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How to Make AI Content Undetectable: 10 Best Ways to Explore

Scott Brown
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Scott BrownProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:May 06, 2024

AI writing tools like ChatGPT have changed the writing landscape in recent years. Now, if anyone wants to write an essay, an article, a blog post, or some other kind of content, they can feed a prompt into an AI tool and generate text in seconds.

However, AI detectors exist to track and identify AI-generated content. To get around those trackers, you need to create undetectable AI content. This guide will show you exactly how to make AI text undetectable with ease.

How to Make AI Text Undetectable: Testing the Top 10 Methods

There are many methods to make AI text undetectable, ranging from manual text editing to more efficient techniques that require minimal effort. But which methods are the most effective?

To answer this question, we need more than simple descriptions of ways to make AI content undetectable. We need to see how well these methods actually work. That's why in this article, we'll check how each method performs using AI text generated on two different topics:


We start by running the two original texts through two most powerful AI content detectors: GPTZero and Originality.ai. The AI detection scores and results below establish our baseline.

  • AI-generated Text
  • GPTZero
  • Originality.ai

Subsequently, we apply each method to the same text and compare the AI scores of the revised text against the baseline. This way, we will reveal the actual impact of each method on making AI content undetectable.

TL;DR - Summary Table of Effects for All Methods

Below, we provide a comprehensive summary of how each method tested fares against advanced AI detection tools, GPTZero and Originality.ai. This TL;DR section aims to give you a quick overview of which strategies might be most effective for your needs when attempting to create undetectable AI content.

  • Undetectable AI Writing Method
  • GPTZero - Topic 1
  • GPTZero - Topic 2
  • Originality.ai - Topic 1
  • Originality.ai - Topic 2
  • Original Text
  • 98% AI
  • 97% AI
  • 100% AI
  • 100% AI
  • 1. Use HIX Bypass
  • 0% AI
  • 0% AI
  • 0% AI
  • 1% AI
  • 2. Use QuillBot
  • 53% AI
  • 81% AI
  • 100% AI
  • 100% AI
  • 3. Rewrite Manually
  • 0% AI
  • 12% AI
  • 28% AI
  • 51% AI
  • 4. Avoid Full AI Writing
  • 98% AI
  • 79% AI
  • 100% AI
  • 91% AI
  • 5. Adjust Vocabulary
  • 98% AI
  • 96% AI
  • 100% AI
  • 100% AI
  • 6. Adjust Structure
  • 88% AI
  • 7% AI
  • 92% AI
  • 75% AI
  • 7. Use Right Prompts
  • 96% AI
  • 82% AI
  • 99% AI
  • 96% AI
  • 8. Use ChatGPT to Revise
  • 97% AI
  • 75% AI
  • 100% AI
  • 100% AI
  • 9. Add Inconsistencies
  • 90% AI
  • 80% AI
  • 8% AI
  • 99% AI
  • 10. Use Similar Letters
  • 96% AI
  • 93% AI
  • 19% AI
  • 10% AI

These findings highlight the varying effectiveness of each method against different AI detectors. The clear standout, HIX Bypass, demonstrates superior capability in making AI-generated content undetectable, offering a practical and efficient solution.

Now, let's delve into the details of the 10 popular methods and explore how to make AI text undetectable.

Using Undetectable AI Writer

The easiest and most reliable way to make AI undetectable is to use an undetectable AI writer like HIX Bypass. Our tool is specifically designed to humanize AI-written content in a single click, allowing AI-generated text to bypass even the best AI detectors.

Try HIX Bypass to Create Undetectable AI Writing

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HIX Bypass is an excellent undetectable AI humanizer that outperforms many other tools on the market. Powered by advanced humanized technology, it has proven highly efficient at turning bland or repetitive AI content into more unique and engaging text.

By using this AI detection remover tool, you are free to express your originality and creativity without having to worry about triggering AI detection algorithms or having your text flagged as spam.

With HIX Bypass, even well-known AI detectors like Originality.ai and GPTZero can be easily bypassed. In short, it’s the most straightforward method to make AI written text undetectable.

Let's take a further look at its performance.

Firstly, we used HIX Bypass to process the AI-generated text on two different topics. And here's what we got:


Subsequently, we analyzed these results using two AI detection tools:

  • GPTZero
  • Originality.ai

The results were outstanding. HIX Bypass transformed the AI-written text such that GPTZero detected 0% AI presence in Topic 1 and Topic 2 texts. Originality.ai gave a 0% AI score for Topic 1 and a near-perfect 1% for Topic 2. This demonstrates HIX Bypass's exceptional ability to make AI text undetectable and bypass AI detection.

Leverage Paraphrasing Tool

Besides using an undetectable AI writer, you may also try online rewriting or paraphrasing tools to rephrase your AI-generated text to make it undetectable. By replacing some robotic words with alternative words, it may help make AI text undetectable.

