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Is Originality.ai Detection Accurate?

Originality.ai is one of the best-known AI detection tools out there at the moment. It has been heavily marketed as one of the leading platforms for spotting AI, with regularly updated scanning models and technology.

However, there are also users on online forms, taking one of the most active ones Reddit as an example, stating that Originality.ai is just not accurate at all. So, in this article, we are going to find out if Originality.ai is an accurate AI content detector, or if it is less reliable than it seems. Let’s put it to the test and see what results we will get.

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The Way Originality.ai Works

Before we look at whether Originality.ai is accurate or not, it’s important to see how it works to detect AI-written text. Originality.ai works by scanning text and looking for the signs that it was written either partially or entirely with the aid of an AI tool like ChatGPT, GPT4, or Gemini. In its own studies, the Originality.ai developers claim that this tool offers more than 95% accuracy rates.

At the end of each scan, it gives users a percentage score of how much of the text is written by AI and how much is "Original" or human. It also highlights and colors the text to help users differentiate and spot the most AI-sounding sections. Other features of this tool include fact-checking and plagiarism detection.

What People Think About Originality.ai?

First, we’ll review the user experience of Originality.ai and see what people are saying about it, in terms of detection accuracy, and general user experience.

General User Experience

The user experience of Orignality.AI is relatively straightforward. Users can log in to their accounts to access the tool and click the Start New Scan button to proceed. They then have to paste in the text they want to scan, select from one of the available scanning models, and check the boxes if they also want to check for plagiarism or readability. Then, press Scan Now.

In terms of pricing, Originality.ai is one of the only few AI detectors that do not have any free trial or free version. You have to pay to use this tool, and it works with a credit system. Users can top up their accounts with credits and then spend credits on each scan, depending on the tools used and the total word count.

Public Opinion on Originality.ai

As stated earlier on, Originality.ai has had a very strong marketing push. The team behind it has invested heavily to make this tool seem like one of, if not the best option on the market. However, many people who use it regularly aren’t quite as convinced, as there are a considerable amount of online discussions where users criticize the tool’s reliability.


Many users complain that this tool seems almost random with the scores it assigns, is overly sensitive, flags old pre-AI content as AI when it couldn’t possibly be, and so on. There have been extensive pieces written about how unreliable and confusing it can be to use. It’s especially problematic for freelancers and writers who are often wrongly accused of using AI as their human-written text gets labeled AI by Originality’s sensitive scanning technology.

Putting Originality.ai to the Test

To figure out how accurate Originality.ai actually is, we have to test it. So let’s look at how it handles a range of pieces of text, including some written by AI, some paraphrased with Quillbot, and a few pieces written entirely by a normal human writer.

AI-Generated Content

We’ll begin with a look at some simple AI-generated content, using three of the leading tools on the market: ChatGPT, Gemini, and Claude.

First, we asked ChatGPT to give us 100 words on the joys of travel.


Traveling is a symphony of joy, orchestrating a melodic blend of discovery and exhilaration. Each journey unfurls a tapestry of cultures, weaving vibrant hues of experiences that imprint lasting memories. The thrill lies in navigating unfamiliar landscapes, savoring diverse cuisines, and forging connections with people whose stories intertwine with the places they call home. The world becomes a vast playground, offering a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, and sensations. Whether it's the awe-inspiring beauty of nature or the pulsating energy of bustling cities, travel encapsulates the essence of adventure. It's a passport to personal growth, broadening perspectives and fostering a deep appreciation for the intricate mosaic of our global community.

Here’s what Originality thought about that:


As you can see, Originality.ai correctly spotted that the text was AI-written.

Next, we asked Gemini to give us 100 words about Mark Twain, and here’s what Gemini gave us:


Mark Twain, pen name of Samuel Clemens, was a prominent American writer, humorist, and social critic. Born in 1835, he grew up on the banks of the Mississippi River, which became a recurring theme in his works. His wit and sharp observations on society captivated audiences, earning him the title of "the greatest humorist the United States has produced." Twain's most celebrated novels include "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" and its sequel, "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," which is often considered the "Great American Novel" for its exploration of American themes like racism and social injustice. Beyond humor, Twain tackled complex issues with social commentary and satire, leaving a lasting impact on American literature and culture. He died in 1910, but his legacy as a storyteller and social critic continues to inspire readers today.

And the results of an Originality.ai scan:


Again, Originality.ai was correct.

Last but not least, we turned to Claude. We asked it to give us a piece of text about the challenges of parenting.


