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10 Best CheatGPT Alternatives for Truly Humanizing AI Text

Soniya Jain
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Soniya JainProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Mar 22, 2024

CheatGPT is an AI-driven bypass tool that claims to bypass most of the popular AI detection on the market. However, it falls short of delivering effective results.

Moreover, users have reported that this undetectable AI writer tends to make minimal alterations to the original text, primarily substituting some letters with different alphabets.

With so many drawbacks, it makes sense to explore CheatGPT alternatives for a reliable AI detection bypass tool. To find the most suitable one, check out our list of the top 10 alternatives to CheatGPT.

1. HIX Bypass – Best CheatGPT Alternative Overall

2. BypassGPT – Best CheatGPT Alternative for Content Optimization

3. Undetectable AI – Best CheatGPT Alternative for Use with All AI Models

4. Humbot – Best CheatGPT Alternative for Original Writing

5. AIHumanizer – Best CheatGPT Alternative for Error-Free Outputs

6. BypassAI – Best CheatGPT Alternative for SEO Optimization

7. StealthWriter – Best CheatGPT Alternative for Unlimited Free Plan

8. Netus AI – Best CheatGPT Alternative for Multiple Bypass Modes

9. CogniBypass – Best CheatGPT Alternative for User-Friendly Paraphrasing

10. StealthGPT – Best CheatGPT Alternative for Writing Essays

HIX Bypass – Best CheatGPT Alternative Overall


HIX Bypass is our top choice for the best CheatGPT alternative. Developed by HIX.AI, this groundbreaking undetectable AI writing tool excels in delivering high-quality content that remains undetectable while preserving the core meaning and elevating overall quality.

Leveraging advanced humanization technology, HIX Bypass swiftly transforms AI-generated text into 100% human score content, effectively bypassing popular AI detectors, including Originality.ai and GPTZero.

Experience the Power of HIX Bypass in Making AI Content Undetectable by All AI Checkers

Winston AI
Content at Scale

From articles and blog posts to essays and product descriptions, HIX Bypass can easily make any type of writing undetectable. The built-in AI checker provides users with the likelihood of AI detection for the output content, ensuring peace of mind when using the humanized text.

Beyond humanizing AI text, HIX Bypass also minimizes the risk of penalties related to plagiarism. It guarantees that the output content is 100% plagiarism-free, successfully passing tests from platforms like Quetext and Copyscape.

Furthermore, HIX Bypass is designed to cater to the diverse needs of global users, supporting the humanization of AI text in over 50 languages. Test HIX Bypass today to humanize your AI text in any languages:

Try HIX Bypass to Create Undetectable AI Writing

Your Content
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  • Bypasses all AI detection tools, including Turnitin, Copyleaks, Content at Scale, and more.
  • Can humanize content generated by any AI model, such as ChatGPT.
  • Ensures that the original intent is preserved.
  • Creates keyword-rich humanized content for better SEO performance.

Generate undetectable AI content instantly with HIX Bypass.

BypassGPT – Best CheatGPT Alternative for Content Optimization

image4 (6).jpg

Manually rewriting AI content to make it human-written can be time-consuming but BypassGPT skyrockets production. The undetectable AI tool humanizes AI-generated content quickly to save time and boost productivity, making it the ultimate solution for businesses and market professionals.

The resulting output is also guaranteed to be free of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax mistakes, ensuring a polished and error-free text. Additionally, the output is free of any awkward or peculiar expressions.

This CheatGPT alternative also delivers keyword-rich output content. Using BypassGPT allows users to not only bypass AI detection, including ZeroGPT, Sapling, and Crossplag but also to enhance content ranking, providing a comprehensive solution for content optimization.


  • Uses state-of-the-art humanization technology.
  • Humanizes AI-generated text in more than 30 languages.
  • Provides 100% plagiarism-free output content.

Transform AI-generated text into human-like content with BypassGPT.

Undetectable AI – Best CheatGPT Alternative for Use with All AI Models

image12 (1).jpg

Creating undetectable content isn’t as easy as spinning content. That’s why Undetectable AI outshines the competition by using sophisticated machine learning to strategically rewrite and restructure AI text.

This CheatGPT alternative can make any text undetectable, including content generated with Bard and other AI models. Just input the text that you want to make undetectable, and the tool will rewrite it in a way that makes it easily bypass leading AI detectors, such as Winston AI, Scribbr, and Turnitin.

All output text is guaranteed to be original and free of plagiarism. The rewritten text will also appear in a human style to ensure that it reaches its intended audience and doesn’t get stuck in spam filters.


  • Offers a watermark removal tool for ChatGPT content.
  • The output includes keywords to aid in SEO optimization.
  • Can choose from multiple bypass modes based on the user’s needs.

Outsmart AI detecors with the cutting-edge undetectable AI writing tool–Undetectable AI.

Humbot – Best CheatGPT Alternative for Original Writing

image5 (8).jpg

Humbot is a versatile AI humanizer that anyone can use to humanize their AI text. It doesn't matter if you're looking to humanize non-English content—this CheatGPT alternative can handle it all, supporting text in over 50 different languages.

One of the things that makes Humbot so unique is its ability to create 100% original content. The remarkable AI humanizer can quickly transform AI text into fresh, high-quality, original copy through advanced humanization techniques. This ensures that you won't face penalties or be incorrectly flagged as spam.

Additionally, Humbot proves valuable for content marketers refining their SEO strategies. The outputs from Humbot include crucial keywords that enhance the rankings in search results.


  • Makes AI text undetectable by most AI checkers, including Scribbr and Writer.
  • Removes ChatGPT watermarks from rewritten content.
  • Can confirm that text is undetectable using the built-in AI checker.