Some users said that they received 99% human score after having QuillBot paraphrasing its ChatGPT content. So, we took QuillBot into test. And here's what it provided for the two pieces of text:


Are these two pieces of text undetectable by AI detectors? Let's examine the results:

  • GPTZero
  • Originality.ai

The paraphrase method offered varied outcomes. For Topic 1, GPTZero detected a 53% AI presence and Originality.ai flagged it as 100% AI. Topic 2 showed an 81% detection by GPTZero and maintained a 100% detection by Originality.ai. This indicates a limited effectiveness in bypassing AI detection.

Rewrite the Entire AI Passage Manually

AI paraphrasing tools may not 100% effectively make AI content undetectable. Instead, you can take the AI text as a starting point and rewrite it manually. By rewriting the text on your own, you add a human touch to convert AI to human content.

Begin by thoroughly understanding the original text. Identify key ideas and main points in each sentence. Utilize synonyms and paraphrasing techniques to replace words and rephrase sentences while maintaining coherence. Maintain the sentence structure as much as possible, adjusting if necessary to fit the new wording.

However, this rewrite may take you more time than using undetectable AI writing tools and AI paraphrasers. Additionally, some AI detectors may still identify signs of AI or mistakenly flag the content as AI-generated.

To assess the effectiveness of this method, we manually rewrote the two AI texts, which are presented below:


We ran these manual rewrites against two AI detectors, receiving the following results:

  • GPTZero
  • Originality.ai

This method significantly reduced AI detection scores. GPTZero assigned a 0% AI score for Topic 1 and 12% for Topic 2. Originality.ai scores were also lower but indicated some AI presence (28% for Topic 1 and 51% for Topic 2). This suggests a good level of effectiveness but highlights that complete undetectability might not always be achieved.

Avoid Using AI Tools for Entire Articles

Obviously, a very simple way of how to make something not AI detectable is to not use AI tools for all of your text. Instead, you can opt to write some parts of the content manually, and then employ AI to fill in gaps or write other sections.

If you have created an article entirely with AI, try to edit and add some human touch to the content. You can infuse human elements, such as colloquial expressions or emotionally engaging terms and phrases, to make the text less predictable and more convincing.

Following this methodology, we've made alterations to the original two texts. For Topic 1, we've replaced the final paragraph with a conclusion created by a human.


For Topic 2, we've rephrased some sentences to ensure that AI isn't solely responsible for the entire passage.


Will this approach prove effective? Let's examine the AI detection results for the two revised texts:

  • GPTZero
  • Originality.ai

The effectiveness was minimal. GPTZero and Originality.ai still detected high levels of AI content in both topics, with Originality.ai marking Topic 1 as 100% AI. This method proved to be one of the least effective in reducing AI detectability.

Adjust the Vocabulary

A lot of AI tools tend to gravitate towards the same words. They may use certain words over and over again, making content sound boring, repetitive, and robotic.

So, if you're wondering how to make ChatGPT undetectable or how to diversify your AI-generated writing, try reading through and changing certain words for alternatives. Replace adjectives and verbs to make the content more unique, such as replacing “big” with “grand,” “large,” or “massive.”

To evaluate the effectiveness of this approach, we replaced some words and phrases in both Topic 1 and Topic 2 with their synonyms, as indicated in the accompanying images.


Subsequently, the revised texts underwent AI detection, yielding the following results:

  • GPTZero
  • Originality.ai

This had a negligible impact on AI detectability. Both detectors still identified the content as predominantly AI-generated, showing this method's limited utility in making AI text undetectable.

Paraphrase and Adjust Structure

Another great way to get around AI content detectors is to paraphrase content generated by AI. A lot of AI text can seem wordy or excessively lengthy, and you can often shorten it down, breaking big paragraphs into smaller chunks.

You can also break down very long sections by adding new headers to make the content structure more streamlined or move certain sections around, as needed, to help your text feel a little more dynamic and varied.

Following these guidelines, we've paraphrased and restructured Topic 1, and added headers to Topic 2:


Here's how they performed under AI detectors:

  • GPTZero
  • Originality.ai

The results were mixed. Topic 2 saw significant improvement with GPTZero, dropping to a 7% AI detection score, but Originality.ai still detected a considerable amount of AI in both topics. This highlights that while structural changes can help, they may not suffice alone.

Use the Right Prompts

Another good way to get around AI detectors is to adjust the prompts you use to create content. Try using "in the style of" prompts, like "Pretend you are a [job], write [something] to [target audience/goal] in the style of [known person(s)/business], and vary the length of your sentences to ensure a more human-like output." This helps to add more of a realistic tone to your content.

We then used this "in the style of" prompt with ChatGPT to generate content on the same topics as the original two texts.


Here are the outcomes when these new ChatGPT-generated texts were assessed by AI detectors:

  • GPTZero
  • Originality.ai

Surprisingly, despite being generated by ChatGPT, these two pieces of text did not receive a 100% AI score.

