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Top 10 StealthGPT Alternatives to Humanize AI-generated Text

Scott Brown
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Scott BrownProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Apr 19, 2024

As an AI humanizer, StealthGPT is a tool that fails to satisfy in terms of pricing. It offers full-featured access at a significantly higher cost than most of its competitors out there. The cheapest plan offered starts at $14.99/month. This is double the price that most other AI humanizers in the market typically charge!

On top of that, the platform’s interface is quite rigid and unnecessarily difficult to navigate, especially for first-time users. To this end, we put together a list of the 10 best StealthGPT alternatives. Each one can help you consistently bypass AI detection at a fraction of the price, so keep reading for all the details!

  1. HIX Bypass - Best StealthGPT Alternative Overall
  2. Undetectable AI - Best StealthGPT Alternative For Affordable Pricing
  3. AIHumanizer - Best StealthGPT Alternative For Humanizing AI Text
  4. Humbot - Best StealthGPT Alternative For High Human Scores
  5. BypassAI - Best StealthGPT Alternative For Speedy AI Text Humanization
  6. BypassGPT - Best StealthGPT Alternative For Quality Output
  7. WriteHuman - Best StealthGPT Alternative to Remove AI Writing Signature
  8. CogniBypass - Best StealthGPT Alternative For Advanced Functionality
  9. GPTinf - Best StealthGPT Alternative For User-Friendliness
  10. CheatGPT - Best StealthGPT Alternative For Unlimited Access

HIX Bypass - Best StealthGPT Alternative Overall

image6 (7).jpg

If you want to find the best StealthGPT alternative, then HIX Bypass is the leading contender to consider. This AI humanizer uses cutting-edge AI text humanization techniques to make any AI-generated text undetectable. This means fully rewriting aspects like vocabulary and syntax to generate unique, human-like, and natural-sounding output.

Try HIX Bypass and Bypass All AI Detectors

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This ensures that it can produce content with a 100% human score to bypass strict AI detection tools like GPTZero, Originality.ai, and others. To make things even easier, the built-in AI checker allows users to directly see if the processed content can bypass some of the most popular AI detection tools on the market.

In addition, this handy AI humanizer is versatile enough to humanize text generated by any AI language models in the market, such as ChatGPT, GPT-4, Bard, Jasper, and others. It also has no problem handling all sorts of content ranging from school essays to online blog posts.

Users can also be confident that any output will be completely plagiarism-free and contextually accurate without overall coherence or readability being affected. HIX Bypass even provides native language support that spans over 50+ languages. Plus, it has different bypass modes, which offer more flexibility when humanizing AI content.

Key Highlights

  • Offers access to various bypass modes
  • Stable and reliable bypass performance
  • Can bypass almost any AI detector in the market
  • Generates unique and high-quality results
  • Has multilingual support for over 50+ languages

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Undetectable AI - Best StealthGPT Alternative For Affordable Pricing

image12 (1).jpg

Undetectable AI is a sophisticated AI humanizer that uses powerful rewriting technology to humanize AI text in just a few clicks. Whether you use Bard, ChatGPT, Jasper, or any other AI writer, it will rewrite the text in its entirety until it is completely undetectable to even the most advanced AI detectors like GPTZero and Originality.ai, just to name a few.

However, where it shines as a StealthGPT alternative is its extremely affordable pricing structure. The AI humanizer’s basic plan starts at just $6.99 and the subsequent tiers offer generous word counts and features at reasonable prices.

The tool can also be relied on to produce error-free, SEO-friendly, and plagiarism-free output. It even guarantees that any humanized text will not be mistakenly flagged as spam. Moreover, it has a handy ChatGPT watermark removal feature that ensures any humanized AI text is void of any phrases that may indicate it was artificially written.

Key Highlights

  • Comes with affordable pricing tiers
  • Can bypass a range of popular AI detection tools
  • ChatGPT watermark removal is available
  • Accommodates SEO-optimization

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AIHumanizer - Best StealthGPT Alternative For Humanizing AI Text


AIHumanizer ensures that any content it humanizes remains completely undetectable by AI checkers such as GPTZero and Turnitin. Users can even choose the level of humanization strength they want to alter the AI text, which means you can test out several outputs until you’re satisfied. The best part is it also comes with an extremely accurate AI checker for convenience.

