

image8 (7).jpg

Right off the bat, we can see a few errors in the rewritten article. One issue with AI humanizers is that in their attempts to rewrite a sentence, the resulting grammar isn’t always perfect. A potential explanation for this is that the text humanizer is trying to mimic “human errors” in the output text to increase the likelihood of bypassing AI detection by appearing more human-like in its imperfections.

You can see this in the first line of the “More Safety” section, where it says “in future” as opposed to “in the future,” which makes the sentence feel more stiff. Aside from this, the phrase “usher in” as shown in the last sentence is instead spelled as “usher-in”.

With errors like this popping up throughout your article, you’ll have to manually edit them for the piece to be presentable, which can take up extra time and effort. But let’s assume that you’re fine with the results as-is. Let’s see how it holds up against different types of AI detectors:

GPTinf Against Originality.ai

image3 (5).jpg

Originality.ai flags GPTinf’s article as AI-written. All of the visible text from the article is highlighted in red, which means that the software flagged it as being AI-written. Originality.ai gave the article a score of 15% original and 85% AI, which is far from ideal.

For those unfamiliar with how scoring works in these tools, the percentages don’t mean that the article is made up of, say, 15% original work and 85% AI. Rather, it reflects the confidence levels of the tool, and in this case, Originality.ai is 85% sure that the article is AI-generated.

GPTinf Against GPTZero

image9 (9).jpg

GPTinf’s results are even worse when passed through GPTZero. In this tool, AI-generated sentences are highlighted in yellow, and as you can see from the screenshot, every sentence is highlighted.

The final score that GPTZero gives is 94% AI and 6% human. It also has a rating for “mixed” sentences, or sentences written using both AI generation and human writing, but the tool shows a 0% probability score for that sort of content.

GPTinf Against Copyleaks

image11 (5).jpg

Unlike the other two tools, GPTinf offers a more straightforward result. All of the sentences are highlighted in red, meaning that the article is AI-generated. solidifying the fact that multiple AI detectors are independently flagging the same piece as AI content.

An Alternative to GPTinf: HIX Bypass

image4 (5).jpg

The above GPTinf review clearly shows that despite its sleek design and a handy little feature for freezing certain words, GPTinf is far from reliable. Even if you don’t care about AI detectors, the text already contains minor errors that will need fixing, and you’ll also be doing the work for content that simply doesn’t pass AI detection at all.

If you want a tool that performs more reliably and offers more features, then HIX Bypass is a far better alternative. It can process and handle AI-generated text crafted by AI language models such as ChatGPT, Jasper, Bard, or GPT-4, then produce humanized content that can easily bypass popular AI content detectors like GPTZero and Originality.ai.

HIX Bypass Can Bypass Them All

Winston AI
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It also uses advanced text humanization technology to make AI content undetectable, resulting in human-written content from start to finish. Moreover, for those concerned about originality, HIX Bypass guarantees that its outputs are 100% plagiarism-free, ensuring you won’t have any problems posting AI content as your own.

HIX Bypass’s Features

  • Works with all types of AI content
  • Uses advanced humanization technology
  • Includes a plethora of useful features
  • Stable performance against popular AI detectors
  • Plagiarism-free content
  • Optimized text humanization for SEO purposes
  • Bypasses spam filters in email

Is HIX Bypass Better Than GPTinf for Bypassing AI Detection?

Just to really prove how much more effective HIX Bypass is over GPTinf, we’re going to be using the same article we generated for GPTinf’s tests and run it through HIX Bypass. Then, we’re going to run those results through the same AI detectors showcased earlier, giving you a clear comparison between the two platforms.

For reference, here’s the HIX Bypass’s result:

image2 (5).jpg

Unlike GPTinf, there are no glaring errors from this rewrite, so you won’t have to double-check for any grammatical or spelling mistakes after humanizing. Let’s put the rewritten article into the different AI detectors and see what results we get.

HIX Bypass Against Originality.ai

image7 (6).jpg

Originality.ai’s results for HIX Bypass are the complete opposite of GPTinf’s. The AI detector gave HIX Bypass a score of 91% original and 1% AI. This means that the software is highly confident that the resulting text is human-written.

HIX Bypass Against GPTZero

image6 (6).jpg

HIX Bypass comes out with good results through GPTZero, too. In fact, the software gave the article a 0% score for AI, which means that it does not believe a single sentence was purely AI-written. There is a 6% score for mixed content, but for the most part, GPTZero seems to believe that the article is written by humans.

HIX Bypass Against Copyleaks

image1 (6).jpg

Copyleaks gives us as simple of a result as last time. Only now, we don’t have any highlighted sentences, and the verdict is that the article is human-written.

GPTinf vs HIX Bypass: Comparing Results

Have a look at this quick comparison between the results of both AI humanizers:

  • AI Detectors
  • GPTinf Results
  • HIX Bypass Results
  • Originality.ai
  • 15% Human, 85% AI
  • 91% Human, 9% AI
  • GPTZero
  • 6% Human, 0% Mixed, 94% AI
  • 94% Human, 6% Mixed, 0% AI
  • Copyleaks
  • AI-Generated
  • Human-Written

From this, we can see that across all three tests, HIX Bypass wins by overwhelming margins. Whereas GPTinf was flagged as AI every single time, the humanized content generated by HIX Bypass appeared to be human-written to all AI detectors. Thus, HIX Bypass is indeed a relatively better choice in terms of content quality and AI detection bypass performance.


GPTinf may have a straightforward interface and neat feature when humanizing text, but at the end of the day, it’s simply not effective enough at bypassing modern AI detectors. And even if you don’t care about AI detection, the minor errors present in its results will have you spending extra time making adjustments, which is far from what you want when working with AI.

As we can see from this GPTinf review, tools that can produce better content quality, and offer more stable bypassing performance, such as HIX Bypass, could be better worth your money than GPTinf.

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