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Top 10 Originality.AI Alternatives for Precise AI Content Detection

Jessica Shee
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Jessica SheeProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Apr 29, 2024

Originality.AI is a well-known AI content detector. However, it's not always the most accurate one. It regularly gets things wrong and has been accused of generating an excess amount of false positives. As such, you might like to use an Originality.AI alternative instead to spot the signs of AI text. Let's look at the list below of 10 top Originality.AI alternatives you can try.

  1. HIX Bypass - Best Originality.AI Alternative Overall
  2. Copyleaks - Best Originality.AI Alternative for Flexibility
  3. ZeroGPT - Best Originality.AI Alternative for New Users
  4. Turnitin - Best Originality.AI Alternative for Education Professionals
  5. GPTZero - Best Originality.AI Alternative for Deep Analysis
  6. Undetectable AI - Best Originality.AI Alternative for Accuracy
  7. BypassAI - Best Originality.AI Alternative for Time-Saving Detection
  8. Writer - Best Originality.AI Alternative for Casual Use
  9. Sapling - Best Originality.AI Alternative for Editing and Improvements
  10. Winston AI - Best Originality.AI Alternative for Versatile Scanning

HIX Bypass - Best Originality.AI Alternative Overall

HIX Bypass

HIX Bypass takes top spot in our list of Originality.AI alternatives, thanks to its powerful all-in-one AI checking and humanization technology. When checking your text for AI, it runs your submitted text through its accurate detector, which gives you an overview of the results from several AI detectors like ZeroGPT and GPTZero in mere seconds.

Plus, HIX Bypass also has humanization capabilities that you can use to rewrite your text and bypass detection if it gets flagged as AI. It produces totally plagiarism-free undetectable outputs you can use safely everywhere.


  • A trusted and highly-rated AI checker and bypasser
  • Provides scan results from many AI content detectors
  • Can humanize your text to bypass AI detection


  • Free version has a strict word limit

Choose HIX Bypass for the most efficient AI detection and humanization!

Copyleaks - Best Originality.AI Alternative for Flexibility


With history dating back to 2015, Copyleaks has been around for longer than many other AI detectors. It was originally used for spotting plagiarism, but has since been upgraded to spot for the signs of AI usage in text, too.

Whether you want to scan an essay, blog post, or even an email for AI, Copyleaks can do it all. Premium subscribers also get access to enhanced features like scheduled scans, similarity reports, and multilingual support.


  • Useful for spotting plagiarism and AI usage
  • Lots of features for premium users
  • Has a helpful Chrome extension


  • Pretty pricey subscription plans

ZeroGPT - Best Originality.AI Alternative for New Users


Released in Germany in 2023, ZeroGPT is another AI content detector you can use instead of Originality. It's particularly straightforward to use, thanks to its simple and seamless interface.

You can either paste your text into the box provided or upload a file and let ZeroGPT scan it. It takes only seconds to deliver the results, with a percentage score telling you exactly how much of the text is AI and how much is human.


  • Very simple user interface
  • Quick scan time
  • Completely free up to 15,000 characters


  • Not the most accurate tool

Turnitin - Best Originality.AI Alternative for Education Professionals


Turnitin is one of the oldest and established brands on this list, with its founding as a plagiarism checker in 1998. It's produced and provided teachers around the world with software to catch cheaters and spot plagiarism, and it has recently been updated to include AI detection capabilities.

The downside with this tool is that it's only available to education professionals. But, as long as you've got access, it's easy to work with and provides detailed results, along with many other educational tools and functions.


  • Tailored for student works, a great fit for those in the education sector
  • Useful for spotting plagiarism as well as AI


  • Inaccessible to those who outside of the education sector
  • Produces false positives sometimes
  • No detailed explanation of the results

GPTZero - Best Originality.AI Alternative for Deep Analysis


First developed as a student project and having raised millions of dollars in funding since, GPTZero is one of the biggest names in AI detection. It's capable of spotting when something was generated by various AI tools, like GPT-3.5, GPT-4 and more.

This tool excels at deep analysis. It can truly dig into a text to see exactly how much of it was made by AI (if any) and how much was written by a human, letting you know the exact probabilities for every portion of your text.


  • Great levels of accuracy
  • Trusted by many big brands
  • Works with file uploads


  • You have to pay for full access to its features
  • Limited free plan

Undetectable AI - Best Originality.AI Alternative for Extensiveness

Undetectable AI

Undetectable AI is one of the best Originality.AI alternatives when it comes to extensiveness. It delivers remarkably reliable AI detection results from a range of AI detection tools, letting you know exactly whether or not a text can pass as human or if it seems to be made by AI. That way, you save tons of time and get the most precise, in-depth results.

