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Lawrie Jones

Lawrie Jones

Professional Tech Writer

From the UK, Lawrie brings to the table content writing that is both engaging and rich with information, serving a clientele of renowned brands and up-and-coming start-ups. Renowned for his practical guidance, his expertise spans the digital landscape, with a focus on insights about email effectiveness, PPC tactics, and SEO developments.

  • Email marketing
  • Digital technology
  • Artifical Intelligence

Why You Can Trust Lawrie to Provide Top-notch Content


Lawrie, hailing from the UK, crafts content that engages and informs, tailored for leading global brands and innovative start-ups alike. His approach, blending customer focus with insightful strategy, has carved out his niche for delivering content that's both compelling and grounded in journalistic integrity.

He utilizes evidence-based storytelling to achieve standout search results, covering the gamut from digital tech to various marketing strategies, such as email campaigns, pay-per-click, and search engine optimization. Below are some highlights from his portfolio:

1. Why customer-centric organizations are successful – an eBook for Google

2. Helping Monster reach a global audience through clear, customer-driven content

3. Transforming advanced scientific concepts into accessible content for CGTC

Education Background

BSc Hons, Business Studies & Marketing

University of the West of England


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