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Top 10 Phrasly Alternatives for Making AI Text Undetectable

Nicole Willing
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Nicole WillingProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Mar 22, 2024

Phrasly is an AI detection remover that transforms AI-generated content into undetectable AI text. Beyond humanizing AI text, it offers grammar checking and an AI detector, making it a versatile tool. However, in its role as an undetectable AI writer, Phrasly has limitations.

While it does create human-like text, it often lacks the originality and creativity needed to engage readers. Many users discover poor phrasing and unnatural terminology, requiring substantial editing.

If you've encountered such challenges with Phrasly, exploring alternatives may be worthwhile. Here are 10 of the best alternatives to Phrasly available, check out this list and choose one of the Phrasly alternatives to humanize your AI text.

1. HIX Bypass – Best Phrasly Alternative Overall

2. BypassGPT – Best Phrasly Alternative for 100% Undetectable AI Content

3. Undetectable AI - Best Phrasly Alternative for Error-Free Humanizing

4. Humbot - Best Phrasly Alternative for High-Quality Humanized Outputs

5. Bypass AI - Best Phrasly Alternative for Humanizing SEO-Friendly Content

6. AIHumanizer - Best Phrasly Alternative for Content Creators

7. Netus AI - Best Phrasly Alternative for One-Click Paraphrasing

8. GPTinf - Best Phrasly Alternative for a High Bypass Rate

9. StealthWriter - Best Tool Phrasly Alternative for Fast Humanization

10. StealthGPT - Best Phrasly Alternative for Making Essay Undetectable

HIX Bypass - Best Phrasly Alternative Overall


HIX Bypass is our top choice for humanizing AI content. Developed by HIX.AI, a leader in the AI writing industry, HIX Bypass is renowned for its ability to produce content that is not only 100% undetectable but also of exceptional quality.

With the latest technology for humanizing AI text, HIX Bypass doesn't just change words around. Instead, it rewrites and restructures AI content so it can't be spotted by AI detectors like GPTZero and Originality.ai. Additionally, verification of undetectability is made easy with its integrated AI checker.

Unlock the Capabilities of HIX Bypass for Bypassing All AI Detection Tools

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Every rewrite is strategically crafted to retain the core essence of the text, preserving the original meaning while introducing a human touch. Outputs from HIX Bypass are guaranteed to be authentic and plagiarism-free, eliminating your risk of potential penalties.

Additionally, HIX Bypass offers multilingual support, enabling users to rewrite and humanize AI-generated text in more than 50 languages. This makes it the ultimate undetectable AI writing tool for a global audience.

Try HIX Bypass today for making AI text 100% undetectable:

Try HIX Bypass to Create Undetectable AI Writing

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  • Choose from several bypass modes to bypass all AI detection tools.
  • Humanizes AI text into high-quality content, ensuring it is error-free.
  • Maintains the original meaning of the text while upholding top-notch quality.
  • Offers keyword-rich content to enhance your search result rankings.
  • Guarantees to provide 100% plagiarism-free content.

Try HIX Bypass to make any of your AI content undetectable.

BypassGPT - Best Phrasly Alternative for 100% Undetectable AI Content

image4 (6).jpg

BypassGPT has been recognized for excellence by many major brands, such as Business Insider and PCWorld. What sets this tool apart is its remarkable capability to swiftly produce 100% undetectable content with a human-like quality.

While AI-generated content often triggers spam filters, BypassGPT uses advanced humanization technology to transform AI text into top-tier human-like content, effectively circumventing most spam detection tools. Throughout the rewriting process, it carefully preserves the original content's intended meaning.

Crucially, even in the face of stringent AI detection systems such as Copyleaks and Content at Scale, content humanized by BypassGPT easily bypasses AI detection. The built-in AI detector also furnishes users with detection outcomes from popular AI checkers, offering confirmation that their text remains undetectable.


  • Can transform AI content into human-written text in more than 30 languages.
  • Assists in identifying and replacing specific phrases used in ChatGPT watermarking.
  • Promotes SEO optimization to rank higher in the search results.
  • Delivers 100% plagiarism-free content, ensuring a risk-free content creation experience.

