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10 Best Undetectable AI Writers to Get Around AI Content Checker

Jessica Shee
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Jessica SheeProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Mar 22, 2024

AI writing tools like ChatGPT have been incredibly helpful for content creators who must put out lots of content quickly. But to what end? In a recent report, Google argued there are no penalties for publishing AI-generated content. However, evidence shows that AI-generated content does not rank well on SERPs.

For this reason, companies like OpenAI, ChatGPT’s parent company, have developed AI detector tools to help content companies analyze outsourced content to see how much of it is AI-generated. AI writing detectors are designed to pick up on trends in how AI writes its content and score your write-up based on this.

What does this mean in the long term for AI writing? Are we seeing an end to AI-generated content? Maybe not! There is a new category of undetectable AI apps that can rewrite AI-generated drafts to avoid AI content detection. Good undetectable AI tools rewrite AI-generated content into more human-like content that can conveniently pass AI detection tests.

These are ten of the best anti-AI detector tools you should be looking at right now:

  1. HIX Bypass - Best Undetectable AI Writer Overall
  2. Humbot - Best for Rewriting Creative Articles
  3. BypassGPT - Best for Human-level Writing
  4. AIHumanizer - Best for High-quality AI Text Humanization
  5. UndetectableAI.ai - Best for Unique Outputs
  6. Bypass AI - Best for Academic Writing
  7. Undetectable.AI - Best for Convenience
  8. StealthGPT - Best for SEO Specialists
  9. WriteHuman - Best for ESL Writers
  10. Smodin - Best for Multiple Features

HIX Bypass - Best Undetectable AI Writer Overall


If you have ever used a rewriting tool, you are probably wondering what apps like HIX Bypass have to offer in comparison. The answer - a lot! First, normal content rewriter tools may help you pass a plagiarism check, but the output is unlikely to pass an AI detection test if the original was AI-generated. HIX Bypass uses its advanced algorithm, natural language processing technology, and cutting-edge text humanization technology in rewriting content specifically to pass these tests.

Try HIX Bypass to Create Undetectable AI Writing

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Loaded with these advanced language technologies, HIX Bypass can read, understand, and transfer your content to go undetectable by detectors like Hugging Face, Content at Scale, Winston AI, Text Classifier, ZeroGPT, and GPTZero. And thanks to the latest AI language model, HIX Bypass can do all this without changing the original meaning of your text.

See How Effective HIX Bypass is in Bypassing All Detectors

Winston AI
Content at Scale

The best part is, that HIX Bypass works with texts of different types, regardless of the niche, topics, and industries, generated by ChatGPT, Bard, GPT-4, etc. It can also handle non-English content with its support of 40+ languages.

HIX Bypass has both free and paid plans. The free limit is 125 words, offering you a chance to test out its features at no cost. The paid plan, which is $9.99 monthly ($4.99 per month if billed yearly), comes with higher word credits and access to advanced features.

Try HIX Bypass now for free and see how it effortlessly transforms your AI-generated content to bypass even the most rigorous AI detectors!

Humbot - Best for Rewriting Creative Articles


Humbot is an AI-powered web app that helps you effortlessly repurpose AI-generated content; at least, this is what its makers claim. But how true is this? We quickly looked at ChatGPT-written contents rewritten by this AI text rewriter, and we can confirm some truth in this claim. Its outputs were a deep rewrite of the original. Although rewritten, they didn’t look so much like the original. The smart tool first analyzes your text and finds alternative sentence structures less likely to be used by popular AI language models. More importantly, the output correctly reflects the sense of the original article.

This undetectable AI writer can work with different content types, including blog posts, social media posts, articles, and blog posts. The company adheres to a strict personal information protection policy. All information entered on the platform is securely transmitted through its servers. They are kept private and not shared or sold to unrelated third parties like survey companies, student researchers, etc.

The best part is, that Humbot allows you to try humanizing any AI-generated of up to 200 words for free to examine how the tool actually performs, without any account registrations or paying anything. You can access this tool using any internet-enabled device, ensuring convenient and straightforward content processing wherever you are. 

BypassGPT - Best for Human-level Writing


BypassGPT is a leading undetectable AI writer. This tool can analyze clauses, sentences, and paragraphs and modify them to create content that bypasses AI detection. Many tools you will find on the web promise the same, but most only spin your content. Spinning, at best, reduces the AI detection score. You need much more for your content not to be flagged by AI detection tools. You get more with BypassGPT.

Most AI-generated content rewritten by BypassGPT is not detected by popular AI detection tools like Originality.AI, Winston AI, Copyleaks, ZeroGPT, GPT Zero, Content at Scale, and OpenAI’s text classifier. How and why? Its advanced algorithms and ingenious AI model were meticulously trained by professional human writers, helping the tool produce unique, original, and well-written content. It does a great job of restructuring writing patterns that may trigger these detectors.

The service is easy to use. You can simply copy your AI-generated content, paste it into the BypassGPT portal, and click on Humanize. It begins the rewriting process and delivers the result in under a minute.

AIHumanizer - Best for High-quality AI Text Humanization


AIHumanizer is one of the best AI text humanization tools you can get. The website’s UI is simplistic, and it is easy to use. Simply insert any AI-generated text, and AIHumanizer is ready to transfer your provided content into fully undetectable and humanized text that can bypass some of the strictest AI detection tools out there, with a high bypass rate for sure!

Thanks to the loaded advanced AI text humanization algorithm, AIHumanizer can also be used to improve the writing quality and readability of your AI text as well. Hence, you can even adjust the bypass modes, including Fast, Creative, and Enhanced, to better suit your content types and styles.

