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10 Best Writer.com Alternatives That Detect AI Content Accurately

Writer.com's AI detection capabilities tend to be lackluster, especially when identifying AI-generated content. To make matters worse, it doesn’t provide detailed analysis reports. With no clear transparency on how the AI detector came to that result, users can’t even understand the reasoning behind its final scoring.

But before we delve any further into this, let’s take some time to review the 10 best Writer.com alternatives that detect AI content.

  1. HIX Bypass - Best Writer.com Alternative Overall
  2. ZeroGPT - Best Writer.com Alternative For Simplicity
  3. GPTZero - Best Writer.com Alternative For Comprehensive Analysis
  4. Turnitin - Best Writer.com Alternative For Academic Work
  5. Originality.ai - Best Writer.com Alternative For One-Time Reports
  6. Undetectable AI - Best Writer.com Alternative For Native Content
  7. Copyleaks - Best Writer.com Alternative For Multiple Integrations
  8. Humbot - Best Writer.com Alternative For Speedy AI Detection
  9. Winston AI - Best Writer.com Alternative For Budget-Friendly Pricing
  10. Content at Scale - Best Writer.com Alternative For Added Functionality

HIX Bypass - Best Writer.com Alternative Overall 


HIX Bypass stands at the top as the best Writer.com alternative in the AI detection game. Its built-in AI checker can be relied on to generate AI detection scores with extremely low to no inaccuracies.

It's an all-in-one AI checker that goes above and beyond by seamlessly integrating with several popular AI detectors such as GPTZero, ZeroGPT, and Copyleaks. This lets you gather collective AI scores from all these tools at once with just one click.

In addition, HIX Bypass has a powerful AI humanizer that instantly rewrites AI content to sound more authentically human. Plus, the platform is highly intuitive by design.


  • Accurate AI detection scores
  • Highly-intuitive interface
  • Built-in AI humanizer


  • Free plan offers limited access

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ZeroGPT - Best Writer.com Alternative For Simplicity 


Not long after ZeroGPT was released it became one of the most popular generative AI tools in the market. One of the main reasons is its freemium model that offers up to 15,000 characters at no charge. This effectively caters to all users, no matter the budget.

Moreover, it has one of the simplest and most user-friendly interfaces. This makes it easy for anyone to scan their content for AI with no hassle. Aside from that, ZeroGPT offers multilingual support and facilitates file uploading for added convenience.

Additionally, you can download PDF detection reports. Moreover, it features several extra AI writing tools including an AI paraphraser and summarizer.


  • Free-to-use AI detector
  • User-friendly platform
  • Accommodates file uploads


  • Doesn’t offer detailed analysis
  • Typically produces false positives

GPTZero - Best Writer.com Alternative For Comprehensive Analysis 


GPTZero is an AI detector that has garnered a ton of recognition and validation from several institutions including the American Federation of Teachers. The platform is known to use perplexity and burstiness metrics to analyze content to produce reliable results.

Moreover, it has a unique deep scan feature that provides in-depth sentence-by-sentence analysis of your content. This makes it easier to identify which texts are impacting the overall score. On top of that, the platform caters to batch file uploading.

In addition, GPTZero can detect AI content in English, French, and Spanish languages. The platform can also be accessed for free and has a Chrome extension tool.


  • Batch file uploads
  • Offers deep scan analysis
  • Chrome extension available


  • Requires account-sign up for extra features
  • Limited native language options

Turnitin - Best Writer.com Alternative For Academic Work 


It’s only been a year since Turnitin launched its AI detection tool and it has already been incorporated by thousands of academic institutions worldwide. It primarily caters to students and teachers, so this AI detector does not offer individual subscriptions.

However, it provides a wide range of features including detailed reports that highlight AI-detected texts. The platform can also integrate with numerous LMS systems and accommodate file uploads for easier content scans.

In addition, Turnitin has a robust plagiarism and grammar checker that does well to ensure content originality and readability. The platform is also fairly easy to navigate.


  • Document uploads available
  • Built-in plagiarism and grammar checker
  • Integrates with Google Docs and Word


  • No individual user sign-ups
  • Free access not available

Originality.ai - Best Writer.com Alternative For One-Time Reports 


Since Originality.ai launched its version 3.0 AI detector, its ability to detect most advanced LLMs like GPT-4 Turbo has drastically improved. The tool also color-codes the text to highlight portions of the text that are AI and human.

Moreover, Originality.ai has built-in plagiarism and readability capabilities. It also lets you create team access permissions for other users. Furthermore, it can detect AI content in several different languages. The tool can even conduct full website scans using the URL.

Another highlight of Originality.ai is its pay-as-you-go pricing. This means you don’t have to subscribe to a monthly paid plan to conduct quick and simple AI scans.


