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Writer.com AI Detector Review: Testing Its AI Detector Capabilities

Nicole Willing
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Nicole WillingProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Apr 26, 2024

Writer.com, renowned for its comprehensive generative AI platform, includes an AI content detector among its suite of offerings.

This AI content detector is widely used by businesses, educators, and diverse users seeking to distinguish between human-authored and AI-generated content. Despite its popularity, concerns persist regarding its accuracy, as some users have encountered misidentifications.

Hence, this review aims to explore Writer.com's AI detector to evaluate its effectiveness and accuracy.


Writer.com's AI detector is accessible at no cost and designed for ease of use. It empowers users to analyze up to 5,000 words per submission, whether through URL input or simple copy-and-paste.

The results are presented as a likelihood score, ranging from 0% to 100%, indicating the probability of the content being written by a human.

However, the AI detector has its limitations and may not always accurately distinguish between human-written and AI-generated content. Upon review, we observed an instance of false positives, where human-generated content was erroneously identified as AI-generated.


  • No sign-up required to use the AI detector
  • Provides nearly instant results
  • Teams can use a shared membership


  • Does not highlight the portion of text suspected to be AI
  • Results may not always be dependable
  • Limited information provided regarding AI detection output

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Overview of Writer.com

Founded in 2020 by CEO May Habib and CTO Waseem AlShikh, Writer.com introduced a complimentary AI content detector in October 2022, a month prior to the public release of ChatGPT.

The AI detector excels in analyzing lengthy text passages compared to shorter ones. Utilizing expansive datasets, it identifies unique characteristics that distinguish AI-generated content from human-written text.

However, discussions on platforms like Reddit suggest that Writer.com's AI detector may yield less consistent results compared to its counterparts.

Features of Writer.com's AI Detector

Writer.com has gained popularity as a go-to tool for detecting AI-generated content. There are several key features that set it apart, such as:

Multiple Input Methods

Writer.com provides two straightforward methods for checking content for AI. You can either input any URL containing text found online, or you can type or copy and paste the content directly into the input box.

Large Word Limit

While some AI detection tools limit inputs to just a few hundred words, you can check up to 5,000 words of text with Writer.com.

Simple AI Scoring

Writer.com delivers a simple percentage score that ranges from 0 to 100%. A score close to or at 100% indicates that the content is likely human-written.

Team Collaboration

For enterprises and large teams, Writer.com offers shared subscription options. A single account can be utilized by up to five team members, facilitating seamless collaboration.

Advanced Tools

With a paid subscription, users can gain access to many other key features and capabilities, such as assisted writing tools, plagiarism detection, and autocorrect options.

Reliability of Writer.com Tested

Assessing the accuracy of an AI content detector is crucial. To ascertain whether Writer.com effectively distinguishes AI-generated material from human-written text, we conducted a series of tests.

Test Preparation

Our testing approach aimed for comprehensive coverage across various user scenarios. We generated content using AI, in addition to writing the text manually.

ChatGPT Text

Firstly, we used ChatGPT to generate a concise product review of the iPhone 15.


Gemini Text

We then used the same prompt to generate content using Gemini.


Human-Written Text

We also wrote a piece on the same subject matter without AI assistance.


In addition, a second human-written piece was created to observe potential discrepancies in results.


Is Writer.com Accurate?

With the test content ready, we then proceeded to assess the capability of Writer.com's AI content detector. Here are the findings:

ChatGPT Content Against Writer.com

Despite being AI-generated, Writer.com erroneously identified the text produced by ChatGPT as human-generated.


Gemini Content Against Writer.com

Writer.com once more failed to detect AI-generated content, giving a high 96% likelihood of human authorship to the text generated by Gemini.


Human-Written Content #1 Against Writer.com

In assessing our human-written content, Writer.com accurately determined a 96% likelihood of human origin.


Human-Written Content #2 Against Writer.com

Consistently, Writer.com correctly identified our second human-written piece as 95% likely to be human-generated.


Writer.com AI Detection Testing Result

In summary, Writer.com was accurate in two out of the four tests. Here we’ve compiled the results in a comparison table:

  • AI Detection Score
  • Is Writer.com Accurate?
  • ChatGPT Text
  • 81% human-generated
  • Unreliable
  • Gemini Text
  • 96% human-generated
  • Unreliable
  • Human-Written Text #1
  • 96% human-generated
  • Accurate
  • Human-Written Text #2
  • 95% human-generated
  • Accurate

Overall, the test results appeared to be mixed. While Writer.com accurately identified human-written content, it struggled to detect AI-generated texts.

Pricing of Writer.com

Writer.com provides a free version of its AI content detector, allowing users to analyze up to 5,000 words per check, with a minimum word requirement of 60 words.

For businesses requiring AI content detection at scale, direct contact with Writer.com's sales team is recommended to explore further options.

It’s important to note that the platform does offer expanded paid AI detection but it is only usable through the API.

With its free AI detection tool offering unlimited uses, Writer.com presents an accessible and cost-effective solution for all users.


Although Writer.com offers a convenient and no-cost AI detection system, its reliability may vary, and users should exercise caution while considering its results.

It's essential to acknowledge the limitations of the platform. Even if content passes Writer.com's AI detector, there's still a possibility of AI plagiarism.

Employing an AI humanizer such as HIX Bypass can offer an additional layer of confidence.

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