Experience the game-changing humanization technology of Humbot.

AIHumanizer – Best CheatGPT Alternative for Error-Free Outputs


AIHumanizer makes creating undetectable content a breeze. The unique AI humanizer uses industry-leading technology to create high-quality content that is free of spelling and grammatical errors.

With AIHumanizer, you can trust that your original content’s meaning will be preserved after it has been rewritten. The tool can also handle technical or industry terms. If you want a particular word or term to remain unchanged, simply put it in brackets and the bypass tool will leave it untouched.


  • Can bypass a range of AI detectors, such as Content at Scale.
  • Can be used to elevate non-AI writing.
  • Adds a human touch to content to make it more engaging.

Visit AIHumanizer to convert AI to human content without error.

BypassAI – Best CheatGPT Alternative for SEO Optimization

image10 (7).jpg

If you want to transform AI content into human-written text, trust BypassAI. The sophisticated AI humanizer employs a variety of strategies, including sentence restructuring, rewording, and retargeting styles, to authentically humanize text and emulate natural writing.

The output is 100% human score content, bypassing Crossplag, Sapling, Copyleaks, and other AI detectors. Simply run your AI-generated content through the tool and in mere seconds, you’ll have plagiarism-free content that is ready to publish on the web or use anywhere without the fear of penalties.

It offers 3 bypass modes, each reflecting a different level of humanization efficiency. For those aiming to bypass the strictest AI detection, BypassAI recommends using Enhance mode for optimal results.


  • Makes content appear human-written to avoid getting flagged as AI.
  • Preserves the core message of the original text.
  • Enhances the content quality by removing grammatical errors.

Maximize your productivity to get 100% human score content with BypassAI.

StealthWriter – Best CheatGPT Alternative for Unlimited Free Plan

image1 (8).jpg

StealthWriter is a powerful undetectable AI writer commonly used by students, content creators, and others in need of humanized content. This CheatGPT alternative rewrites AI content to make it undetectable by AI detectors like Writer and Copyleaks.

When using StealthWriter, users can choose from two main models. The Ninja model is the fastest option and can bypass most AI detectors. The Ghost model requires a paid subscription and is the smartest model with the ability to bypass advanced AI detectors like Origionaltiy.ai.


  • Offers a convenient AI checker.
  • Produces 100% plagiarism-free content.
  • Creates content free of errors and typos.

Read our comprehensive StealthWriter review to learn more about it.

Netus AI – Best CheatGPT Alternative for Multiple Bypass Modes

image3 (6).jpg

Positioning itself as a paraphraser, Netus AI is another CheatGPT alternative capable of making AI text undetectable by AI checker. Offering multiple bypass modes, it can effectively bypass almost all AI detection on the market.

In addition to AI humanizing, Netus AI extends its services to paraphrasing, summarizing, and AI detection. Users have the option to first run AI detection on the platform before proceeding to humanize their AI-generated text.


  • Can rewrite and humanize text in 36 languages.
  • Offers free credits for users to test its features.
  • Caters to the needs of digital marketers, SEO specialists, and more.

Read our comprehensive Netus AI review to learn more about it.

CogniBypass – Best CheatGPT Alternative for User-Friendly Paraphrasing

image2 (6).jpg

CogniBypass is an anti AI detection tool designed to bypass leading AI detectors like Turnitin. Its unique paraphrasing tool enables users to generate plagiarism-free text while maintaining the text’s original intent and formatting.

The CheatGPT alternative is known for its ease of use. Its user-friendly interface allows users to humanize text in seconds. CogniBypass is quite affordable as it uses a credit system in which users purchase credits which are deducted with each use.


  • Offers a cognitive GPT feature that generates content based on prompts.
  • Preserves the original text’s core message.
  • Is consistently effective at bypassing AI detection systems like ZeroGPT.

Read our comprehensive CogniBypass review to learn more about it.

StealthGPT – Best CheatGPT Alternative for Writing Essays

image1 (7).jpg

Writing an important paper or essay? StealthGPT is a leading undetectable AI tool that works by rephrasing content to make it appear human-written. The CheatGPT alternative not only bypasses leading AI detectors like Turnitin but also generates content in a way that is unique every time.

Additionally, StealthGPT provides an innovative Stealth Essay Generator for essay writing. Students can utilize this tool to generate essay ideas when facing writer's block.


  • Caters to most commonly spoken languages.
  • Offers unlimited uses.
  • Provides business features, including specialized models.

Read our comprehensive StealthGPT review to learn more about it.

Why Choose a CheatGPT Alternative?

As explained on its homepage, CheatGPT is a privately developed tool made by college students. However, since its launch, it has yet to match the effectiveness or sophistication of more established CheatGPT alternatives.

image6 (8).jpg

We tested the tool ourselves and the results were completely disappointing. We attempted to humanize some ChatGPT-generated text and as you can see above, the tool appeared to make no alterations whatsoever to the text.

However, our in-depth review of CheatGPT revealed that it does introduce some changes, such as transforming certain letters into Cyrillic characters. While this approach may provide a level of obfuscation to bypass AI detection, it's not foolproof. It also comes with risks that can affect the quality and integrity of the text.

In light of these findings, it is advisable to consider seeking an alternative to CheatGPT, as investing time, money, and effort in a more reliable solution would likely yield better results.

Final Words

Although CheatGPT offers a wide range of features, its bypass capabilities are not up to par. The tool often fails to create truly undetectable text, putting content creators at risk of penalties. Fortunately, there are some incredible undetectable AI tools on the market capable of bypassing stringent AI detectors.

HIX Bypass is a free undetectable AI writing tool that can instantly transform any kind of AI text into human-written content. Consider using HIX Bypass to get 100% human score content.

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