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10 Best Turnitin Alternatives for Accurate AI Detection

Jessica Shee
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Jessica SheeProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Apr 29, 2024

Turnitin is a popular AI detector in the education industry, but it's not perfect. It sometimes produces incorrect detection results, and it's not accessible to those who aren't teachers or education professionals. So, you might like to use Turnitin alternatives instead. We've found 10 of the best AI checker platforms you can use instead of Turnitin, so let's take a closer look at each one.

  1. HIX Bypass - Best Turnitin Alternative Overall
  2. GPTZero - Best Turnitin Alternative for File Uploads
  3. ZeroGPT - Best Turnitin Alternative for Speedy Processing
  4. Writer - Best Turnitin Alternative for Beginners
  5. Originality.AI - Best Turnitin Alternative for In-Depth Checks
  6. Undetectable AI - Best Turnitin Alternative for Trustworthy Results
  7. Sapling - Best Turnitin Alternative for Bloggers
  8. Humbot - Best Turnitin Alternative for Time-Saving
  9. Content at Scale - Best Turnitin Alternative for Casual Use
  10. Copyleaks - Best Turnitin Alternative for Multiple Features

HIX Bypass - Best Turnitin Alternative Overall

HIX Bypass

Topping our list of Turnitin alternatives is HIX Bypass. As a trusted AI detector and humanizer, this multifunctional tool can save you tons of time on AI detection scans and AI bypass.

HIX Bypass is able to scan your text and present the test results of multiple detectors simultaneously, including leading names like GPTZero and ZeroGPT. Then, it gives you an easy-to-read results page, showing exactly which tools the text can pass, and which it fails. If you need to bypass AI detectors, HIX Bypass also has industry-leading humanization technology to humanize AI text to remove AI detection effectively.


  • Easy to use and instant results
  • Offers results from multiple AI detectors at once
  • Industry-leading AI humanizer to help you pass detection


  • Doesn't yet support file uploads

Try HIX Bypass today to effortlessly check text for AI and remove AI detection!

GPTZero - Best Turnitin Alternative for File Uploads


Next on the list, GPTZero. This AI detector is famed for starting life as a student project – Princeton student Edward Tian made it as part of his thesis. It's known for accuracy and its beginner-friendly design, boasting a straightforward user interface that anyone can understand.

You can just copy and paste the text you want to scan into the box provided, or even upload a file, like a DOC or PDF. From there, it scans the text and provides you with a detailed, in-depth results page. This shows how likely the text is to be written by AI or human (or a mix of both).


  • Very reliable results
  • Supports DOC uploads
  • Super fast processing times


  • You have to pay for the most accurate scans

ZeroGPT - Best Turnitin Alternative for Speedy Processing


ZeroGPT is a lightning-fast AI content detector, ranking among the speediest on the market. It provides rapid results to save you time. This is ideal if you need to scan lots of pieces of text at the same time, or you have a strict deadline to meet.

ZeroGPT is also completely free to use (up to 15,000 characters per scan) and provides an accurate percentage rating for each text, along with highlights to show you the AI sections.


  • Free to use
  • Very fast scanning time
  • Generally quite reliable


  • Sometimes produces false positives

Writer - Best Turnitin Alternative for Beginners


Writer's AI detector is part of its AI writing tool released in 2020, and has received $100 million in funding in 2023 and been trusted by some pretty big names. The AI content detector can be used for free to check the signs of AI in a piece of text up to 5,000 words.

Write's AI content detector can check GPT-3, ChatGPT and GPT-4 text. It's easy and quick to use, and also supports URL scanning – this way, you can check for AI writing on a web page or published blog post. It's got no complicated menus or advanced features – just paste your text and scan. The results contain only a score, with no detailed reports of which sentences are AI.


  • A good choice for newbie users
  • Generous free plan
  • Scan large text up to 5,000 words


  • Doesn't work with uploaded files
  • No detailed analysis

Originality.AI - Best Turnitin Alternative for In-Depth Checks


Originality.AI is another AI plagiarism checker and content scanner, launched in 2022 and designed by an SEO pro Jon Gillham. It has raised over $900 million in funding and is known for its high accuracy and in-depth results page.

Originality.AI gives you a 1-100% rating for how “Original” the text seems and how much it is AI. It also colors and rates every single sentence in the text to let you know the most robotic or unoriginal parts. Plus, it has an AI-powered fact checker to help you see how factually accurate your content is.


  • A multifunctional tool for AI scanning and plagiarism detection
  • Rated highly by many users
  • Provides detailed results pages


  • No free version, so you have to pay
  • Often makes false positives

Undetectable AI - Best Turnitin Alternative for Trustworthy Results

Undetectable AI

Undetectable AI is another unique AI detector tool on our list, as it's also both an AI checker and an undetectable writer in one. It can run checks on your text and offers detection results of multiple checkers simultaneously, giving you rapid results from each one.

