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10 Best BypassGPT Alternatives to Bypass AI Detectors

The importance of bypassing AI detectors can’t be overstated enough, especially with the increased risk of AI content being flagged or penalized. BypassGPT is one of the formidable AI bypass tools that can evade AI detection. However, it is always a good idea to explore other options and see what they have to offer.

It is for this reason that we carried out some in-depth research to uncover the 10 best BypassGPT alternatives that can deliver a similar level of performance. We will explore their features and capabilities, as well as their pros and cons, which should help you make the right decision. So, let’s get right into it, shall we?!

  1. HIX Bypass - Best BypassGPT Alternative Overall
  2. Humbot - Best BypassGPT Alternative For Fast AI Humanization
  3. Bypass AI - Best BypassGPT Alternative For Plagiarism-Free Results
  4. AI Humanizer - Best BypassGPT Alternative For Different Use Cases
  5. Undetectable AI - Best BypassGPT Alternative For Varied Bypass Options
  6. GPTinf - Best BypassGPT Alternative For Tailored Pricing Plans
  7. StealthWriter - Best BypassGPT Alternative For Multiple Humanized Outputs
  8. WriteHuman - Best BypassGPT Alternative For Content Optimization
  9. Phrasly - Best BypassGPT Alternative For Ease of Use
  10. Netus AI - Best BypassGPT Alternative For Extra Writing Features

HIX Bypass - Best HIX Bypass Alternative Overall


The best BypassGPT alternative in the market is HIX Bypass without a doubt. The reason for this is that the platform offers comprehensive coverage against powerful AI detectors like GPTZero and Originality.ai. Using advanced humanization techniques, it works by altering the vocabulary and syntax of AI text to deliver 100% human scores.

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Whether you typically use ChatGPT, GPT-4, Jasper, or Gemini, HIX Bypass is versatile enough to work with any AI language model. As such, you can rely on it to humanize any AI-written content without fail. In terms of output, the tool uses 100% unique text to rewrite your content, so you can be confident of its originality.

In addition, the humanized text will always retain the intent of the original content. This means that there is no risk of your core message being distorted in the process. Moreover, the platform consistently delivers quality content that is free of grammatical or syntax errors. This guarantees excellent readability from start to finish.

On top of that, it has a novice-friendly interface and even works well with any type of content. This includes articles, essays, ad copy, reports, etc. Taking all this into consideration, it can be the ideal choice for anyone who may need help handling bulk AI content daily.


  • Delivers 100% human content scores
  • Humanizes content from any AI writer
  • Error-free and contextually accurate output
  • Has an easy-to-navigate interface


  • Offers limited word counts for free

Humbot - Best BypassGPT Alternative For Fast AI Humanization


When it comes to speedy results, Humbot is a top choice. The AI humanizer can convert AI text to human in seconds. You just input the AI content in the web portal and the tool will provide an undetectable result that can effectively bypass most AI detectors including ZeroGPT and Copyleaks.

Moreover, the humanized text will be 100% authentic and also human-like enough that will not be mistakenly flagged by spam filters. Humbot even allows you to incorporate targeted keywords in the output. This ensures that your content is SEO-optimized and will rank highly on search engines.

Humbot also boasts a smooth and highly intuitive interface that has no complex or unnecessarily cluttered elements. This does well to accommodate first-time users.


  • Fast AI humanization engine
  • Produces authentic and spam-free content
  • Accommodates keyword optimization


  • Output may sometimes need editing

Bypass AI - Best BypassGPT Alternative For Plagiarism-Free Results


Bypass AI is an excellent BypassGPT alternative that humanizes AI content to bypass popular AI detectors like Winston AI and Turnitin. However, its main highlight lies in its ability to consistently produce 100% unique results that can pass even the most stringent plagiarism checkers such as Copyscape and Scribbr.

As such, you never have to worry about facing penalties for publishing or submitting duplicated content. Moreover, it does well to produce error-free results, which reduces any need to keep making extensive edits or changes to any humanized text.

The platform even comes with a ChatGPT watermark removal feature. This allows you to identify and erase any special phrases that may indicate to AI detectors that the content is artificially written.


  • Generates error-free and duplicate-free results
  • Offers ChatGPT watermark removal
  • Guarantees data privacy and security


  • Not the fastest at humanizing output

AI Humanizer - Best BypassGPT Alternative For Different Use Cases


AI Humanizer is a great BypassGPT alternative that works across a wide range of fields and professions. Whether you are a student, marketer, business owner, or even webmaster, it can help make any AI-generated content undetectable without compromising the text’s overall structure or readability.