Kids change a lot. Babies need constant care. Time goes fast as kids grow. Keeping children safe is hard work. Teaching right from wrong is challenging. Communicating effectively takes effort. Children have tantrums sometimes. Sibling rivalry causes tensions. Managing schedules is difficult. Affording kids' expenses isn't easy. Tiredness comes with young kids. Setting limits requires consistency. Illnesses bring worry. Choosing schools adds pressure. Connecting with teachers helps. Supporting activities costs money. Eating well demands cooking. Cleaning never stops. Finding balance takes practice. Disciplining tactfully helps behaviors. Temptations exist everywhere. Hormones cause teen struggles. Technologies need guidance. Friend choices concern parents. Driving starts independence and risks. College planning has hurdles. Letting go gets emotional. Grandparent roles evolve too. Fulfillment outweighs all though. Patience and love help most. Every stage poses new parenting puzzles. But a hug makes it worthwhile.

Here’s what Originality thought about that.


Already, we have our first failure. Even with a piece of text written entirely by AI, Originality’s accuracy is called into question as it only found that this text was 56% AI.

Paraphrased Content

Next, we wanted to see how well Originality.ai fared against AI text that had been paraphrased with the help of Quillbot.


The first step was to feed ChatGPT’s text into Quillbot and paraphrase it. Here’s the result:

Journeying is a joyful symphony that orchestrates a musical combination of exploration and excitement. Every travel reveals a mosaic of civilizations, creating vivid encounters that leave a lasting impression. The excitement comes in seeing new terrain, tasting other cuisines, and developing relationships with individuals whose lives are entwined with the locations they call home. The world opens up like a huge playground with a wide variety of sights, sounds, and experiences. Travel captures the spirit of adventure, whether it's via the breathtaking grandeur of the natural world or the vibrant energy of vibrant cities. It serves as a passport for developing one's self, widening one's horizons, and cultivating a profound understanding of the complex web that is our international community.

Here’s what Originality.ai thought about that.


It got this one right, spotting that the text was indeed 100% AI.

Next, Quillbot paraphrased the Gemini text:


Samuel Clemens, writing under the pen name Mark Twain, was a well-known American comedian, social critic, and writer. His upbringing on the banks of the Mississippi River—where he was born in 1835—became a recurrent topic in his writing. He was dubbed "the greatest humorist the United States has produced" because of his wit and perceptive social insights, which captured the attention of audiences. Among Mark Twain's most well-known works are "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" and "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," the latter of which is sometimes referred to as the "Great American Novel" due to its examination of issues of social justice and racism in the United States. Beyond comedy, Mark Twain used satire and social commentary to address difficult subjects, having a long-lasting influence on American literature and society. Although he passed away in 1910, his storytelling legacy lives on to modern times.

Here’s how Originality interpreted the text:


Once again, it felt that the content was entirely AI.

Finally, we took the Claude text and paraphrased that.


Children go through a lot of change. Infants require ongoing attention. Growing up means that time flies. Keeping kids safe requires a lot of work. It's difficult to teach what is good and wrong. It takes work to communicate properly. Sometimes, children throw tantrums. Tensions are caused by sibling rivalry. Organizing schedules is challenging. Paying for children's expenditures is difficult. Having little children makes you tired. Consistency is necessary for establishing boundaries. Diseases cause anxiety. Selecting a school increases stress. Developing relationships with educators is beneficial. It costs money to support activities. Cooking is necessary for healthy eating. There is never a halt to cleaning. It takes practice to find equilibrium. Gentle discipline modifies behavior. There are temptations around. Teen problems are caused by hormones. Technologies require direction. Parents are affected by the decisions made by friends. Risks and independence are introduced through driving. There are obstacles while planning for college. Giving up becomes emotional. The duties of grandparents also change with time. Thoughts are outweighed by fulfillment. Be patient and show affection.

Here’s the result of an Originality.ai scan:


Originality successfully spotted the text as being AI-written, which proves how difficult it can be to bypass Originality.

Human Content

Next, we wrote three pieces of text ourselves to find out “Is Originality AI detection accurate against human-written pieces?”

First up, we wrote the following content about the topic of the joys of travel:

For many people, travel is a joyful and enriching experience. It can be so rewarding and exciting to travel the world, visiting new places, meeting new people, and experiencing new cultures. Many people find that travel broadens their minds and opens them up to new ways of looking at the world. Indeed, many travelers head home feeling not only refreshed and revitalized after taking a break from their normal lives, but also with more knowledge and wisdom than they originally had. This is just one of the reasons why so many people choose to travel as much as possible, making it their top priority in life.

Here’s the Originality.ai impression of that text:


Unfortunately, this proves right away that, as many users state, Originality.ai has a clear problem with false positives. It thought this entire text, which was completely written by a regular human writer, was AI.

Next, we wrote about Mark Twain.