Undetectable AI is also a powerful and effective tool for bypassing AI detection. It works with AI-generated text from GPT or other language models. You can run your text through their AI humanization system to make the text completely undetectable by popular AI detectors like GPT-Zero, Copyleaks, and Turnitin.


  • Speedy processing time
  • Very reliable results
  • Can humanize AI text and help you get 100% human score


  • Free plan offers limited features and word credits

Sapling - Best Turnitin Alternative for Business Users


Sapling's AI content detector was developed by former researchers in organizations like OpenAI, Meta, Stanford and Google. As it claims, this AI detector can keep the false positives below 3%.

When running AI detection with Sapling, it gives you a precise percentage rating for how "AI" your text seems to be, breaking it all down, sentence by sentence. With its handy color-coding system, Sapling is easy to work with and lets you quickly spot the most robotic sections and then edit or replace them.


  • Quick AI detection process
  • Detailed results with color-coding
  • Helpful browser extension for Chrome


  • Many features locked behind paywall

Humbot - Best Turnitin Alternative for Time-Saving


Humbot is another excellent choice to use for AI detection. It's one of the few tools that can run multiple scans at the same time, letting you know in an instant if your text can pass the likes of GPTZero, Copyleaks, Content at Scale, and other tools. This makes it a serious time-saver.

Humbot also comes with a humanizer that is able to rewrite your input text using more natural language patterns that avoid detection from tools like Copyleaks, Turnitin, and GPTZero. The rewritten output is coherent and readable while removing indicators the original was AI-generated.


  • A multifunctional scanner and humanizer
  • Completely free to start with
  • Produces high quality AI humanization


  • Doesn't work with uploads or URLs

Content at Scale - Best Turnitin Alternative for Casual Use

Content at Scale

Content at Scale is another AI content detector you can use any time you need to check a piece of text. It launched in 2022 and has since attracted thousands of users. This AI scanner provides a simple and easy-to-understand scan result message, letting you know if the text looks like AI or human without any complicated scores or percentage ratings.

Content at Scale also has useful other features like an AI chatbot and rewriting. It's generally easy to work with, but the lack of detail in the results may be off-putting for professional users, like copywriters and marketers.


  • Free to try
  • Can identify text generated from various AI writers
  • Simple and straightforward UI


  • Doesn't produce detailed results

Copyleaks - Best Turnitin Alternative for Multiple Features


Last but not least, we have Copyleaks. Originally used for plagiarism detection when it launched in 2015, this tool has since evolved to incorporate AI scanning.

This AI content detector is free to try and lets you know in seconds if your text reads as human or AI. It also has lots of bonus features and functions, like scheduled scans, batch scanning, and plagiarism detection. There's even a Chrome extension version of Copyleaks for AI detection at any time, along with multilingual support.


  • Lots of useful features
  • Scans for plagiarism and AI usage
  • Works in many languages


  • Premium plans are quite expensive

Reasons to Use a Turnitin Alternative

You might be wondering about what's actually wrong with Turnitin and why you'd want to use a Turnitin alternative to begin with. Well, unfortunately, despite being developed by a trusted brand in the education sector, Turnitin has quite a few problems that many users have complained about.

A big issue with the Turnitin AI detector is accuracy. Sadly, Turnitin often gets things wrong when scanning text. It has repeatedly been proven to flag AI text as human and to flag human text as AI, which causes a lot of problems for students and teachers who are trying to use this tool to identify cheaters and reward those who are honest in their work. Even the developers behind Turnitin have acknowledged its flaws.

Turnitin reddit review

We actually put Turnitin to the test ourselves to see how well it could handle a piece of human text. We wrote a genuine piece on a simple topic - “Tips for Travel on a Budget” - without any AI assistance and then ran it through Turnitin. Unfortunately, as you can see in the screenshot above, the result was very disappointing, as Turnitin thought that the human text was actually AI.

Turnitin test

Turnitin also has an accessibility issue. A lot of people are blocked from using this tool, as it's only available for those in the educational industry. This means that bloggers, business users, creative writers, and copywriters (among other groups) are completely unable to access Turnitin's AI checker.

All of this means that, if you're looking for a truly reliable and trustworthy AI content detector, you can't really count on Turnitin. It sometimes lacks accuracy and isn't even available for many users, so you may need to pursue an alternative option, like one of the many great AI writing detector platforms listed above.

The Final Words

Overall, since Turnitin has a few problems, you might not want to rely on this tool for your AI scanning needs. Instead, consider a reliable and trusted alternative, like HIX Bypass, which offers faster and more thorough AI checks, as well as humanization benefits.

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