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10 Best Undetectable AI Alternatives to Remove AI Detection from Your Text

Undetectable AI, launched in May of 2023, offers both AI humanization and AI detection capacities. This means it's capable of rewriting AI texts to make them read more human, as well as detecting the signs of AI.

However, in spite of its features and usefulness, Undetectable AI has some downsides. More often than not, its outputs require manual editing to rectify simple errors and replace poor word choices. Undetectable AI's text editor also feels outdated, as it doesn't retain the formatting you insert.

Given these limitations, it's natural to explore alternative options. This guide aims to assist with that by presenting 10 of the best alternatives to Undetectable AI. Keep reading to discover a comprehensive evaluation of the pros, cons, and key features of each alternative.

  1. HIX Bypass - Best Undetectable AI Alternative Overall
  2. Undetectable AI - Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Beginners
  3. BypassGPT - Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Efficiency
  4. Humbot - Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Ease-of-use
  5. AIHumanizer - Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Better Customer Service
  6. BypassAI - Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Retaining Meaning
  7. StealthWriter - Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Advanced Users
  8. WriteHuman - Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Privacy
  9. AI Undetectable - Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Readability
  10. Smodin - Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Non-English Text

HIX Bypass - Best Undetectable AI Alternative Overall


HIX Bypass is one of the most interesting undetectable AI writer alternatives to Undetectable AI. It was made and designed by HIX.AI, which has established its presence in the AI writing industry alongside major players like ChatGPT and Gemini. In 2023, the minds behind HIX.AI delved into the realm of undetectable AI writing, resulting in the creation of HIX Bypass.

Investigating HIX Bypass's Success in Bypassing AI Detection

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Utilizing advanced humanization technology, HIX Bypass proficiently converts AI-generated text into human-written one. It claims to help users bypass most AI detectors available on the market. This includes Originality.AI, GPTZero, Sapling, Turnitin, etc.

Besides, HIX Bypass utilizes the same technology behind HIX.AI, consistently delivering humanized content in a high-quality and plagiarism-free manner. Notably, the humanized content maintains the original meaning and frequently exceeds the quality of the original text.

You can try HIX Bypass here:

Try HIX Bypass to Create Undetectable AI Writing

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  • Consistently able to bypass most detection tools
  • Powerful, cutting-edge humanization technology
  • A trusted brand with a great track record
  • Offers AI detection features
  • The rewritten output is of superior quality


  • Quite pricey compared to other options

Undetectable AI - Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Beginners


Undetectable AI stands out as a leading alternative to Undetectable AI, despite the similarity in their names. Launched in 2023, Undetectable AI has gained widespread popularity among students, freelancers, and writers worldwide.

Clearly designed with beginners in mind, this tool offers a simple, intuitive user interface. Even first-time users shouldn’t have any trouble getting started – just paste your text and let the tool do the rest.

Undetectable AI also tends to create very consistent AI-generated, humanized text without noticeable errors in terms of spelling or grammar. It’s the kind of platform you can rely on to deliver good quality humanized content, time after time.


  • Very easy to work with, ideal for beginners
  • Speedy humanization technology
  • Produces mostly error-free, consistent text
  • Helps users make AI content undetectable by all AI detection tools


  • Lacks advanced features

BypassGPT - Best Undetectable AI Alternative for High Quality

bypassgpt-home (1).jpg

BypassGPT is one of the top undetectable AI writers available today. It uses state-of-the-art advanced algorithms and humanization technology to humanize content in a click. This enables users to bypass AI detection on all AI detection platforms and circumvent potential penalties for submitting AI content (e.g., at work or school).

Moreover, BypassGPT excels in crafting human-like content with enhanced quality and rich keywords for achieving better SEO performance. It also ensures that the text’s original meaning is preserved. Whether humanizing a blog post or essay, it won’t detract from the author’s original intent.

Additionally, BypassGPT offers an impressive range of key features, such as the ability for users to adjust readability levels and content purpose to suit their needs. For instance, users can instruct HIX Bypass to humanize text to meet standards like High School, College, or Journalist levels.


  • Humanizes AI text to high-quality human-like content
  • Bypasses all AI detectors on the market
  • Retains the original intent of the writer
  • Offers a range of customization options
  • Suitable for use with all kinds of text, from short blogs to long essays


  • Free version only supports up to 300 words

Humbot - Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Ease-of-use


Humbot is another big undetectable AI writer that burst onto the scene in 2023. Like other tools, it uses clever humanization technology to transform AI-made text into undetectable content. It ensures that the humanized content won't be flagged as AI by the big detector tools on the market.

For individuals new to AI writing tools or lacking experience in this domain, Humbot serves as an ideal starting point. Boasting a user-friendly interface, it is particularly suitable for beginners unfamiliar with utilizing AI.

Plus, it supports multiple input methods, so you can either paste in the text you want to transform, upload a file, or even enter a URL address.


  • Super easy to work with
  • Supports multiple input methods
  • Efficiently bypasses the majority of AI detectors


  • Occasional production of text that retains a somewhat robotic quality

AIHumanizer - Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Better Customer Service


AIHumanizer is an Undetectable AI alternative that lets users humanize everything from blogs to college papers. It’s aimed at creating human-sounding, error-free content without any plagiarism, and with the ability to bypass most of the big AI detection platforms.

This AI Humanizer also ensures the faithful representation of the original text's intended message in any content it converts. What's more, it is designed for diverse audiences. Supporting over 50 languages, it is able to help people around the world humanize their AI content with ease.