This StealthGPT alternative enables users to scan any piece of text thoroughly and be sure that it is 100% human. In addition, the platform offers several bypass modes for your various content needs, including Fast, Creative, and Enhanced. Also, the tool comes with a robust grammar checker that instantly detects and corrects grammar mistakes.

Key Highlights

  • Robust AI to human-text converter
  • Highly accurate and convenient AI checker
  • Offers multiple bypass modes

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Humbot - Best StealthGPT Alternative For High Human Scores

image5 (8).jpg

When it comes to bypassing AI detectors, Humbot excels in its ability to produce quality content that consistently returns high human scores, no matter what AI detector is used. This is because the tool is specially trained to mimic human writing styles by implementing similar word choices, tone of voice, and nuances typically used by real writers.

As another perfect StealthGPT alternative, Humbot is capable of generating original and plagiarism-free content that can consistently evade some of the strictest AI checkers on the market. It also works with any AI writer out there like ChatGPT, Jasper, Bard, or GPT-4. This makes it easy to humanize any type of AI-generated content, be it essays, articles, reports, etc.

This AI text humanizer also ensures that any humanized text is completely free of spelling and grammatical errors while also preserving the AI content’s intended meaning. Best of all, it has a clean interface that provides access to several AI humanization options from quick to enhanced to advanced.

Key Highlights

  • Powerful AI humanization techniques
  • High-quality humanized content output
  • Delivers consistently high bypass rates
  • Multiple AI bypass options are available

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BypassAI - Best StealthGPT Alternative For Speedy AI Text Humanization

image10 (7).jpg

If you are looking for a fast, simple StealthGPT alternative, BypassAI can be relied on to effectively humanize AI-generated content until it can bypass popular AI detection tools like Originality.ai, Turnitin, and GPTZero in mere seconds. Powered by a highly advanced AI text humanization engine, it works with any content produced by ChatGPT, Bard, Jasper, GPT-4, or any other AI writing tool out there.

However, just because it is fast doesn’t mean that it compromises on quality, either. The tool goes beyond simple word substitution by formatting the text to include more human-like phrases and unpredictable sentence variation. It does all this without negatively affecting readability or detracting from the content’s original meaning, as well.

The AI humanizer also has built-in AI checkers that instantly scan any revised text to ensure it is AI-proof. Furthermore, it ensures that all humanized output is 100% plagiarism-free and authentic enough to not be marked as spam. BypassAI also caters to SEO optimization by ensuring keywords are included to help the content rank highly in SERPs.

Key Highlights

  • Fast and efficient AI humanization
  • Reliable output with good readability
  • Built-in AI detection for quick content check
  • Authentic and SEO-friendly results

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BypassGPT - Best StealthGPT Alternative For Quality Output

image4 (6).jpg

Humanizing AI content effectively is important but the content quality should always remain coherent and well-written, which is where BypassGPT stands out. Its state-of-the-art natural language processing makes any AI text sound human enough to bypass detection while also enhancing the content’s overall readability and flow, making it another handy StealthGPT alternative to consider.

Moreover, it can humanize any content generated by Jasper, ChatGPT, Bard, GPT-4, or any other AI writer and even do it in dozens of different native languages. The final output is a well-polished, 100% unique, and contextually accurate piece of text that can outsmart even the strictest AI checkers in the market like Originality.ai and GPTZero.

Another added benefit is its advanced algorithms erase any AI indicators in the text that would result in the content being mistakenly flagged as spam. Whether you are crafting ad copy, emails, or SEO articles, this AI humanizer consistently ensures that the revised content will never trigger any spam filters.

Key Highlights

  • Generates polished results with enhanced readability
  • Effectively supports 50+ languages
  • Guarantees 100% spam prevention

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WriteHuman - Best StealthGPT Alternative to Remove AI Writing Signature

image11 (6).jpg

WriteHuman is an effective AI humanizer that works to remove any common signs of AI input within a piece of text by making clever changes until its style resembles human text. The tool is also easy enough to use and since the site is extremely mobile-friendly, this makes it easy to convert AI text to human even on the move.