Visit BypassGPT to get 100% undetectable AI text.

Undetectable AI - Best Phrasly Alternative for Error-Free Humanizing

image12 (1).jpg

No matter whether you used ChatGPT, Bard, or any other AI writer to generate AI content, Undetectable AI offers a seamless solution to transform AI-generated text into human-like output. It excels in removing the ChatGPT watermark, making AI text truly undetectable by AI checkers like Winton AI, Sapling, and more.

While producing undetectable AI content is a primary goal of Undetectable AI, it also endeavors to enhance the quality of the text. With its top humanization technology, Undetectable AI strategically humanizes AI content and ensures it appears 100% original, free of syntax and grammar mistakes.

This error-free output is what makes Undetectable AI stand out amongst a sea of AI removers. In addition, Undetectable AI also integrates keywords into the humanized text for SEO optimization. This makes it easier for users to rank higher in the search results with minimal effort.


  • 3 modes to make AI content undetectable by all AI detection tools.
  • Higher success rate in humanizing AI text than its competitors.
  • Offers a convenient ChatGPT watermark removal solution.

Leverage Undetectable AI to create high-quality, undetectable AI content.

Humbot - Best Phrasly Alternative for High-Quality Humanized Outputs

image5 (8).jpg

Humbot presents users with three distinct bypass modes designed to humanize AI text effectively. The advanced mode guarantees that the resulting content can surpass even the most stringent AI detectors, essentially bypassing all AI detectors currently available in the market.

No matter the chosen mode, Humbot humanizes AI text into high-quality, easily readable content, ensuring it is free from grammatical or spelling errors. This not only secures a perfect human score but also yields top-notch work quality.

Furthermore, Humbot stands out for its user-friendly interface, requiring just a few clicks to humanize AI text swiftly. This simplicity makes it an excellent choice for small businesses, SEO experts, and students looking to humanize AI text efficiently.


  • Choose from several bypass modes.
  • Offers watermark removal tools for ChatGPT-generated text.
  • Produces 100% human score content.

Humanizing AI text successfully and effectively with Humbot.

Bypass AI - Best Phrasly Alternative for Humanizing SEO-Friendly Content

image10 (7).jpg

Bypass AI stands out as the ultimate solution for humanizing AI-generated text, effectively eluding AI detection with an impressive success rate exceeding 90%.

Utilizing state-of-the-art humanization technology, Bypass AI can flawlessly convert any AI-generated text into content that achieves a 100% human score. Users can trust Bypass AI to circumvent popular AI detectors, including Turnitin, Sapling, Writer, and more.

Additionally, Bypass AI excels in producing SEO-friendly content by optimizing output with relevant keywords and enhancing overall content quality. This strategic approach aligns the output content with Google's requirements, ultimately boosting rankings.


  • Preserves the original meaning of the content with humanized output text.
  • Generates high-quality, human-like text that avoids false spam flags.
  • Assists with the removal of watermarks from ChatGPT-generated content.

BypassAI has made bypassing AI detection as easy as 1,2,3.

AIHumanizer - Best Phrasly Alternative for Content Creators

image11 (6).jpg

AIHumanizer is designed to humanize AI-generated content to make it bypass AI detection, like ZeroGPT, Turnitin, Writer, and many others.

AIHumanizer doesn’t just replace or shuffle words. It uses sophisticated machine learning and natural language processing capabilities to create authentic content that retains its original meaning.

AIHumanizer enables users to confidently submit their content without fear that it will trigger AI detection. All concerns are put to rest as this powerful AI humanizer offers a built-in AI detector for users to confirm that the humanized content is truly undetectable.


  • Can easily handle technical or industry terms.
  • Improves the readability and structure of AI text.
  • Uses an easy three-step process for humanizing AI text.

Make AI-generated blogs, articles, or even papers undetectable with AIHumanizer.

Netus AI - Best Phrasly Alternative for One-Click Paraphrasing

image3 (6).jpg

Netus AI is a next-level paraphrasing tool that offers a unique AI-generated text humanization feature. Upon receiving user input, it seamlessly analyzes textual patterns, syntax, content, and semantics to determine the optimal way to rewrite content and successfully bypass AI detection.