Given its global user base, the AI Humanizer provides round-the-clock customer service, guaranteeing prompt resolution of any issues you may encounter.


  • Good for daily use
  • Top-notch humanization technology
  • Works with all types of content
  • Removes ChatGPT watermarks


  • Lacks a humanization history feature

BypassAI - Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Retaining Meaning


BypassAI is an undetectable AI writer that stands out for its ability to retain the original meaning of a piece of text. Notably, while maintaining the original meaning, it effectively bypasses most AI detectors such as Turnitin, Originality.AI, GPTZero, and others.

Unlike some counterparts, BypassAI has the intelligence and capability to comprehend a writer's intentions and steadfastly maintain them. This ensures that your blog posts, essays, and papers retain their original essence without distortion or alteration.

It’s also quite easy to work with, offering one-click humanization and the option to customize the output content. Users have the flexibility to tailor the output to be more human-like, more readable, or strike a balance between the two.


  • Maintain the original message of the text
  • Very easy to work with
  • Powered by high-end humanization technology
  • Customizable humanization level


  • Only supports copy and paste text

StealthWriter - Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Advanced Users


StealthWriter is another popular undetectable AI writer that has proven useful. It gives users the power to take a ChatGPT-made text and transform it into something that sounds like it was written by a real person.

From blog posts to webpages, emails to essays, StealthWriter is able to tackle all sorts of text types. However, if you want to get the best results from this tool, you’ll need to pay for it - there is a free “Ninja” version, but it’s far weaker than the premium “Ghost” plan.

StealthWriter also has an interesting “aggression” system with three adjustable levels of humanization for users to play around with. This may be useful for advanced, experienced users, but newbies may struggle to understand the best way to use it.


  • Interesting advanced features
  • Both free and paid plans available
  • Very speedy content generation


  • Can be intimidating for new users
  • Free version is unreliable

WriteHuman - Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Efficiency


WriteHuman markets itself as a content rewriter, taking AI-made writing and elevating to human standard. Like other tools, its main objective is to help users get content that can bypass the leading AI detection platforms.

In tests, though WriteHuman bypasses most of the AI detectors, it sometimes produces AI-sounding sentences and phrases. This can be attributed to the tool being in the beta phase, and the developers are actively working to address these issues.

If you can ignore the minor flaws, WriteHuman is a relatively reliable tool. It's great for fooling AI detectors, making it much harder for professors, teachers, or employers to spot if you’ve been using AI.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Protects your privacy
  • Can bypass most AI detectors


  • Doesn’t always bypass AI detection
  • Can be quite expensive if you need to use it often

AI Undetectable - Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Readability


AI Undetectable is an undetectable AI writing tool that is geared towards students and those in education in general. But even if you use AI writing tools regularly for work, you may be able to get some use and benefit from this platform, too.

Just like other Undetectable AI alternatives on this list, AI Undetectable takes AI-generated content and uses humanization technology to humanize it. It takes out words and phrases that sound AI-generated and makes them more human.

It also offers an array of filters and features that let you extend or shorten a piece of writing, as well as making it more or less complex to suit your audience.


  • Free to test out
  • Varying filters and features
  • Quick results


  • Interface needs some visual improvements
  • Can be very expensive for regular users

Smodin - Best Undetectable AI Alternative for Non-English Text


Smodin stands out for its wide range of features, including its ability to work with text in languages other than English. So, if you need to humanize a piece of text in French, Spanish, German, etc. this tool can do it.

The results may vary from language to language, but Smodin at least has the potential to function for users from around the world. And it’s highly intuitive - just copy your text, paste it into the box, and let Smodin transform it for you.

This tool also supports DOC and PDF uploads for humanization, while offering a range of additional AI capabilities, like AI chat or AI essay summaries for students.


  • Works with short and long-form text
  • Free version is available
  • Offers many other AI functions


  • Doesn’t always work with AI detectors
  • You usually need to make manual edits to the created text

Why Choose an Undetectable AI Alternative?

You might be wondering why you would actually want to use an Undetectable AI alternative instead of just using Undetectable AI all the time.

Well, user reviews of Undetectable AI show that it sometimes makes mistakes and leaves typos or errors in the text. Not only that, but it also produces text which sometimes fails to pass AI detection.

We decided to put it to the test ourselves, beginning by getting a 300-word text about JFK from ChatGPT. We then pasted it into Undetectable AI.


We trimmed the text down to 250 words (the free limit provided by Undetectable AI) and tested its humanization technology.


Unfortunately, while ZeroGPT marked the text as human-written, over 17% was still detected as being AI-written.


Not only that, but the final text also contained a bunch of mistakes. The word “Kennedy’s” was repeatedly written without an apostrophe, and Undetectable AI even changed JFK’s famous “Ask not…” quote, altering the words, which would easily be detected by any professor or educated person reading the final text.

Wrap Up

Clearly, Undetectable AI has some notable flaws. It can be useful for bypassing some of the big AI detection platforms, but it often makes error-strewn content that requires lots of manual editing.

And that’s a problem for people who want to save time and write lots of essays and papers with AI quickly, without wasting their own time. Fortunately, there are lots of alternative undetectable AI writers out there that you can use instead of Undetectable AI.

HIX Bypass is one of the best options of all and earns our pick as the top recommendation for this guide, thanks to its overall reliability, speed, and efficiency. Furthermore, it offers a completely free trial, making it a compelling option for users.

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