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CogniBypass Review: Can CogniBypass Effectively Bypass AI Detection?

Soniya Jain
Written by
Soniya JainProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Mar 22, 2024

CogniBypass is an AI humanizer that specializes in bypassing AI detection software. It separates itself from other AI humanizers with its ability to bypass AI detectors of your choosing, allowing for more nuanced and targeted rewriting.

But is CogniBypass really up to the task? Can it effectively bypass modern AI detectors? We decided to put this undetectable AI writing tool to the test, and the results aren't as good as you'd think.

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What Is CogniBypass?

image5 (9) (1).jpg

CogniBypass is an AI company founded in 2023. Located in Sydney, Australia, it's currently run by tens of employees and mostly specializes in AI humanization services. The service claims to be capable of bypassing AI detection with ease.

Interestingly, CogniBypass offers specific customization features. Users can select a specific AI detector to bypass when rewriting content. This includes detectors such as Originality.ai, Turnitin, GPTZero, and even Google, among other tools.


  • Claims to bypass many popular AI detectors
  • Uses different bypass modes to make AI text undetectable
  • Allows targeted bypassing for specific AI detectors
  • Comes with a built-in plagiarism checker
  • Optimized for different types of content

Does CogniBypass Work to Bypass AI Detection?

While all of the aforementioned features do seem quite useful for someone looking to humanize AI-generated content, the only real way to prove the effectiveness of a product is by testing it. So, let's run a few tests to see if it really bypasses AI detection.

To get started, we employed ChatGPT to generate a 250-word passage on the topic of health.

image9 (11).jpg

Here is the result after running the passage through CogniBypass:

image7 (8).jpg

Even before running the rewritten article through AI detectors, we can already spot a few minor flaws. For example, the terms “Physical Health”, “Mental Health”, and “Social Health” are all capitalized, while the original article kept them lowercase.

There's also a small grammatical error in the final paragraph, with the second sentence starting with “Our friends, family has a great impact on our health.” This makes it read like the writer is addressing “our” friends, which is not the original intent of the ChatGPT article.

These issues alone can severely impact your workflow, as you'll have to manually check every single rewrite for mistakes like this and edit them out.

As for the effectiveness of bypassing AI detection, let's run the unedited rewritten article through three different AI detectors: Originality.ai, GPTZero, and Copyleaks.

CogniBypass Against Originality.ai

image3 (7).jpg

Based on the test results presented above, it is evident that CogniBypass did not successfully bypass Originality.ai. The entire passage was flagged as AI-generated, receiving a 100% AI detection score.

CogniBypass Against GPTZero

image6 (8).jpg

While CogniBypass's results may be slightly better in GPTZero's tests compared to that of Originality.ai's, it's still nowhere near acceptable. It comes in with a 98% probability score for AI, and just a 1% probability score for human writing.

CogniBypass Against Copyleaks

image11 (7).jpg

Copyleaks doesn't have as detailed of a result as Originality.ai or GPTZero, but it still clearly shows that the entire text is flagged as AI-generated.

A Better Choice Than CogniBypass: HIX Bypass

While CogniBypass claims that it can bypass all sorts of AI detectors, given the results of this test, this is clearly not the case, at least with current AI detectors.

That doesn't mean, however, that AI humanizers don't work at all. In fact, there are certain AI humanizers that effectively and reliably humanize text. Take, for example, HIX Bypass.

image10 (8).jpg

HIX Bypass is an undetectable AI writing tool developed by HIX.AI. It works with any AI-generated text to make it undetectable by AI detectors, including Turnitin, GPTZero, and Originality.ai.

Reveal the Strength of HIX Bypass in Humanizing AI Text

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Content that you humanize with HIX Bypass will be free from any grammatical errors, typos, and odd expressions that are commonly used by other AI detection bypass tools. This commitment ensures a high-quality output. And if plagiarism's what you're worried about, don't be—HIX Bypass guarantees that the content you humanize won't contain plagiarized work.

It also maintains the original intent and meaning of the text, allowing you to get more nuanced points across. If you are humanizing SEO content, you can rely on HIX Bypass to retain essential keywords in the output and even provide keyword-rich content, enhancing your visibility in search results.


  • Humanizes text completely, resulting in 100% human score content
  • Bypasses popular AI detectors such as Turnitin, Content at Scale, and more
  • Works with any AI-generated content, no matter whether generated by ChatGPT, Bard, or other AI tools
  • Retains the original meaning of the text
  • Multiple bypass modes available for humanizing
  • Supports over 50 different languages
  • Removes ChatGPT watermark efficiently
  • Content is humanized with SEO in mind

Is HIX Bypass Better Than CogniBypass in Bypassing AI Detection?

To prove that HIX Bypass is just as reliable as we're claiming it to be, let's run it through the same tests as CogniBypass using the same ChatGPT-generated passage. Here's the result after humanizing with HIX Bypass, for reference:

image1 (8).jpg

As you can see, the resulting text doesn't contain any glaring errors and preserves the original meaning of the article. Now, let's see how it fares against various AI detectors:

HIX Bypass Against Originality.ai

image8 (9).jpg

HIX Bypass starts strong in the Originality.ai test, boasting a 98% original score. All of the text is highlighted green, flagging it as human-written text.

HIX Bypass Against GPTZero

image4 (7).jpg

As you can see in the breakdown on the right, the probability of AI-generated content is just 1%, in stark contrast to CogniBypass’s AI-written score of 98% on the same tool. Not a single sentence is marked as AI-generated.

HIX Bypass Against Copyleaks

image2 (7).jpg

Instead of every sentence being highlighted like with CogniBypass, none of them are, with the final result marking the article as “human text”.

CogniBypass Vs HIX Bypass: A Final Comparison

Here's a final comparison of the scores between CogniBypass and HIX Bypass:

  • AI Detection Software
  • CogniBypass Results
  • HIX Bypass Results
  • Originality.ai
  • 0% Human, 100% AI
  • 98% Human, 2% AI
  • GPTZero
  • 1% Human, 2% Mixed, 98% AI
  • 87% Human, 12% Mixed, 1% AI
  • Copyleaks
  • AI-Generated
  • Human-Written

One quick look at the table should give you all the information you need to know. HIX Bypass heavily outperformed CogniBypass in every single test, with CogniBypass even getting a 0% human-written score on Originality.ai. It's safe to say which of the two AI humanizers is more reliable.


CogniBypass may claim that it can bypass different AI detectors, going so far as to claim that it offers specialized bypassing versus certain detection software. However, the tests shown here seem to indicate that CogniBypass's software just isn't good enough to beat modern AI detection standards.

So if you need to humanize your AI content for academic or business purposes and can't afford to be detected whatsoever, you're far better off looking for better CogniBypass alternatives such as HIX Bypass to give you reliable results.

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