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Jessica Shee

Jessica Shee

Professional Tech Writer

Jessica Shee brings her vast expertise in content creation to the world of technical communication. With half a decade of experience under her belt, she excels at demystifying intricate tech subjects, crafting user-friendly guides and tutorials that empower users.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Security
  • Apple Products
  • Computer Software
  • Operating Systems

Why You Can Trust Jessica to Provide Top-notch Content


With a rich five-year journey through the tech and lifestyle landscape, Jessica Shee's portfolio spans from freelancing to dedicated blogging. Her content, always aligned with SEO best practices, covers a swath of topics from operating systems to cybersecurity and beyond, earning her bylines in prominent technology hubs including MakeUseOf, TheWindowsClub, OXSDaily, LifeWire, and iBoysoft.

Education Background

Master of Business Administration and Management

Saint Vincent College, The United States


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