To add on that, it comes with built-in AI checkers that help verify the content can evade Winston AI, Content at Scale, Copyleaks, and other similar AI detectors.

Aside from that, the platform offers extensive multilingual support that spans over 50+ native languages, including English, Mandarin, French, Dutch, and Italian, just to name a few. This should enable you to craft content that reaches wider audiences and engages them more effectively.

Best of all, AI Humanizer ensures that it accurately conveys the original content’s core message within any humanized output. From blog content and product descriptions to emails and web copy, this tool can handle it all.


  • Works with any type of AI text
  • Native language support available
  • Always retains original intent in the output


  • Lacks enough content editing features

Undetectable AI - Best BypassGPT Alternative For Varied Bypass Options


Undetectable AI comes with three unique AI bypass modes that enable you to humanize AI text in more ways than one. The first option is Instant mode, the second option is Advanced mode, and the third option is Precise mode. Each of these AI modes allows you to make unique changes to the AI content, depending on how powerful the AI detector you want to beat is.

Having these options also means that you will have more flexibility regarding the final output. This makes it convenient should you ever need multiple text variations for marketing purposes. The tool also does well to guarantee undistorted and error-free results, regardless of which AI humanization mode you use.

Undetectable AI also comes with ChatGPT watermark removal, which guarantees that any humanized content will be fully undetectable. The platform also has a smooth and intuitive user interface, not to mention that it doesn’t require you to sign up or submit your credit information to test out its capabilities.


  • Several unique AI bypass modes
  • No sign-up required to access tool
  • Highly intuitive user interface


  • Has limited word counts per input

GPTinf - Best BypassGPT Alternative For Tailored Pricing Plans


GPTinf is an advanced AI rewriting tool that reworks AI content to beat AI detectors. It also has a unique feature that lets you compare the original and humanized results. However, what makes it popular is that it has a sliding scale that lets you choose your own unique pricing plan. Plus, the more words you want, the cheaper the plans become.


  • Flexible pricing plans available
  • Provides heavily discounted pricing
  • Has a unique compare mode feature


  • Rewritten text is not always undetectable

StealthWriter - Best BypassGPT Alternative For Multiple Humanized Outputs


StealthWriter can help humanize your AI text and it will provide at least 5 different results to choose from. The tool even facilitates real-time editing, as you can select specific sentences within the output and choose from alternative suggestions rather than alter the entire text. It also has a built-in content generator that can produce undetectable drafts.


  • Offers varied outputs to choose from
  • Facilitates easy content editing
  • Provides a built-in AI text generator


  • Has an overly-cluttered user interface

WriteHuman - Best BypassGPT Alternative For Content Optimization


WriteHuman not only makes AI text undetectable but also streamlines content optimization. With its unique Keyword Freeze feature, you can easily [bracket] certain words or phrases to ensure they are incorporated in the humanized text and without compromising coherence. On top of that, the platform is mobile-friendly and it also features a reliable AI content detector.


  • Has a built-in AI checker tool
  • Simplifies keyword integration in the output
  • Boasts a mobile-friendly interface


  • Doesn’t provide enough features

Phrasly - Best BypassGPT Alternative For Ease of Use


Phrasly stands out as a viable BypassGPT alternative because it has the most simplistic and well-structured user interface. The tool is quick to navigate and allows you to not only humanize AI content but even check for AI using the same web portal. Its pricing structure is also simplified, as it has just one premium plan that offers unlimited access.


  • Has an easy-to-navigate interface
  • Offers both AI humanization and detection
  • Comes with a free user plan


  • Lacks enough flexibility in pricing

Netus AI - Best BypassGPT Alternative For Extra Writing Features


Netus AI is an advanced tool that facilitates more than just AI humanization, as it also comes with several AI writing features. The tool has four different AI paraphrasing modes that utilize different techniques to reformulate content. It also features an AI detector and even an AI summarizer that enables you to condense lengthy content in just a few clicks.


  • Multiple AI paraphrasing models available
  • Has a built-in AI summarizer tool
  • Free trial available


  • UI is unnecessarily complicated


In this article, we’ve summed up the 10 best tools that are capable of rivaling BypassGPT when it comes to evading AI detection. Each one of these AI humanizers is powerful and reliable enough to deliver quality results. As such, you must carefully decide which one caters to your precise needs the most, be it in terms of speed, pricing, accessibility, etc.

However, if you prefer something encompassing all these aspects, we strongly advise selecting HIX Bypass. It is the best choice because it is the most powerful, reliable, and comprehensive tool on this list. It also offers several pricing tiers, so you should have no trouble choosing a plan that fits your budget.

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