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The Best QuillBot German Alternative to Rephrase Text & Sentence

Jessica Shee
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Jessica SheeProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Feb 03, 2024

Although QuillBot is accessible without a subscription or an account, the limited features keep a free user from fully exploring its capabilities. Furthermore, when it comes to the German language, QuillBot offers even fewer features and a lower-quality experience.

QuillBot supports only the Standard mode for German, which falls short in delivering diverse and high-quality writing. The 125-word limit significantly reduces the productivity of paragraphing long German content. Additionally, receiving a satisfactory result often requires multiple attempts at sentence rephrasing or synonym selection.

So, let’s dive deeper into QuillBot and discover an alternative that offers better functionality!

What Is QuillBot?

QuillBot is a startup company founded in 2017 and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA. After three rounds of investment, totaling over 4 million US dollars, from Sierra Ventures, GSV Ventures, and Service Provider Capital, the company has rapidly grown to have over 200 employees. Notably, in August 2023, QuillBot was acquired by Course Hero, an online learning platform.

The company's core product, which shares the same name as the company, was originally designed as a paraphraser. Over time, this tool evolved into a sophisticated AI-powered assistive writing tool, aiming to augment users' writing productivity and elevate content quality with a wide variety of features and customization options.

QuillBot's specialties include text rewriting, grammar error correction, concise content summarization, and plagiarism checking.


Is It Safe to Use QuillBot?

Yes, QuillBot is safe to use if you are looking for a paraphrasing tool to rewrite your text to avoid plagiarism or improve the quality of your content.

As an online paraphrasing service, QuillBot collects limited personal information like usage, device, and location to better provide assistance, but it claims it will never sell or share user data. Instead of copying content from somewhere else, QuillBot utilizes artificial intelligence and natural language processing to analyze and generate high-quality rewrites of the original textual input.

How Much Does QuillBot Cost?

Besides offering a generous free account, QuillBot allows individual users to sign up for one of its three premium plans based on the length of a subscription. You have three days after subscribing to change your mind and receive a full refund.

QuillBot Monthly – $19.95/month

QuillBot Semi-Annual – $79.95 billed every 6 months ($13.33/month)

QuillBot Yearly – $99.95 billed every 12 months ($8.33/month)

What Does QuillBot Offer?

QuillBot provides several tools to assist you in improving your writing productivity, quality, and efficiency. QuillBot ensures that all its features are user-friendly and require no prior linguistics or computer science expertise.


QuillBot's Paraphraser lets you input text and receive instant alternative rephrased versions with one click by tackling synonyms and sentence structures. QuillBot employs a sophisticated machine-learning model that analyzes the context of a given sentence and generates accurate and high-quality rewrites.

QuillBot currently has 9 paraphrasing modes to choose from for the English language. The Standard and Fluency modes are available for a free account while other 7 premium paraphrasing modes can be unlocked by a subscription.


Grammar Checker

A grammar and spelling check is a crucial step in enhancing the quality of text. QuillBot's Grammar Checker provides a compelling way to identify and correct any grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, and spelling errors in written text. With a single click, it automatically fixes all language-related errors found in a document, increasing the clarity and correctness of the writing in a snap of the fingers.


Plagiarism Checker

QuillBot's Plagiarism Checker compares the given piece of text against its vast database of previously published content, including essays, articles, books, websites, and academic papers, and highlights any matching or closely matching sections of text.

It gives a comprehensive plagiarism score and report that reveals all instances of plagiarism to help improve the originality of the written work. However, this feature is exclusive to premium accounts.



QuillBot's Summarizer can condense a large body of text into a short version, helping you grasp essential information efficiently without reading the entire document. It allows you to have flexible control over the two summary types by adjusting the summary length slider; It can either extract key bulleted sentences or generate a new cohesive paragraph from the original text.


Does QuillBot Work for German?

Unfortunately, QuillBot's products support limited functionalities when it comes to other languages except English. For German textual input, only Paraphraser and Grammar Checker are available. This makes QuillBot not an ideal option for content summarization and plagiarism-checking purposes in a German language setting.

In addition, although QuillBot can be used to paraphrase German text and correct German grammar errors, users often find the outcome less satisfactory than English.

Better QuillBot Alternative for German: HIX.AI

In contrast to QuillBot, HIX.AI offers full features in German. This tool provides 360-degree writing assistance for German users in rephrasing sentences in German, generating a concise summary in German, translating content from or into German, writing long-form articles in German, and more.


HIX.AI Offers Various Features for German Users

Whether German is your native language or the target language for your writing, this tool can help you craft original and polished content in German.

Rephrase Sentence in German

Use HIX.AI's paraphrasing tool to rephrase any sentences or paragraphs in German or other languages and output them in German. HIX.AI can paraphrase your text creatively or spin some words while maintaining the initial meaning. This online paraphraser allows you to choose different target audiences and tones, ensuring that the revised version of your written text is accurate and well-crafted for a specific use.


Rewrite Article in German

HIX.AI's article rewriter helps professional authors, academics, and journalists quickly create a new version of an article, story, essay, research paper, and blog post. With the article pasted into the specified text field, a tone, and the German language selected, this tool can automatically rewrite the existing words by changing the sentence structures and switching synonyms.


Summarize Lengthy Content in German

Tired of reading lengthy documents to extract key information? HIX.AI's summarizer can turn a long and complex piece of text into a brief summary with a single click. With the help of this tool, you can condense a long passage of text into a concise bulleted list or a natural paragraph with a set amount of output words.


Swiftly Translate Between German and Other Languages

HIX.AI's free language translator gets you covered when you need to translate between German and other languages for your writing. HIX Translate offers precise and efficient translation services for any situation thanks to cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology and support for 50+ languages.

Most importantly, this translator gives six additional translation tones in addition to a standard language translation to help you communicate and write more effectively in German or another language.


Expand Content in German

When given a simple sentence, target readers, and tone, HIX.AI's Sentence Expander can add many relevant details to make the original content more comprehensive and thorough. This tool is very valuable when a precise number of word count is necessary and a longer, more elaborate form of information is needed. It inspires you with new ideas and helps you overcome writer's block.


Shorten Your Text in German

You can easily reduce the length of an essay, article, report, thesis, blog, or book using HIX.AI's text shortener. After a word count, target audience, tone, and German language are specified, just click the Generate button. This tool will automatically remove the redundant phrases, sentences, and words from the original material and create a shorter version without losing the vital details.


Write AI Content in German

Stop scratching your head when assigned a writing task. Use HIX AI Writer to draft any type of content in a matter of seconds. HIX AI text generator is proficient in producing various text forms, including emails, blogs, articles, reviews, guides, advertisements, and over 120 other types, all tailored to engage a German audience and support your objectives.


HIX Chat: German ChatGPT Alternative with GPT-4 and Web Access


HIX Chat is a superior ChatGPT alternative with the best German language support. It employs the advanced GPT-4 model to engage in text-based conversations with users, delivering highly natural responses. With web access, HIX Chat ensures access to the latest information and generates the most up-to-date and accurate answers to questions and requests.

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