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10 Best Sapling Alternatives to Check for AI Accurately

Lawrie Jones
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Lawrie JonesProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Apr 30, 2024

Sapling is especially popular among online users looking for a free AI detection solution. However, this AI writing detector is constantly plagued with an inability to discern between human-written and AI content. This often leads to varied results that can’t be trusted. It also has limited AI detection capabilities that undermine its value over the long run.

You can learn more about the limitations of the AI checker here. But before that, let’s look into the 10 best Sapling alternatives that are proven to be more effective at detecting AI content.

  1. HIX Bypass - Best Sapling Alternative Overall
  2. GPTZero - Best Sapling Alternative For Detailed Insights
  3. Originality.ai - Best Sapling Alternative For Added Features
  4. Turnitin - Best Sapling Alternative For Academics
  5. ZeroGPT - Best Sapling Alternative For Free Users
  6. Humbot - Best Sapling Alternative For Quick AI Scores
  7. Undetectable AI - Best Sapling Alternative For Multiple Languages
  8. Copyleaks - Best Sapling Alternative For Enterprises
  9. Writer - Best Sapling Alternative For Long-Form Content
  10. Winston AI - Best Sapling Alternative For Affordable Pricing

HIX Bypass - Best Sapling Alternative Overall 


HIX Bypass stands out as the top Sapling alternative on our list. The AI detector is integrated with multiple AI detection tools such as Sapling, ZeroGPT, Crossplag, and more to provide consolidated AI detection results, all in one place.


This unique feature enables users to gauge the likelihood of AI detection across different platforms, mitigating the risk of being flagged by an AI detector they hadn't checked.

Besides that, HIX Bypass is fairly quick to produce results. It also features an AI humanizer that instantly rewrites any AI-generated content to sound more human-like. This helps you bypass AI detection without having to make manual revisions.


  • User-friendly AI detection interface
  • Consolidated AI detection scoring system
  • Offers an AI humanizer to help bypass AI detection


  • Free plan access is limited
  • Lacks file upload features

GPTZero - Best Sapling Alternative For Detailed Insights 


GPTZero initially started as a senior thesis project for Princeton alumni, Edward Tian. However, it has steadily become a widely used AI content detector boasting several features that have raised its appeal among online users.

The tool works by analyzing texts based on burstiness and perplexity. This enables it to provide fairly accurate AI scores with users able to get in-depth insights via its Deep Scan feature. The tool also facilitates batch file uploads for convenient scanning.

In addition, GPTZero offers multilingual AI detection and plagiarism checking. Plus, it has a very attractive and slick user interface.


  • Chrome extension available
  • Scan multiple files at once
  • Detailed AI reporting


  • Additional features require sign-up
  • Limited to English, French, and Spanish

Originality.ai - Best Sapling Alternative For Added Features 


Originality.ai continues to enhance its AI detector’s capabilities with its most recent launch being their version 3.0 tool. Trained on the newest LLMs such as GPT-4 Turbo, the tool has been fine-tuned to deliver more accurate AI detection scores.

Moreover, it can be used to detect plagiarism and even provide content readability analysis. Additionally, the platform offers team access permissions for easier collaboration. You can even scan content by pasting the site URL or uploading files.

Aside from that, Originality.ai has a scan history feature and it comes with pay-as-you-go pricing. This provides you with an alternative to opting for a monthly plan.


  • Shareable reports
  • Team management capabilities
  • Flexible pricing options


  • User signup required
  • Free plan is very restrictive

Turnitin - Best Sapling Alternative For Academics 


Turnitin launched its AI content detector in 2023 and has continued to develop new features to accommodate teachers and students alike. For starters, the platform does well to highlight AI-generated sections and provides detailed originality reports.

It also caters to document/file uploads and facilitates plagiarism-checking. Moreover, it has a straightforward interface that caters to first-time users. The tool can also be integrated with several LMS systems and used on platforms like Google Docs and Word.

Besides that, it provides insightful feedback on aspects like grammar and citations. The downside is that Turnitin doesn’t offer individual account sign-ups.


  • Detailed content insights
  • Easy-to-navigate platform
  • Extensive integration capabilities


  • Access restricted to academic institutions
  • No free trial available

ZeroGPT - Best Sapling Alternative For Free Users 


Having been ranked as a top 50 GenAI product, it’s no surprise that ZeroGPT is a popular AI writing detector among online users. It is also one of the most stringent AI detection models due to its advanced DeepAnalyze technology that can identify content from almost any LLM.

In addition, it works with several native languages and provides downloadable PDF reports. Moreover, ZeroGPT is free to use up to 15,000 characters per scan. This makes it a practical option for users on a budget.

On top of that, the platform accommodates file uploads. Plus, it comes with several other useful writing tools such as an AI summarizer, paraphraser, and more.


