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10 Best GPTZero Alternatives To Detect AI Content In 2024

As an AI detector, GPTZero’s effectiveness falls short of expectations. The tool has often failed to provide accurate AI detection scores consistently. Many users have even complained of getting false positives after scanning human-written work. For more context, we will provide proof of this in the article.

But first, let’s compare the 10 best GPTZero alternatives better suited to providing you with accurate AI scores. We’ll also review each of their pros and cons, so let’s get started!

  1. HIX Bypass - Best GPTZero Alternative Overall
  2. Originality.ai - Best GPTZero Alternative For Extended Features
  3. ZeroGPT - Best GPTZero Alternative For Free AI Scans
  4. Turnitin - Best GPTZero Alternative For Academic Texts
  5. Copyleaks - Best GPTZero Alternative For Lengthy Content
  6. Undetectable AI - Best GPTZero Alternative For Fast Results
  7. Content at Scale - Best GPTZero Alternative For Detailed AI Scoring
  8. Humbot - Best GPTZero Alternative For Multilingual AI Detection
  9. Sapling - Best GPTZero Alternative For Third-Party Integration
  10. Winston AI - Best GPTZero Alternative For File Uploads

HIX Bypass - Best GPTZero Alternative Overall 


HIX Bypass is the leading GPTZero alternative in the market. It comes with a world-class all-in-one AI checker that is integrated with popular AI detectors such as GPTZero and ZeroGPT. This makes it an all-inclusive tool that instantly scans your content to deliver comprehensive AI results in one place.

It also works with any type of content from any AI language model, be it ChatGPT, Jasper, Gemini, GPT-4, etc. Best of all, HIX Bypass has an AI humanizer that can help you make any AI content undetectable in just a few clicks. This can help in enhancing the content's appeal to a human audience while maintaining authenticity.


  • Highly-accurate AI detector
  • Has an effective AI humanization tool
  • Facilitates all-in-one AI scans


  • No document/file uploads

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Originality.ai - Best GPTZero Alternative For Extended Features 


Originality.ai is a comprehensive AI detector that offers both AI detection and plagiarism-check capabilities in one powerful tool. In recent months, the company has made huge improvements to its AI detection tool to improve performance.

This has enabled it to produce detailed AI score reports with relatively high accuracy rates. In addition, the platform can scan text in several different languages and facilitates quick file uploading. Originality.ai can even be accessed via a Chrome extension.

On top of that, the AI detector allows users to assign roles for teams. Plus, it offers both monthly and pay-as-you-go pricing options.


  • Has a flexible pricing structure
  • Offers team management features
  • Easily accessible via Chrome plugin


  • Limited to English language
  • Free trial doesn’t offer full features

ZeroGPT - Best GPTZero Alternative For Free AI Scans 


When it comes to conducting free AI detection scans, ZeroGPT is one of the most popularly used tools. Founded by Olive Clinton in 2022, it is an independent SaaS company that serves millions of users using its proprietary DeepAnalyse™ Technology.

The AI detector is known to be very aggressive when it comes to scanning content but it is also one of the most user-friendly tools. ZeroGPT can also scan content in native languages and has a generous free plan, which offers up to 15,000 characters per input.

Moreover, the platform can generate pdf reports and it even supports batch file uploads for easier scanning.


  • Offers file/document uploading
  • Native languages supported
  • High word count on free plan


  • Presents frequent false positives
  • No plagiarism detection

Turnitin - Best GPTZero Alternative For Academic Texts 


Turnitin has a popular AI detector used by students and teachers to scan assignments and papers. Founded in 1998 and acquired by Advance Publications for $1.75B in 2019, Turnitin is an edtech company that serves over 15,000+ academic institutions worldwide.

Unlike most AI detectors, this one can’t be accessed using user subscriptions only via educational institutions. The tool provides detailed AI detection reports to offer clear insights. Moreover, it has a functional interface that facilitates single or multiple file uploads.

Besides that, it has plagiarism-check capabilities and offers favorable pricing since costs are dependent on the academic institution.


  • Highly-accurate AI detector
  • Trusted among academic institutions
  • Convenient file/document uploads


  • Not available to public users
  • No free trial offered

Copyleaks - Best GPTZero Alternative For Lengthy Content 


When it comes to scanning long-form content for AI, Copyleaks is worth considering. Back in 2022, the company managed to raise over $6M in funding and has since worked to expand its services beyond just plagiarism checking.

The AI detector works with every NLP model and effectively scans content line by line to deliver fairly accurate results. The platform works on a credit system with each credit offering up to 250 words. Moreover, the input box has no word limits, which lets you conduct full-length scans.

Copyleaks also has a plagiarism checker and a Chrome extension that can help you scan text while browsing on any tab.