Besides, Undetectable AI can also reform AI writing with human phrase choice and sentence structure. This helps you get high human scores on your AI text and avoid those detection with ease.


  • One of the most time-saving, reliable AI checker
  • Integrated with a range of AI detection tools
  • Industry leading AI humanization


  • Doesn't work with URLs or file uploads

Humbot - Best Originality.AI Alternative for Time-Saving Detection


Humbot is another terrific Originality.AI alternative you can count on when you want to quickly and conveniently see if a text passes as human or AI. It gets results of multiple detectors simultaneously, letting you know if your text can pass a whole bunch of different tools, rather than just one.

Thanks to this, Bypass AI is a serious time-saver. It's much faster to use this tool as your AI content detector rather than having to run lots of separate checks on other tools, one at a time.


  • AI detector and humanizer integrated into one
  • Highly efficient and reliable detection and humanization process
  • Great value for money


  • Limited free credits for AI humanization

Writer - Best Originality.AI Alternative for Casual Use


Writer is a top AI content creator bundled with an AI contact scanner. It's been used by some of the biggest names in the industry over the years, and one of the best things about this AI checker is that it's free to work with, with no hidden fees or monthly charges.

Built on smart technology, Writer is able to spot the signs or “watermarks” indicating the usage of ChatGPT or other AI writing tools being used. It can let you know, with decent levels of accuracy, if a text seems AI or human.


  • Fast scan time
  • Accepts URL inputs
  • Free to work with


  • Only scans up to 5,000 words at a time
  • Sometimes detect AI text as human-written

Sapling - Best Originality.AI Alternative for Editing and Improvements


Sapling is an Originality.AI alternative with an impressive AI detection technology under the hood to spot AI, and it comes with a browser extension to do that. It is able to identify typical AI writing signs such as plain tone and style, and incorrect facts.

This tool gives an overall AI score as well as a sentence-by-sentence analysis to let you know which parts of the text are having issues. is also helpful for suggesting edits and improvements you can make to your text precisely if it gets detected as AI.


  • Useful for a wide range of users
  • Provides color-coded results
  • Sentence-by-sentence breakdown


  • A little complicated for beginners

Winston AI - Best Originality.AI Alternative for Versatile Scanning

Winston AI

Last but not least, we have Winston AI. Released in 2022 by a team of Canadian developers, this AI content detector offers a lot of different input methods. You can paste text, upload files (including images) or even scan text from an image using Winston's Optical Character Recognition.

Winston AI can deliver accuracy comparable to Originality. It provides you with an AI score and a plagiarism rating for every text, letting you know whether or not it's AI and if any of it has been copied from other sources.


  • A widely-trusted AI detector
  • Multifunctional – scans for AI plus plagiarism
  • Provides detailed results pages


  • Likely to trigger false positives

The Need for Originality.AI Alternatives

Originality claims to be highly accurate and reliable. But many users have found that that's not always the case. Indeed, a lot of writers, students, and content creators have complained about Originality. Many say that it produces lots of false positives and regularly gets things wrong, causing chaos for users.

Originality AI Reddit Review

That's why you may want to look for an Originality.AI alternative. You can't rely on this tool to always deliver the most accurate results, and you may want to run your text through multiple other tools – like HIX Bypass – in order to check and see if it truly passes as AI or human. This is important for all users, from students to bloggers, business owners, marketers, and more.

To prove the inaccuracy of Originality, we decided to put it to the test. And in one test, we wrote a simple 100-word text on the topic of “how to get more exercise each day” and ran it through the scanner. The results are shown below.

Originality AI Test

As you can see, Originality incorrectly felt that this text was largely made by AI, when it was actually written by a human. In a leading Originality alternative, HIX Bypass, the results were very different.

Another issue with Originality that has annoyed many users is its cost and the lack of any kind of free mode or trial. Most other AI checkers offer at least some sort of free trial that lets you test them out before you start using them, but Originality.AI forces users to sign up and buy “credits” to scan any text.

The Best Originality.AI Alternative

Originality.AI is sometimes not as good as it claims, and when it happens, you may be much better off using an alternative. If you're not sure which one to start with, take a look at the list of 10 best Originality.AI alternatives above. And we can recommend HIX Bypass as the most reliable and easy-to-use option for all your AI detection needs.

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