  • One-time reporting available
  • Facilitates URL scans
  • Team management accessibility


  • Sign-up required for full analysis
  • Very limited access to free plan

Undetectable AI - Best Writer.com Alternative For Native Content 


If you want to detect AI content in multiple languages, consider using Undetectable AI. The platform supports over 50+ native languages including Hindi, Arabic, Mandarin, and Japanese. Best of all, its AI detection accuracy is excellent in any language.

Aside from that, Undetectable AI is an all-in-one tool linked to multiple AI detectors like Sapling and ZeroGPT. This enables it to instantly scan your content and produce consolidated AI scores from all these tools in just one click.

On top of that, the platform lets you convert any AI-detected text into human-sounding content using its built-in AI humanization tool.


  • All-in-one AI detection
  • Powerful AI humanization capabilities
  • Native languages supported


  • Limited word count on free plan
  • Lacks detailed analysis reports

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Copyleaks - Best Writer.com Alternative For Multiple Integrations 


Copyleaks is a popular AI detector for its extensive integration capabilities with several companies like Open LMS partnering with them. It also offers custom API solutions that have made it a leading choice among many enterprises.

In terms of performance, the tool detects AI content and identifies the LLM used to generate it. It can even detect AI-generated source code. Moreover, Copyleaks offers multilingual support that allows you to detect AI content in various languages.

Besides that, the platform highlights plagiarised texts and facilitates scheduled recurring scans. Plus, it has a handy Chrome extension plugin.


  • Detects AI in multiple languages
  • Free trial available
  • Schedule AI detection scans


  • Copy/paste option only
  • Occasional false positive results

Humbot - Best Writer.com Alternative For Speedy AI Detection 


When it comes to AI detection speed, Humbot is the leading contender. The platform can scan any length of text and deliver an accurate AI score in seconds. On top of that, it has integrations with several AI detectors like Winston AI, GPTZero and others.

This enables it to simultaneously scan your content and provide comprehensive AI detection scores via one single interface. Furthermore, you can humanize any AI content on the same interface to make it 100% undetectable.

Besides that, you can rely on Humbot to effectively detect AI content in several native languages. Best of all, the entire interface is designed to be novice-friendly.


  • Offers multi-language support
  • Easy-to-use AI detector
  • AI humanization available


  • No plagiarism-checker
  • Full access requires paid plan

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Winston AI - Best Writer.com Alternative For Budget-Friendly Pricing 


Winston AI continues to develop its AI detection model with its most recent update launched just a few months ago. The platform is well-known as a budget-friendly platform with its most expensive plan set at just $19/month.

The AI detector provides detailed assessments of all scanned texts and can also be used to detect plagiarism. This tool also conducts readability analysis on every content scan. Furthermore, it accommodates various file formats such as DOC, PDF, and images.

Additionally, the AI detector lets you invite team members and has a Chrome extension feature. Winston AI also generates shareable PDF reports.


  • Responsive customer support
  • Offers team access features
  • Affordable premium plans


  • No website scans
  • Account sign-up required

Content at Scale - Best Writer.com Alternative For Added Functionality 


Content at Scale launched its proprietary AI detector in 2021 before releasing an advanced and premium version just last year. Now, the platform has tens of thousands of monthly users with its extensive features contributing to its rapid online growth.

The AI detector provides detailed line-by-line analysis to distinguish AI and human-written sections on each scan. Moreover, it can even detect paraphrased texts. You can also format the text in several ways and it has premium editing tools to choose from including an AI rewriter.

In addition, Content at Scale lets you scan website content via URL and you can input up to 50,000 characters per scan. Plus, it also comes with an AI image detector.


  • AI image detection
  • In-depth analysis breakdown
  • Various editing tools


  • Pro version is expensive
  • Extra features require paid plan

Why Choose a Writer.com Alternative?

As we mentioned before, Writer.com's faults lie in its inability to generate accurate results consistently. Its performance dips most when scanning AI-generated content, as the tool seems incapable of properly classifying AI text. To provide more context, we tested a short piece of content generated by ChatGPT. These were the results.


As you can see, Writer.com could not recognize the content as AI-generated. The platform even failed to provide any insights to explain its AI score. This makes it impossible to tell what portions of text need editing. This simply shows that its AI detection model needs significant refinement, as it only seems capable of producing biased and incomplete results.

Aside from this, the platform has several other drawbacks. It doesn’t have much to offer in terms of features. For instance, it has no AI humanizer, a plagiarism checker, or a file upload option. When you consider the extended functionality that most other AI detectors provide, it’s clear that Writer.com falls significantly behind.

In short, Writer.com can’t be trusted and falls short of expectations. If we consider all this, it’s safe to say that finding an alternative is the only practical recourse.


In this guide, we’ve summed up 10 tools that are not only the best Writer.com alternatives but also the best AI detectors in the market. Any one of these platforms will be able to detect AI content with greater accuracy and consistency. But if you still can’t pick one, then we suggest choosing HIX Bypass for its powerful built-in AI detector and sophisticated AI humanizer.

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