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Netus AI Review: Is Netus AI Useful for Bypassing AI Detection?

Aditya Raghunath
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Aditya RaghunathProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Mar 22, 2024

Netus AI is one of the popular AI humanizers that helps users turn AI-generated content into more natural, human-written pieces. It boasts a variety of undetectable paraphrasing modes and asserts its capability to "beat any AI detector."

However, is Netus AI sufficiently effective as an AI humanizer for professional use? If not, are there better alternatives available? Here's what we've found.

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What Is Netus AI?

image9 (10) (1).jpg

Netus AI is a software service run by a company of the same name. Founded in 2023 with fewer than 10 employees, it’s a relatively small firm specializing in AI-based technologies and humanization techniques.

The platform features an AI detector with an impressive accuracy rate of over 99% and offers a diverse array of over 30 bypass modes for transforming AI content into text with a human-like touch. Moreover, it provides a summarization tool, facilitating the quick extraction of essential information.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Relatively fast generation speeds
  • Utilizes different paraphrasing models
  • Enables fine-tuning of your personal writing style
  • Comes with other AI services available
  • Offers a limited free trial

Does Netus AI Work to Bypass AI Detection?

The best way to know if a service is useful or not is by putting it to the test, so we did just that. We started by generating some simple text to use with Netus AI. In this case, we used ChatGPT to write a 300-word passage about business.

image3 (6).jpg

The resulting article is just about the type of content you’d get from ChatGPT, and those familiar with AI-generated content could likely deduce it as such. We then copied the passage into Netus AI. Here’s what we got:

image6 (7).jpg

While the result seems to have no errors at first glance, a closer look reveals a few issues. For example, the opening sentence originally talks about business being an “intricate dance” of different skills. The rewritten article still mentions the same “dance” but doesn’t explain what that dance is about.

Aside from this, you may notice that the tone of the article has changed to a certain degree. While the original article had a very formal tone to it, the rewritten article reads far more like a casual blog, with phrases such as “super important”.

While these issues aren’t grammatical, they do change the original intent of your article, which can be a problem if you already fine-tuned your original prompt to make specific results.

What about its efficacy in humanizing AI text? With the rewritten content, let’s see how well Netus AI performs by running the result through Originality.ai, GPTZero, and Copyleaks.

Netus AI Against Originality.ai

image5 (8).jpg

Originality.ai sees right through Netus AI’s rewritten article, flagging it as 99% AI.

Netus AI Against GPTZero

image8 (8).jpg

Netus AI returns similarly poor results with GPTZero, with only a 1% improvement compared to Originality.ai. All of the sentences in the passage are highlighted, which indicates that every sentence is flagged as AI-generated content.

Netus AI Against Copyleaks

image1 (7).jpg

Copyleaks may not have percentages to show how likely it is for content to be AI-generated, but the results are just about the same as with the other two detectors. Netus AI’s rewrite is highlighted in its entirety as AI-generated.

A Better Option Than Netus AI: HIX Bypass

With results this poor from Netus AI, it’s very difficult to recommend the software to anyone. However, if Netus AI falls short, what alternative is worth considering?

image10 (7).jpg

Enter HIX Bypass, a highly reliable undetectable AI writing tool available online. Developed by HIX.AI, it is specifically engineered to make AI text undetectable by AI checkers. It works with any AI-generated content you throw at it, whether from ChatGPT, GPT-4 technology, Bard, Jasper, or other services.

Leveraging state-of-the-art humanization technology, it transforms every sentence into humanized text, devoid of grammatical errors, typos, or plagiarism. By employing HIX Bypass to humanize AI text, users can confidently get content that successfully bypasses AI detection among all AI detectors, including Originality.ai, GPTZero, Copyleaks, Turnitin, and more.

Uncover the Power of HIX Bypass in Making AI Text Undetectable

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  • Employs industry-leading humanization technology
  • Works with different types of AI-based content
  • Bypasses all major AI detectors, such as Content at Scale and ZeroGPT
  • Rewritten content is plagiarism-free
  • Retains the original meaning of the text
  • Offers several bypass modes
  • Results are optimized for SEO
  • Multilingual support with over 50 languages
  • Offers a built-in AI checker for convenient verification

Is HIX Bypass Better Than Netus AI in Bypassing AI Detection?

Is HIX Bypass more effective than Netus AI, and if so, by how much? We ran the same tests we ran with Netus AI and compared the results. For starters, we pasted the ChatGPT article into HIX Bypass, getting this result:

image7 (7).jpg

Unlike with Netus AI, the original meaning of the opening sentence still seems to be intact, as well as the passage’s overall structure and formatting. Now, let’s take a look at the results from different AI detectors.

HIX Bypass Against Originality.ai

image4 (6).jpg

HIX Bypass scores an overwhelming 100% original score on Originality.ai, meaning that the software didn’t detect a single trace of AI-generated content in the article.

HIX Bypass Against GPTZero

image11 (6).jpg

At GPTZero, the result for HIX Bypass’s rewrite returns 96% human writing and 4% mixed writing. It’s also worth mentioning that not a single sentence was highlighted as AI-generated.

HIX Bypass Against Copyleaks

image2 (6).jpg

The result from Copyleaks is clean, with the software detecting it as human-written text. No sentences are flagged as AI-written throughout the passage.

Netus AI Vs HIX Bypass: A Brief Comparison

Here’s a quick rundown of the results from all three AI detectors for both Netus AI and HIX Bypass.

  • AI Detection Software
  • Netus AI Results
  • HIX Bypass Results
  • Originality.ai
  • 1% Human, 99% AI
  • 100% Human, 0% AI
  • GPTZero
  • 1% Human, 2% Mixed, 98% AI
  • 96% Human, 4% Mixed, 0% AI
  • Copyleaks
  • AI-Generated
  • Human-Written

The results clearly show a very large discrepancy between the two AI humanizer tools. While Netus AI was easily detected by all three tools, HIX Bypass passed with flying colors on every single test, with one test detecting 0 AI-written content whatsoever.

From these results, we can conclude that Netus AI just doesn’t hold up to modern AI detection standards, regardless of which detector you use as a test. On the other hand, HIX Bypass generates results that are completely undetectable, making it reliable for humanizing all kinds of AI-written content.


As shown in the tests, Netus AI simply doesn’t have the effectiveness it claims to have, with an overwhelmingly poor set of results from all three tests. Using software like this in your workflow will not only affect the original meaning of your content but also fail to bypass AI detection, causing your content to be flagged as AI.

If AI-generated content is what you use for marketing and content creation, you’ll need alternatives to Netus AI that are far more reliable, such as HIX Bypass.

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