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AI Undetectable Review - Is It Worth The Investment?

Generative AI has been all the rage recently, and it seems as though everyone is on board. These tools have many practical uses for content creators, storytellers, marketers, scriptwriters, and other writing-based professions, even being helpful for software devs.

If you use generative AI like ChatGPT but also want an AI writing tool that can dodge AI detectors, you might have stumbled upon AI Undetectable. It claims to humanize your AI-written text to the point where it becomes undetectable. But does it deliver on that promise? Let’s give it a run and find out.

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What Is AI Undetectable?


AI Undetectable is a tool to make AI-generated text... undetectable. It does this by analyzing your text and identifying common triggers that make AI detector tools recognize a piece of text as AI-generated content. It’s fairly feature-rich and offers various language options and levels of writing quality and readability, from high school to PhD level, depending on the work’s intent.

Features of AI Undetectable

Here are some of the details of what AI Undetectable can do for your AI-generated content.


Humanize Text

The meat of this tool is that this feature aims to make your AI-written text appear human-like, thus making it undetectable by most AI detectors. It could also diversify outputs from ChatGPT or help in paraphrasing.

Improve Writing Quality

Beyond just humanizing, you can also use AI Undetectable to improve your text’s writing quality so it reads more natural, professional, and authoritative.

Change the Readability Level

You can choose the level of writing quality level you want, from high school to PhD. Make your text easier to read for those with more basic reading skills by simplifying it, or make it more authoritative by increasing the readability level.

Increase or Decrease Word Count

If you’re writing professionally, you might need to work around word count limits or requirements, and these features can help. Increase the word count if you wish to expand your text to fit a certain requirement, or decrease it to make the text more concise and on-point.



AI Undetectable’s pricing comes in credits that are used when you run text through its tools. You can get 5,000 regular words for $2.99 or go premium for $4.99. They also offer a bundle at $5.99, which includes both regular and premium words.

Testing AI Undetectable: Does It Really Work?

We’re putting AI Undetectable to the test with a real-life example to see if it can make AI-written text undetectable. First, we need a fully AI-generated text to begin our test. We are now asking ChatGPT to generate a short article about how to write outstanding sci-fi stories.


Next, we ran that text snippet through AI Undetectable and let it humanize it, and here is the result.


Now, we are going to put the processed text into the following 5 AI detection platforms to see if AI Undetectable truly got what it claims.

AI Undetectable Against Writer


The first one we are going to test is the Writer AI detector. Right off the bat, Writer states that the content is 87% AI-generated, and it also informs us the content needs further editing in order to make it read more human.

AI Undetectable Against Originality.ai


The next one is Originality.ai, which is another failure. This AI content detector is flagging all of the content red, with a 100% AI-generated score.

AI Undetectable Against GPTZero


The next one, we are moving on to the GPTZero. Sadly, the AI detector is marking all of the content orange, also returning a 98% certainty of AI-generated content.

AI Undetectable Against ZeroGPT


We are now putting the content into ZeroGPT to see if we have any luck. The AI detector considers the content 100% AI-generated, with all of the text marked yellow.

AI Undetectable Against Content at Scale


At last, we need to test how AI Undetectable performs against Contnet at Scale. The result shows that the processed content had failed again, with almost all of the content marked red (likely to be AI-generated), as well as several short sentences marked orange (hard to tell).

HIX Bypass: A Better AI Undetectable Alternatives

While AI Undetectable has some neat features, it’s not a be-all-end-all of AI stealth. While it scores well on tests and comes at a fairly affordable price, the word limits for each credit purchase may be too small for some use cases. And if you happen to use this tool often, the fees for these credits may add up to be more than a monthly installment of other tools.


If you’re interested in something a touch more convenient, HIX Bypass could be a better alternative to AI Undetectable. It offers similar features but might be more cost-effective for intensive use. The subscription model may work better for users who expect to use such tools regularly.

Furthermore, HIX Bypass operates on specially developed text content humanization tech, adept at fooling AI content checkers such as GPTZero, Originality.ai, and Writer.com. The best part is, it can achieve the goal without changing the original meaning of your text.

​​Bypass AI Detection With Ease, Using HIX Bypass

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Content at Scale

HIX Bypass is better equipped than many other regular AI humanization tools, providing 3 levels of content humanization to suit your needs. You can adjust it to process all sorts of content, ranging from high school essays to doctorate-level reports, as well as article types like journalism, creative stories, or academic writing.

Testing HIX Bypass: Real-world Performance

Intrigued by HIX Bypass's impressive range of features and capabilities, we're putting it to the test with the same sci-fi story-writing article we generated earlier. Will it rise to the occasion? Time to find out if HIX Bypass can handle the heat!

Here is the output we are getting:


Also, need to mention that HIX Bypass offers a nifty feature—the built-in AI content checker, including a bunch of well-known tools, is displayed conveniently under the output textbox. It's a perfect and quick reference for those on tight schedules who need immediate AI text humanization and AI score checks.

Nevertheless, for the sake of accuracy, we proceed to run tests across various AI detection platforms. It's time to see how HIX Bypass holds up against the ever-evolving AI content detection algorithm of each AI detector.

HIX Bypass Against Writer


First off, the result from the Writer AI detector is returning a solid human pass. It considers the content 100% human-written and the content is ready to go without any further editing is required.

HIX Bypass Against Originality.ai


Next, we move on to Originality.ai, one of the known hard-to-pass AI detection tools out there. The result is satisfying. Content generated by HIX Bypass is able to get a full pass, with a 96% original score and all of the content is marked green.

HIX Bypass Against GPTZero


Moving to GPTZero, the platform is 98% sure that the content was written by a human writer and has a 0% probability of being AI-generated.

HIX Bypass Against ZeroGPT


Getting another great news from ZeroGPT as well. The humanized content by HIX Bypass is getting a remarkable 0% AI/GPT score, and the AI detector considers the content to be 100% human-written.

HIX Bypass Against Content at Scale


The last one is Content at Scale, another easy pass for HIX Bypass. This AI detection platform is marking the majority of the text green, with several sentences marked orange, Probability due to the fact that sentence fragments may occasionally trigger AI flags.

Final Thoughts – Is It Really Worth It?

AI Undetectable is a decent tool for generating human-like content, but in terms of bypassing AI detection, this may not be the best option to consider. If you are looking for an undetectable AI writer with stable bypass performance, outstanding content quality, and affordable pricing, HIX Bypass might just be the way to go.

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