However, in terms of effectiveness, this method did not significantly reduce AI detectability according to both GPTZero and Originality.ai. This suggests that solely changing prompts may not be a highly effective strategy for evading AI detection.

Ask ChatGPT to Revise the Output

AI-generated text often relies on predefined patterns, rules, and statistical models, which can result in more predictable and less varied output. To enhance the authenticity of AI-generated content, one strategy is to prompt ChatGPT to modify its output, making it more human-like.

How can this be achieved? A common recommendation from online discussions is to instruct ChatGPT to revise the text with elements of perplexity and burstiness.

So, we asked ChatGPT to "rewrite the passage with a high degree of perplexity and burstiness" for the two original AI texts. And here are the outcomes:


Both pieces of text became longer than the originals. But will this alteration make them undetectable?

  • GPTZero
  • Originality.ai

Despite the revisions resulting in longer texts, they made minimal differences in AI detection scores. This suggests that requesting increased complexity and varied sentence structure alone might not be sufficient to evade AI detection.

Add Some Inconsistencies

AI doesn't really make mistakes in terms of spelling or grammar. And AI detectors are designed to pick up for that, looking for content that is 100% error-free and consistent. To bypass detection tools, you could therefore add in just a couple of little typos or grammatical variations to make the text seem more human.

On the downside, this can make your posts look less professional.

To evaluate the effectiveness of this technique, we used ChatGPT to introduce minor errors into the two pieces of text to mimic human imperfection.


Will these inconsistencies render the content undetectable? Let's analyze the results from the AI checkers:

  • GPTZero
  • Originality.ai

This method proved to be somewhat effective, especially with Originality.ai for Topic 1, which dramatically reduced the AI detection score. However, it risks reducing the professional quality of the text.

Use Similar Letters

Discussions on platforms like Reddit have highlighted its effectiveness in bypassing AI detection systems by substituting certain English letters with characters that appear visually identical or similar from other alphabets.

Despite its potential, we strongly advise against employing this technique in formal work or assignments.

Why? When experimenting with the replacement of some letters with Cyrillic alternatives in two texts, it became apparent that the substituted letters appeared slightly different in size compared to their counterparts, hinting at their inauthenticity.


Although not endorsed, the performance metrics of this approach are as follows:

  • GPTZero
  • Originality.ai

The use of similar letters technique yielded mixed results. It proved quite effective against Originality.ai but less so against GPTZero. Despite its potential, this method might not be suitable for all purposes.

Reasons Why You Need to Make AI Writing Undetectable

So, why it is essential to make AI-generated text undetectable? Well, here are just a few of the main reasons:

Boost SEO Rating

While Google doesn't currently ban or block AI content, its algorithm is designed to weed out content that seems too robotic or spammy. Therefore, AI-written posts may not provide much SEO value. Making AI content undetectable can greatly improve its chances of ranking high in search engine results, thus improving search engine optimization ratings.

Improve Reader Experience

One of the downsides of using AI to write articles and posts is that they can sound a little strange or be a little dull to read. By making AI writing undetectable and incorporating a human touch, the readability and overall experience of the text can be improved. And the improved quality can engage readers and make them more satisfied with what they read.

Create Unique Content

Another benefit of changing AI writing to human is to make it sound more unique. The problem with AI tools at the moment is that so many companies are using them, and that can lead to lots of articles and posts that all sound almost identical. Transforming AI writing into more humanized content can inject uniqueness into the content.


Evidently, AI writers are here to stay. They’re only going to get better and more accurate over time, and more companies and individuals will start to use them for all sorts of content. If you’re already in the habit of using AI tools, you need to know some ways to avoid the detectors and create untraceable AI content.

As this guide shows, the easiest way to make undetectable AI content is with the aid of an AI rewriter tool. Alternatively, you can manually go through your AI text and make little changes to make it sound more human. The second method takes a lot more time and demands much more effort, so it’s usually best to find an undetectable AI writer you can count on, like HIX Bypass.


Is it worth using AI to write content while I have to make it undetectable afterward?

In general, yes. Using AI writers and then making some edits is still usually a lot faster than writing everything out word-by-word. It's more efficient, too, and typically cheaper than paying a writer. It’s also very scalable, ideal for companies that have to make large amounts of posts and pages.

How reliable are the undetectable AI writers?

Unfortunately, quality levels vary, and some tools are far less reliable than others. That's why you have to be careful when using an undetectable AI writer and do your research before you start using one. HIX Bypass is regarded by experts and users as one of the best options on the market.

What's the best free undetectable AI writer?

There are a lot of undetectable AI writers out there, and many of them come with high prices. Of the free options, HIX Bypass is regarded as the best tool to use. It’s completely free and produces unique, high quality, error-free content, taking AI-generated text and automatically making adjustments to ensure that it won’t be detected by leading AI detection tools, like ZeroGPT.

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