  • No word limits per input
  • Available via Chrome-extension
  • Works with 30+ different languages


  • Copy/paste option only
  • Lacks in-depth reports

Undetectable AI - Best GPTZero Alternative For Fast Results 


Undetectable AI is a reliable service that offers access to a robust AI detector and AI humanizer via one single platform. With this tool, you can accurately scan your content for signs of AI generation and make any identified AI text undetectable in a flash.

Moreover, the AI checker can aggregate AI likelihood scores from multiple detection models, all at once. This includes GPTZero, Turnitin, and others. This eliminates any need to scan your text on each platform individually.

Undetectable AI also has an intuitive interface for quick navigation. Plus, it offers affordable pricing options to choose from.


  • All-in-one AI detector/humanizer
  • Fast and efficient interface
  • Affordable pricing plans


  • No detailed AI detection reports
  • Free plan offers limited word counts

Content at Scale - Best GPTZero Alternative For Detailed AI Scoring 


Content at Scale excels best at delivering in-depth AI detection results. The US-based company was initially launched in 2021 and has continued to expand its AI content services independently with no VC backing as of yet.

The platform’s AI detector works by breaking down scores into categories like pattern, predictability, etc. It even highlights sentences in color to differentiate levels of AI detectability. Moreover, it supports multiple languages and doesn’t come with a steep learning curve.

On top of that, Content at Scale is free to use and has a built-in AI rewriting tool. It also offers other features such as SEO optimization tools and content curation.


  • Scan content by URL
  • Detailed AI scan reports
  • Built-in AI rewriter


  • Scores are not always accurate
  • Limited word counts per input

Humbot - Best GPTZero Alternative For Multilingual AI Detection 


If you want to scan content for AI in a native language accurately, Humbot is the go-to AI detector. The platform supports over 50+ different languages including Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, French, German, and Mandarin, just to name a few.

Moreover, it seamlessly combines several AI detectors like GPTZero, Winston AI and Sapling via one simple interface. This lets you collectively scan your content and get multiple AI scores simultaneously in one click.

In addition, Humbot has a powerful AI humanization model that can convert any AI-generated content into human-like text within seconds.


  • Accurate multilingual AI scans
  • Numerous features to explore
  • Quick to produce results


  • Interface has a bit of a learning curve
  • Slightly pricier than other tools

Sapling - Best GPTZero Alternative For Third-Party Integration 


Sapling is one of the leading free AI detectors in the market. The tool stands out for its capacity to successfully integrate with several leading third-party tools. Founded in 2019, the company provides LLM solutions to enterprises having recently partnered with the CX company, iBex.

This AI detection platform can be integrated with Google Docs, Chrome, Outlook, Word, etc. Moreover, it works with any content generated by any AI writing model, including Gemini and ChatGPT. It also offers free access and has a straightforward user interface.

On top of that, Sapling offers fairly reasonable pricing plans that make it a viable option for many budget-limited users.


  • Free plan available
  • No sign-up required
  • Simple layout design


  • AI detector can be inaccurate
  • No file uploads or URL options

Winston AI - Best GPTZero Alternative For File Uploads 


Winston AI is a reliable AI detector that can process numerous file formats and even offers photo scans for easy AI detection. Founded by Thierry Lavergne, the AI detection tool was launched just last year and has continued to expand its product features rapidly.

Besides an overall AI detection score, the tool also provides an in-depth AI prediction map. This highlights any AI-written parts of your text to help verify content originality. Furthermore, it offers a readability score that details the content grade level.

Other notable features include plagiarism checking, shareable detection reports, team management access, and a handy Chrome plugin.


  • Team member access
  • Supports multiple file/document formats
  • Email and chat support available


  • Doesn’t support many languages
  • No URL scans

Why Choose a GPTZero Alternative?

GPTZero assesses content complexity and variety to deliver an AI probability score. While this detection model can identify AI-generated text, its flaw is it isn't as effective at accurately classifying human-written text.

Simply put, if the author’s writing style goes against GPTZero’s unpredictability model, it could be inaccurately flagged as AI text.

To back this up, we decided to test out GPTZero by scanning a piece of text we wrote personally. As you can see, the platform returned a staggering 82% AI probability score.


Aside from that, GPTZero presented other equally frustrating drawbacks. For one, plagiarism scanning is only available on its premium plans.

Moreover, it doesn’t offer AI detection in multiple languages. Plus, the platform fails to provide unlimited word counts on any of its pricing plans. This can be inconvenient for handling bulk content.

Luckily, the AI detectors on this list can offer more reliable performance and do well to accommodate varying user needs more effectively.


As we’ve established, GPTZero is not a perfect AI detector by any means. It has several failings, which is where the 10 best GPTZero alternatives on this list come into play. Each of them can help you detect AI content with ease. However, we strongly recommend HIX Bypass because it is the most accurate and comprehensive solution out there.

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