Undetectable AI - Best for Unique Outputs


Undetectable AI is well-recognized for helping many content creators bypass AI detection worries. How? With the help of its cutting-edge bypassing technology. This technology helps you outsmart the most commonly used AI detectors.

It is trained on seven of the best AI detectors, so you can be sure its output is unique. Its outputs also closely mirror human writing. When rewriting, some AI humanizers do simple rephrasing, which comes at a cost - grammar and syntax mistakes. This is not the case with Undetectable AI. Its outputs are qualitative with zero errors. These outputs also stay true to their original meanings. No ideas, concepts, or messages are lost or distorted in writing.

Anyone can use the tool. However, its developers recommend that they are only used ethically and for legitimate purposes.

Bypass AI - Best for Academic Writing


Bypass AI is your trusted partner in outsmarting AI detectors. Thanks to its language modeling capabilities, Bypass AI empowers you to transform AI-generated content into unique, humanized tests that conveniently pass AI detection tests.

One standout characteristic is its ability to repurpose content by Turnitin. Turnitin is very popular among students and academic researchers. Thus, we recognize Bypass AI’s strength in repurposing academic essays, papers, and reports. Only very few anti-AI detector tools can rewrite academic content to pass AI detection tests, and Bypass AI is our favorite of them all.

The rewriting process can be completed in three easy steps. First, you type out what you want to rewrite or paste the AI-generated content into the relevant field. Start the process and wait for the service to do its job. Finally, copy out or download the output.

Undetectable.AI - Best for Convenience


Undetectable.AI is a standout anti-AI detector tool and one of the most commonly used for rewriting auto-generated, mechanical writing into humanized text.

Like every good undetectable AI solution out there, it rewrites text well, making it difficult to tell if the input was AI-generated. But there’s an added convenience it brings - an AI detector. So you do not need to subscribe for an AI detector service to test a piece of text and then move to a rewriter to paraphrase. It’s best suited for content writers, students, researchers, and SEO managers.

Typically, its output is produced in 30 seconds or less. It also uses fragments appropriately. This should give your content good scores on English writing aid tools. From our test, we noticed a few grammar errors. But these are simple errors a grammar checker can fix. It helps that it has features to help you change the purpose and readability of the text. That means you need less time to modify your text’s voice.

Undetectable.AI has flexible pricing plans starting from the individual plan which costs $9.99 to the business plan which costs $49.99 and has a generous 50000 word limit. There is also an enterprise plan for businesses with high-volume needs. This will come with custom pricing.

StealthGPT - Best for SEO Specialists


If you did a quick check online, you would see why StealthGPT is regarded as one of the best undetectable AI writers on the market right now. We have summarized some of its features here to save you the stress of finding this alone.

StealthGPT does a very good job writing content like an experienced content writer would. ChatGPT, as you may have noticed, often uses cliche words like “navigating the….”, and “in the ever-evolving landscape of”. This is typical AI writing; anyone familiar with AI writing tools can easily see this. StealthGPT uses none of these cliche expressions. This is why it is popular among SEO specialists and blog editors who need to make tens of original, unique content within a brief period.

It has a plethora of content analysis systems content writers can use to improve the conciseness of their writing, helping to relay their ideas to their audience better. It can also help with content optimization for Google and other search engines.

You often have to subscribe to a plan for feature-loaded solutions like this. But you may take advantage of its 7-day free trial. You can access all of its features during this period at no cost.

WriteHuman - Best for ESL Writers


WriteHuman is a great asset for ESL users. That is, users who are not English natives. This is because it is not just a regular essay rewriter or essay humanizer. It does more, like providing a linguistic guide for users who need help narrating their thoughts in native writing. It can help with improving the structure and readability of your writing.

Using its advanced algorithm, WriteHuman helps users write undetectable content through popular paid and free AI content detector apps like Content at Scale, ZeroGPT, GPT Zero, Writer, and Turnitin. It is designed to work with different kinds of content, including those with industry-specific language. If you do not want a particular word changed when rewriting, all you must do is put it in [square brackets].

This undetectable AI app can handle large content needs for businesses without sacrificing quality. You just have to be on the right plan. You can make unlimited requests on its most premium plan, Ultra, priced at only $32 a month. However, each request has a limit of 3000 words. You can split your content into multiple requests if your content’s word count is more than the word limit.

Smodin - Best for Multiple Features


Smodin is an all-rounder. It is the perfect choice if you need a single tool to humanize AI texts, grade AI-written texts, check for plagiarism, auto-generate content, and summarize long-form blog posts. This amazing undetectable AI writer even has specialized tools for academic writing and real-time translations of YouTube videos, news, and documentaries.

Like many language models, you can customize your output with well-written prompts. The language model was trained on thousands of samples of human written data. Thus, it does a good job of understanding text inputs and generating human-like content in various writing styles ranging from creative to technical. Users can upload the text to be written or type it out in the text field.

Although you get the most out of this tool on its paid plans, you can still get decent work done on its free plan. The paid plans are comparatively inexpensive too, ranging from $10/month to its most premium, a business plan priced at $79/month. There’s a 20% discount if you subscribe to a yearly plan.

It supports 40+ languages, making it useful for individuals and businesses who need to rewrite content to better resonate with local audiences.


AI tools like ChatGPT and Google Bard have become a part of many individuals' and businesses’ workflows. But there’s a disadvantage to this popularity. People have become so accustomed to the chatbots that they can tell if the content is AI-generated at first glance. There are even tools to detect this. Luckily, undetectable AI writing tools, also known as anti-AI detector tools, can be used to repurpose content written by these chatbots to pass these tests. After extensive testing of many on the market, we can confirm that these were the best of them all.

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