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Soniya Jain

Soniya Jain

Professional Tech Writer

Soniya, a dedicated B2B SaaS Writer and Strategist, brings over 6 years of experience, with a focus on crafting How-to content driven by PLG principles. Outside of writing, she enjoys discovering and sharing insights about innovative AI tools.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • SaaS
  • Content Marketing

Why You Can Trust Soniya to Provide Top-notch Content


Drawing from over 6 years of industry expertise, Soniya is a highly skilled B2B SaaS Writer and Strategist. Her enthusiasm centers around developing informative and captivating How-to content, particularly within the realm of Product-Led Growth (PLG). Through her writing, Soniya endeavors to empower businesses and individuals with actionable insights and strategies.

Armed with a Btech degree in computer science, Soniya has actively contributed to the tech industry since 2017, collaborating with product development companies. In addition to her freelance writing, she curates a software affiliate blog, emphasizing AI tools for marketers. This dual engagement allows her to delve into the intricacies of artificial intelligence, offering tailored insights and recommendations for marketing professionals.

Soniya's impactful articles have graced platforms such as Copy.ai and Videowise.

Education Background

Bachelor's degree, Computer Software Engineering

Sardar Patel College of Technolgy, Balaghat

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