Netus AI is guaranteed to beat many AI detectors, such as Content at Scale, Sapling, and Crossplag. This is achieved by integrating rich vocabulary and varying sentence structures to make the content appear human-written to outsmart AI detection systems.


  • Can rewrite and humanize text in many languages.
  • Provides an AI detector to differentiate between human-generated and AI-generated text.
  • Assists diverse content creators, including bloggers and digital marketers, in effectively bypassing AI detection.

Read more about Netus AI: A Comprehensive Netus AI Review

GPTinf - Best Phrasly Alternative for a High Bypass Rate

image7 (7).jpg

GPTinf is engineered to create undetectable AI content. This Phrasly alternative works by strategically paraphrasing AI-generated content to improve grammar and increase diversity in vocabulary and sentence structure.

GPTinf stands as a highly reliable undetectable AI tool, boasting an impressive 99% bypass rate. If, by any chance, the tool doesn't succeed in bypassing, rest assured, there won't be any charges incurred.

It can humanize all types of texts, from blog posts and product descriptions to social media posts and web articles. Once humanized, the output easily bypasses Sapling, Copyleaks, and other AI detectors.


  • Improves AI-generated content for natural-sounding text.
  • Removes spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Replaces repetitive word patterns for authentic and engaging copy.

Read more about GPTinf: A Comprehensive GPTinf Review

StealthWriter - Best Phrasly Alternative for Fast Humanization

image1 (8).jpg

StealthWriter is an advanced AI detection remover that rewrites AI content into human-like text. The resulting output is meticulously polished, free from typos, errors, and awkward phrasings.

This undetectable AI tool offers two unique models. The Ninja model, renowned for its speed, efficiently bypasses the majority of AI detectors. Exclusive to paid subscribers, the Ghost model, known for its intelligence, excels at navigating advanced AI detectors such as Origionality.ai.


  • Includes a built-in AI detector to verify the text’s undetectability.
  • Supports all languages.
  • Offers a free plan.

Read more about StealthWriter: A Comprehensive StealthWriter Review

StealthGPT - Best Phrasly Alternative for Making Essay Undetectable

image1 (7).jpg

StealthGPT is a leading AI bypasser and humanizer that can be used to transform all types of content. Many students find the tool particularly useful for adding a human touch to their essays and other academic papers.

Beyond its core function of making AI text undetectable, StealthGPT offers additional powerful tools. The Stealth Content Generator excels in generating high-quality AI text, while the Stealth Essay Generator facilitates the creation of outstanding essays.

Moreover, with its API integration, StealthGPT provides users with a seamless way to incorporate it into their projects.


  • Produces original, plagiarism-free content.
  • Outputs are undetectable by top AI detectors.
  • Offers different tools to cater to different writing needs.

Read more about StealthGPT: A Comprehensive StealthGPT Review

Why Choose a Phrasly Alternative?

While Phrasly claims to be the best AI detection remover on the market, it falls short in many areas. To test out its capabilities, we generated a paragraph using ChatGPT and inputted it into Phrasly.

The output proved to be inferior to the well-crafted original, exhibiting odd phrasings and sentence structures. Subsequently, we employed Phrasly to assess the text for AI, which returned a classification of “likely to be written by a human” with a 10% likelihood of AI detection.


We then ran the humanized text through Copyleaks, a leading AI detector. In seconds, Copyleaks identified the entire text as being AI-written, meaning Phrasly failed to successfully humanize the text.


Upon reviewing the Copyleaks results, it becomes evident that Phrasly has limitations in humanizing AI-generated text. This underscores the significance of exploring alternative undetectable AI writing tools that overcome such limitations.


While Phrasly claims to help users bypass AI detection, it often lacks the advanced capabilities needed to mimic the human voice. This often results in outputs that struggle to bypass AI detectors.

When humanizing AI-generated text matters most, count on a reliable undetectable AI writing tool to get the job done. Tools like HIX Bypass use the latest humanization technology to generate 100% undetectable and plagiarism-free content capable of bypassing all AI detection systems. Test HIX Bypass to see what it can do for your content.

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