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Phrasly Review: Can Phrasly Effectively Make AI Text Undetectable?

Nicole Willing
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Nicole WillingProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Mar 22, 2024

Aimed at students, bloggers, and other users, Phrasly is one of the latest undetectable AI writing tools to hit the market. If you're hesitating about using this tool, you might like to learn a little more about it.

This Phrasly review will cover everything you need to know, including a comprehensive test of Phrasly vs leading AI detectors.

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What Is Phrasly?

image3 (5) (1).jpg

Phrasly is an AI-powered writing platform. It launched in 2023, with its headquarters in Dover, U.S. And, as its home page makes clear, this AI-powered writer aims to appeal to a broad audience, including bloggers, content creators, students, SEO professionals, marketers, e-commerce businesses, and more.

The main feature of Phrasly is its ability to transform AI-generated content into undetectable content. It can take a piece of text made by a tool like ChatGPT and "humanize" it, making changes to the structure and word choices to help the text, in theory, bypass AI detection. It also has a separate AI detector tool that users can utilize to scan their content.


Some of the main features of Phrasly include:

  • Process up to 2,500 words of text
  • Humanize AI-generated text
  • Built-in AI scanner
  • Adjustable humanization levels
  • Grammar and spelling checker
  • Multilingual support

Can Phrasly Beat Leading AI Checkers?

Clearly, Phrasly claims to have a lot of features and functions. But if you’ve not used it before, you’ll want to know whether or not it’s actually capable of getting past the top AI scanners on the market. The only way to find out for sure is to run a fair and unbiased test.

So, let’s do just that. First, it’s important to acquire some simple AI-generated text from a tool like ChatGPT. The screenshot below shows the example text we’ll be using for this test, generated by ChatGPT on the subject of “Education.”

image5 (7).jpg

The next step is simple: to find out how good Phrasly actually is at humanizing AI-made text, we have to take our ChatGPT text and paste it into Phrasly. We can then activate Phrasly’s humanization algorithms and see how well it rewrites the text. The screenshot below shows the final result after passing the ChatGPT passage through Phrasly’s humanizer:

image2 (5).jpg

In other words, the text in the shot above is Phrasly’s best attempt at humanization. And, if Phrasly’s marketing claims are true, that text should be able to get past most of the big AI detectors.

But can it really? Let’s run it through Originality.ai, Copyleaks, and GPTZero to find out.

Phrasly Against Originality.ai

image8 (7).jpg

It’s a bad start. Against Originality.ai’s AI detection technology, Phrasly’s text was a total failure. It got the worst possible score: 100% AI and 0% Human. That means that, according to Originality.ai, the entire piece of text is obviously AI-written, without any little sentences or passages that look even partially human.

Phrasly Against GPTZero

image6 (6).jpg

Things don’t get any better for Phrasly when we run its text through GPTZero. It got a terrible score, with just 1% of the text being classified as “Human” and the rest being ranked as “AI”. Again, just like with the Originality result, this shows that Phrasly is not at all able to beat AI detectors as consistently as it claims.

Phrasly Against Copyleaks

image9 (9).jpg

For the third and last test, we took Phrasly’s “humanized” text and tried it in Copyleaks. Again, the results speak for themselves. Copyleaks conclusively stated that the text contained “AI Content” and the entire passage was flagged in red to demonstrate that it was most likely made by AI, without any human parts at all.

HIX Bypass - A Superior Option

Our testing has proven without any doubt that Phrasly is sadly unable to beat AI scanners every time. In fact, it failed in all three of our tests, with some truly poor scores, like the 100% AI score it got on Originality.ai. However, there are other undetectable AI writers out there that do actually work, like HIX Bypass.

image1 (6).jpg

Using state-of-the-art humanization technology, HIX Bypass leads the way in undetectable AI writing. It can take AI-generated text from tools like Bard, Bing Chat, ChatGPT, and so on, rewriting and restructuring it to make it sound much more human. Thanks to that, users can count on HIX Bypass to beat all AI detectors, including Originality.AI and GPTZero.

