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Turnitin AI Detector Review: How Accurate Is Turnitin AI Detector

Turnitin is one of the best-known plagiarism detection tools in use in education today. It’s also got its own AI detector, used by teachers and other users to spot if a piece of text was written with the aid of AI. However, questions persist regarding the accuracy and overall dependability of Turnitin's AI detector, with widespread discussions on platforms like Reddit.

To address these concerns, we embark on a thorough examination of Turnitin's AI detector, seeking to determine its precision and efficacy. Join us as we unveil the findings of our investigation with this Turnitin AI detector review.

The Technology Behind Turnitin’s AI Detector

Before we dig into the details of how accurate is Turnitin AI detection, it's important to understand how this tool works. It's designed to help users (especially educators) see when AI writing tools like ChatGPT have been used in essays and student papers. Developed by Turnitin's own team, it’s designed to spot the most common signs of AI text.

A lot of AI writers, from ChatGPT to Gemini, tend to use similar words, phrases, and sentence structures, among other “watermarks.” Turnitin’s AI detector has been designed to spot those signs and weigh up various factors and metrics to figure out whether or not a piece of text was made with the aid of AI.

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Views and Impressions of Turnitin AI Detector

So, is Turnitin AI detector accurate? And does Turnitin detect Chat GPT? To find out more about this tool, we looked at some user reviews and impressions.

General User Experience

Like other pieces of Turnitin software, Turnitin's AI detector is only available to those in the education profession. So it's not like anyone can simply sign up and use it. However, as long as you do have access, the tool is relatively easy to use. You just have to upload the file or paste in the text you want to scan.

The Turnitin AI detector will then scan the text and provide you with a report. The report should detail how much of the submission seems to have been generated with the aid of AI, giving you a percentage score and highlighting the AI-generated sections of text. From there, you can delve into the text to see exactly which parts seem human and which sections are AI.

Public Opinion on Turnitin

One of the easiest ways to find out about Turnitin AI detection accuracy is to see what users and experts have to say about it. While there have been some positive impressions of this tool, a lot of people worry about how effective it is. There are various online discussions about the platform’s reliability, with some users saying it produces too many false positives.


What’s more, several leading universities have made announcements and written statements that call into question the reliability of Turnitin. Vanderbilt University, for example, decided to disable the AI detector due to its lack of effectiveness. The University of California did the same. Even Turnitin’s own developers have acknowledged that the AI detection tool may not be entirely reliable.

Testing How Accurate Is Turnitin AI Detector

So, when it comes to how accurate is Turnitin AI detector, it's clear that there's a widespread lack of faith in this tool to be truly reliable.

To find out how accurate it really is at spotting AI and human content, we decided to put it to the test. We used AI tools, human writers, and AI paraphrasers to produce various pieces of text and see how Turnitin responded to them. Click here to direct yourself to the final result.

Is Turnitin Accurate in Detecting AI-Generated Content?

We’ll start our test using plain and simple AI content, generated directly from tools like ChatGPT and Gemini.

To start off, we asked ChatGPT to write 300 words about traveling on a budget.


And now here’s how Turnitin’s AI detector ranked the text:


As you can see, it successfully spotted that this was AI-generated writing.

Next, we asked Gemini to write a short passage about Abraham Lincoln. Here’s what Gemini gave us:


And the results of a scan with Turnitin’s AI detector:


Again, Turnitin made the right call.

Finally, we asked Claude for a short piece of content on the topic of overcoming a fear of flying.


Here’s the view of Turnitin on that text.


For the third and final text, Turnitin was once again 100% accurate in its assessment.

Is Turnitin Accurate in Detecting Paraphrased Content?

For the next stage of our experiment, we wanted to see how well Turnitin’s AI detector would cope with AI content that had been altered a little with the paraphrasing tool like QuillBot. We took all three of the original pieces of text and paraphrased them with Quillbot, then scanned them again with Turnitin.

The first step was to feed ChatGPT’s text into Quillbot and paraphrase it. Here’s the result:


And here’s the report from Turnitin’s AI detector:


Here, we can see the first flaws in Turnitin. It only spotted 70% of this text as being made by AI, unsure about the remaining 30%.

Next, Quillbot paraphrased the Gemini text:


Here’s what Turnitin thought of that:


Here, Turnitin correctly spotted that the text was all AI.

Finally, we used Quillbot to paraphrase Claude’s content:


And here’s the third report from Turnitin’s AI scanner:


For the last sample, Turnitin again was a little confused and felt that the text seemed to be a mix of AI and human writing.

Is Turnitin Accurate in Detecting Human Content?

To finish up, we wrote three pieces of text entirely by hand, without any assistance from AI, all on the same topics, to preserve the fairness of the test.

The first subject was traveling on a budget.


Here’s what Turnitin thought of this:


The first sample produced a big false positive, with Turnitin incorrectly believing the text to be AI-generated.