Best of all, this StealthGPT alternative does an effective job of giving users more control over how their content is rewritten than most other alternatives. This is because you can easily highlight specific keywords or terms that you want unaltered by placing them in [brackets]. This way, any humanized text will contain these words, all without coherence being affected.

Key Highlights

  • Accommodates keywords when humanizing text
  • Effective AI humanization engine
  • Has a mobile-friendly interface

CogniBypass - Best StealthGPT Alternative For Advanced Functionality

image9 (11).jpg

In terms of advanced features and functionality, CogniBypass is a popular choice. This StealthGPT alternative allows you to easily configure how the AI humanizer processes your content. Users are essentially able to select which specific AI detector they want to bypass and it will restructure the AI content until it can accurately produce a guaranteed human score.

CogniBypass also comes with a wide range of extra features that include a built-in Thesaurus, an AI checker, and even a grammar checker. On top of that, it can be counted on to accommodate any type of AI-generated content. Furthermore, it consistently ensures that the final output is tailored to suit any style of requirement.

Key Highlights

  • Extensive range of advanced features
  • Can humanize any type of AI content
  • Offers personalized AI bypassing capabilities

GPTinf - Best StealthGPT Alternative For User-Friendliness

image7 (7).jpg

GPTinf excels in being one of the easiest AI humanizers to operate in the market. With an extremely user-friendly and no-frills interface, it offers a simple and streamlined approach to converting AI content into human-like text. In addition, its unique humanization model does a good job of eliminating indicators of machine input like predictive word patterns.

This StealthGPT alternative primarily utilizes unpredictable syntax variation to help overcome AI detection. This randomness makes it harder for most AI detectors to scan and read its output as artificial. The tool also manages to accomplish this without affecting readability. Plus, it allows users to conveniently freeze certain keywords and phrases when humanizing AI text.

Key Highlights

  • Has a simple, direct, user-friendly interface
  • Very effective AI to human-text model
  • Caters to first-time and non-technical users

CheatGPT - Best StealthGPT Alternative For Unlimited Access

image6 (8).jpg

Most AI humanizers typically come with restricted pricing plans that can be frustrating. This is especially true for users that need to convert bulk AI content but with CheatGPT that is no longer a problem. As another compatible StealthGPT alternative, it offers users a simple pricing plan with unlimited usage for a nominal fee.

This makes it ideal for handling long-from content like reports, essays, white papers, e-books, etc. Aside from that, it can be relied upon to humanize AI content well enough to bypass AI detection platforms like Copyleaks, Winston AI, and others. Besides that, its minimal interface makes it simple for inexperienced newbies to humanize their content.

Key Highlights

  • Simple pricing structure and affordability
  • Unlimited word usage
  • Has an extremely beginner-friendly interface

Why Consider Alternatives to StealthGPT?

To put it simply, StealthGPT’s main issue is that it's too expensive. The tool offers multiple pricing tiers but each one of them is significantly above the average cost that most AI humanizers in the market charge. The Essential plan is currently set at $14.99/month, the Pro plan at $19.99/month, and the Exclusive plan costs $29.99/month.

image1 (8).jpg

These current rates are not ideal, especially for those with limited budgets like students or those who may simply want an AI humanizer for personal use. In fact, many online users often complain about the practicality of it, as the pricing remains far above what most would spend.

In addition, the interface is quite cluttered. It has too many elements that can make navigation a frustrating experience. Instead, opting for one of the StealthGPT alternatives above would make more sense. After all, there’s no reason to break the bank when you can find a reliable tool that offers a much better user experience at a far more reasonable cost.


There are more than a few StealthGPT alternatives out there to choose from. However, each of the AI humanizers we’ve selected in this list is unique and stands apart for one reason or the other, be it for functionality, usability, pricing, etc. It’s up to you to decide which one is best suited to your needs and preferences.

However, our top pick for the best alternative to StealthGPT would be HIX Bypass. This is purely because it is a comprehensive solution that excels in almost every area better than StealthGPT. From offering reasonable costs to extensive features to effective AI humanization, it has everything you need in one neat little package.

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