Discover the Potency of HIX Bypass in Bypassing AI Detection

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This tool can even help you secure near-perfect 100% human scores on many of the leading AI detection platforms. Plus, it has lots more bonus features and fair, flexible pricing, making it one of the best options for those in need of undetectable AI content.


Here’s what HIX Bypass can do:

  • Humanize all sorts of AI content
  • Beat any AI detector
  • Acquire 100% human scores
  • Works in dozens of languages
  • Preserves the original meaning of the text
  • Built-in AI detector
  • Optimizes content for SEO
  • Helps users beat spam filters

Is HIX Bypass Better at Getting Past AI Scanners?

On paper, HIX Bypass clearly seems like a great undetectable AI writer. But is it just as good in action? To find out, we have to put it through the exact same test that we used for Phrasly. That’s the only fair way to decide, once and for all, which of these two tools is best at beating the AI detectors.

So, the first step was to go back to ChatGPT and copy the same piece of text we used before. We fed it into HIX Bypass and activated its “Humanization” technology. Here’s the result:

image4 (5).jpg

HIX Bypass Against Originality.AI

image7 (6).jpg

Against Originality.ai, HIX Bypass got a completely perfect score. It achieved the ultimate 100% human rating, with 0% AI detected. That’s almost unheard of for an AI writer. Usually, even the best undetectable AI writers struggle to bypass Originality.ai, but HIX Bypass did it with ease, performing much better than Phrasly.

HIX Bypass Against GPTZero

image11 (5).jpg

Against GPTZero, HIX Bypass did almost just as well. It obtained a 96% human rating, with the remaining 4% of the text classed as “Mixed”. Once again, HIX Bypass proved its credentials here, beating one of the best AI detectors on the market at the moment. And, when compared to Phrasly’s 1% human score, the difference is staggering.

HIX Bypass Against Copyleaks

image10 (6).jpg

The third and final test of our set saw HIX Bypass go up against Copyleaks. Once more, HIX Bypass didn’t disappoint. Copyleaks decided that the text was “human” in nature, not AI. Again, this is a complete contrast to Phrasly, which found it very hard to deal with Copyleaks and other scanners.

Phrasly vs. HIX Bypass: The Results

Next, let’s sum up the results of all of our tests in a table, so you can easily see how the two tools – Phrasly and HIX Bypass – compare to one another.

  • AI Detector
  • Phrasly Results
  • HIX Bypass Result
  • Originality.AI
  • 0% Human
  • 100% Human
  • GPTZero
  • 1% Human
  • 96% Human
  • Copyleaks
  • AI-Written
  • Human-Written

The results are pretty easy to analyze. Phrasly failed in all three of its tests. The best score it could achieve was a measly “1% Human” on GPTZero. Meanwhile, HIX Bypass had much better results. It passed all three of the AI checkers, and the most impressive part of all was the fact that it got a perfect 100% Human score on Originality.ai.

From this, we can conclude that HIX Bypass clearly has stronger humanization technology compared to Phrasly. It’s much more capable of bypassing AI detection and finding the right ways to adjust, rewrite, and enhance AI-generated text to make it sound more human. That makes it a much more reliable and trustworthy tool for users to consider.

It’s also worth noting that HIX Bypass has plenty of other handy features that set it apart from Phrasly, as well as better pricing. For example, if you want to sign up for Phrasly Premium, you have to pay $14.99 a month. HIX Bypass, meanwhile, has multiple payment plans, starting as low as just $6.99 per month.


Overall, our Phrasly review found that, while Phrasly may have some uses and limited benefits, it can’t be relied upon as a trusted undetectable AI writer. In our tests, it failed over and over to bypass AI detection, even with a relatively simple piece of text.

So, if you want a tool that will truly deliver text that beats detection, this isn’t the writer to use. Instead, we can recommend HIX Bypass for its more advanced and effective technology.

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