Next, we wrote about Lincoln:


Here’s how Turnitin responded to that:


This time, Turnitin got it right with a 0% AI score.

Last but not least, we wrote about how to overcome a fear of flying.


And here’s a screenshot of Turnitin’s scan result:


Another false positive. Here, Turnitin thought that the text was 100% AI, despite being 100% human.

How to Bypass Turnitin AI Detection: Try HIX Bypass

So, is Turnitin AI detector accurate? Well, our testing has shown that Turnitin can be quite effective at spotting AI text, but also sometimes makes mistakes or produces uncertain and unreliable results. This makes it a tricky tool to work with. And it can be particularly hard for people to figure out how to bypass Turnitin.

Well, HIX Bypass is here to help with that. Boasting industry-leading humanization technology, HIX Bypass can transform any piece of AI text, making it much more human to get past leading detectors. It can easily bypass AI detection tools like Turnitin, Originality, and GPTZero, as well as others. Plus, it never plagiarizes, nor does it make mistakes.


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  • Preserves Meaning: It retains the writer’s original message and meaning.
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  • Multilingual: Fully functional in a wide range of foreign languages, as well as English.

Is HIX Bypass Reliable for Bypassing Turnitin AI Detection?

In order to see how effective HIX Bypass truly is against AI detectors like Turnitin, we had to put it through the same strict test. We took the three original pieces of AI-generated text from ChatGPT, Claude, and Gemini, and ran them through this undetectable AI humanizer. Then, we took the results and put them through Turnitin’s AI detector.

Here’s the first sample, showing how HIX Bypass transformed our ChatGPT text to bypass Turnitin.


Here’s the Turnitin scan result for the first piece of text:


As you can see, Turnitin was entirely fooled by HIX Bypass. HIX Bypass’s text got a perfect 100% human (0% AI) score.

Next, we asked HIX Bypass to humanize the text from Gemini. Here’s what it gave us.


And here’s the result of the second scan with the help of the Turnitin AI detector:


Once again, Turnitin was fooled. It thought that this text was entirely human-written, despite actually being made by an undetectable AI writing tool – HIX Bypass.

Finally, we repeated the process with the third piece of text, originally written by Claude.


And here’s the third scan result from the Turnitin AI detector.


Yet again, Turnitin was tricked. HIX Bypass’s clever humanization technology easily beat this leading AI detector.

To push HIX Bypass’s limits even further, we then asked it to rewrite the two human texts which originally failed AI detection. Here’s the scan result for the first one, with another flawless rating.


And here’s the result for the second text, which once more got a perfect score.


This proves that not only is HIX Bypass an amazing tool for humanizing AI text, but it can also humanize actual human-written samples to eliminate the risk of false positives.

Is Turnitin AI Detector Accurate: Test Results

The table below sums up all of the results of our tests.

  • Source of Text
  • Turnitin Result
  • Was Turnitin Right or Wrong?
  • AI – ChatGPT
  • 100% AI
  • Right, it spotted the AI
  • AI – Gemini
  • 100% AI
  • Right, it spotted the AI
  • AI – Claude
  • 100% AI
  • Right, it spotted the AI
  • Quillbot – ChatGPT
  • 70% AI
  • Partially right, but still thought some AI text was human
  • Quillbot – Gemini
  • 100% AI
  • Right, it spotted the AI
  • Quillbot – Claude
  • 68% AI
  • Partially right, but still thought some AI text was human
  • Human #1
  • 100% AI
  • Wrong, it thought human was AI
  • Human #2
  • 0% AI
  • Right, it spotted human text
  • Human #3
  • 100% AI
  • Wrong, it thought human was AI
  • HIX Bypass #1
  • 0% AI
  • Failed to detect AI text
  • HIX Bypass #2
  • 0% AI
  • Failed to detect AI text
  • HIX Bypass #3
  • 0% AI
  • Failed to detect AI text
  • Human #1 After HIX Bypass
  • 0% AI
  • Failed to detect AI text
  • Human #3 After HIX Bypass
  • 0% AI
  • Failed to detect AI text

So, what can we say from these results? Well, the table clearly shows that, if you’re wondering is Turnitin AI detection accurate, the answer is no. This tool repeatedly made mistakes and got things wrong. It confused human text for AI and AI text for human, showing that it is both overly sensitive and inaccurate, more often than not.

If your concern revolves around being inaccurately flagged as AI by Turnitin, worry no more. It was also defeated by HIX Bypass on all five attempts. This shows that HIX Bypass is the perfect option for anyone who wants to know how to bypass AI detection every time.


Overall, our testing has shown that Turnitin is far from the reliable AI detection tool it claims to be. While it successfully identified AI-generated content in some instances, it also demonstrated notable flaws, producing false positives and inaccuracies.

In light of these findings, educators and users may need to exercise caution when relying on Turnitin's AI detector and explore alternative solutions that offer more consistent and accurate results.

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