  • Multilingual AI detection
  • Free plan available
  • Numerous AI writing tools


  • False positive results
  • No detailed analysis reports

Humbot - Best Sapling Alternative For Quick AI Scores 


Humbot is well-suited for conducting quick AI scans across multiple AI plagiarism checkers on any piece of content. This is because its AI checker is integrated with several other reputable AI detectors. These include Sapling, GPTZero, and Writer, just to name a few.

As a result, it can simultaneously scan your content across all these tools to verify its AI-generated likelihood in a flash. Additionally, the platform has a built-in AI humanization tool that will instantly rework any AI text to sound authentically human.

Moreover, Humbot has a smooth and intuitive user interface. This makes it easy for any first-time user to adapt to, even with no technical experience.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Fast AI detection results
  • Powerful AI humanizer


  • Limited word count on free plan
  • Only offers copy/paste input

Copyleaks - Best Sapling Alternative For Enterprises 


If you need an enterprise-level AI detector, then Copyleaks is a worthy tool. Having partnered with numerous companies to improve its detection model, the platform can identify content generated by most AI language models.

The platform can even detect AI-generated source codes and also offers native language detection. Other notable features include plagiarism scans, scheduled recurring scans, and even shareable reports. Copyleaks also facilitates extensive LMS integration.

Additionally, the AI checker offers API integration to accommodate custom business solutions. Plus, it comes with a convenient Chrome extension plugin.


  • Offers LMS/API integration
  • Chrome extension available
  • AI source-code detection


  • Lacks comprehensive reports
  • No document upload option

Undetectable AI - Best Sapling Alternative For Multiple Languages 


Undetectable AI is the leading AI writing detector for native language content. With this tool, you can scan texts in over 50+ different languages including English, Spanish, Italian, French, Hindi, Mandarin, and Japanese.

Best of all, this AI plagiarism checker is linked to several reputable AI detection checkers like Copyleaks, Content at Scale, and Writer.com. This means you can get collective AI results from all of them at once via the same interface, rather than conduct individual scans.

Moreover, Undetectable AI has an AI humanizer that converts any AI-generated content into 100% human-like text in mere seconds. This feature eliminates the need for users to manually rewrite their content when it's flagged as AI.


  • Supports multiple languages
  • All-in-one AI detection tool
  • AI humanization capabilities


  • Not the fastest AI detector
  • Paid plans are somewhat expensive

Writer.com - Best Sapling Alternative For Long-Form Content 


Writer.com is a leading generative AI startup that developed one of the most widely used AI detection tools online. The platform has one of the simplest interfaces in the market that can accommodate lengthy texts of up to 5,000 words at no charge.

It also doesn’t require account registration to get started. Aside from that, the tool lets you grant access permissions to a maximum of 5 users for easier team collaboration. You can also scan content by URL and Writer.com even has extensions for Chrome, Microsoft Word, etc.

The platform is also relatively quick to scan content of any length. On top of that, it has a dedicated customer support team.


  • Reliable customer service
  • Simple user interface
  • Offers multiple-user access


  • No detailed insights offered
  • Lacks extended feature options

Winston AI - Best Sapling Alternative For Affordable Pricing 


Winston AI is one of the few companies that is fully transparent about the methodology behind its AI detection model. The platform offers straightforward AI scans with an overall detection score and an AI prediction map for more detailed insights.

In addition, Winston AI offers extended team permissions. It also lets you scan documents and images, as well as generate shareable PDF reports. Besides that, it has a Chrome extension tool for detecting AI content while browsing.

Additionally, the tool can analyze your content for plagiarism and even provides grade-level readability scoring. Best of all, its most expensive plan is just $19/month.


  • Clear AI prediction map
  • Built-in plagiarism/readability checker
  • Inexpensive pricing options


  • Requires account sign-up
  • Limited multi-language detection

Why Choose a Sapling Alternative?

Sapling’s faults lie in its varying efficacy at accurately differentiating between AI and human text. The AI detection model has a critical vulnerability that often leads to false positive results, raising concerns among users.

This raises questions about the tool’s underlying methodology. To this end, we conducted a simple test using a short piece of human-written content below. Based on the results, you can see Sapling rated the entire excerpt as 100% AI-generated.


Aside from that, the platform feels heavily outdated and underdeveloped compared to other alternatives in the market. On top of that, it lacks any discounted pricing and offers very limited AI detection features that put into question the value being offered. Plus, it lacks any file/document upload option that caters to bulk AI scans.

All in all, Sapling is an AI detection model with inherent weaknesses. Instead, it would be ideal to choose an alternative that can offer better efficacy and greater functionality.


If you want to find the best Sapling alternative, this detailed guide should help simplify the entire process. All 10 AI detectors listed here are reputable platforms better equipped to detect and classify AI-generated and human-written content accurately.

HIX Bypass is still our top choice as it can check for AI across multiple AI writing detectors and remove the AI detection all in one place. Feel free to test it yourself using the free trial.

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