Mark Twain was a famous American writer, responsible for such works as The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. He was born in Missouri in 1835 and set many of his most famous stories there. His real name was Samuel Clemens, but he adopted the pen name Mark Twain early on in his writing career. Twain's work famously managed to combine humor, levity, and detailed social criticism. He was also capable of writing a very varied range of works, including both fiction to non-fiction in a range of genres. He died in 1910, but his work lives on and still finds new fans over a century later.

And here’s what Originality thought about that:


Again, it’s a false positive. Originality says that over half of the text is AI-generated, despite it being 100% human content.

Third and finally, we wrote approximately 100 words about the difficulties of being a parent.

Being a parent isn’t easy. There are lots of challenges that come along with having children, right from day one. When you’re responsible for another person’s life, especially a baby or infant who isn’t able to fend for itself in any way, you have to sacrifice a lot. Many new parents find that their lifestyles change dramatically. They lose sleep, start to stress, and don’t have anywhere near as much free time as they once had to enjoy things like hobbies and socializing. As children get older, some of these problems ease, but new challenges emerge. Parents may, for example, have to cope with their children struggling at school, getting bullied, questioning their identities, getting into trouble, and so on. Indeed, in many ways, becoming a parent is a lifelong challenge.

And here’s the Originality impression.


Once again, a major false positive. Originality.ai thought that this text was 92% AI, showing how inaccurate and overly sensitive it can be.

HIX Bypass: The Ultimate Tool to Bypass Originality.ai

hix-bypass-1600-836 (2).jpg

When it comes to Originality.ai’s accuracy, our testing shows that it can be pretty decent at detecting AI content. However, it can’t exactly be described as an “accurate” tool as it gets lots of things wrong. It failed to detect any of our human-written text pieces as human, for example, claiming that all of them were made by AI. This can make it really difficult to bypass Originality.

Fortunately, HIX Bypass is the answer. One of the best undetectable AI writers available right now, HIX Bypass boasts industry-leading humanization technology. It can help you bypass all major detectors, like Originality.ai and GPTZero, among others. It also offers multiple bypass modes, speedy processing times, ChatGPT watermark removal, no plagiarism, and more.

HIX Bypass Can Outsmart Originality.ai, And More

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  • Advanced AI Text Humanization: State-of-the-art humanization technology to humanize any AI text.
  • Plagiarism-Free: Always produces original content, without any copying or plagiarism.
  • Preserves Meaning: Capable of retaining and understanding the writer’s intent.
  • Multiple Modes: Offers three different bypass modes with varying strategies.
  • SEO: Produces SEO-optimized content with valuable keywords for high rankings.
  • Multilingual: Works in dozens of different languages, from Spanish to Russian.

Proof of HIX Bypass’s Capabilities

Of course, it’s easy to claim that HIX Bypass is great for bypassing Originality.ai. However, to find out how useful it really is, we have to put it to the test, just like the other tools earlier on. So, we took all three of our AI-generated texts, ran them through HIX Bypass, and then checked them against Originality.ai.

HIX Bypass Processing ChatGPT Content

Here is the output of HIX Bypass humanizing the ChatGPT content:


And this is how the output against Originality.ai.


HIX Bypass Processing Gemini Content

This is how HIX Bypass processes the content from Gemini:


And this is how the output against Originality.ai:


HIX Bypass Processing Claude Content

This is the result from HIX Bypass:


And this is how Originality.ai think about the processed content:


As you can see from these screenshot results, HIX Bypass is the ultimate tool to get past Originality.ai. In all three tests, it quickly and efficiently transformed the AI text and made it human enough to pass Originality consistently, with almost perfect 100% human scores every single time.

Test Results Roundup

Overall, the table below shows the full results of our tests:

  • Source of Text
  • Originality Result
  • Success or Failure?
  • AI – ChatGPT
  • 100% AI
  • Success
  • AI – Gemini
  • 100% AI
  • Success
  • AI – Claude
  • 56% AI
  • Failure
  • Quillbot – ChatGPT
  • 100% AI
  • Success
  • Quillbot – Gemini
  • 100% AI
  • Success
  • Quillbot – Claude
  • 100% AI
  • Success
  • Human #1
  • 100% AI
  • Failure
  • Human #2
  • 52% AI
  • Failure
  • Human #3
  • 92% AI
  • Failure
  • HIX Bypass #1
  • 90% Human
  • Failure
  • HIX Bypass #2
  • 94% Human
  • Failure
  • HIX Bypass #3
  • 100% Human
  • Failure


Ultimately, if we’re looking at the question of “Is Originality accurate?” the answer is no. It does get some things right. Originality.ai can spot content made by a tool like Gemini or ChatGPT. However, it may not be the perfect and accurate reference in terms of AI content detection, with many false positives and cases where it confuses human content with AI, or vice versa.

As a result, if you are looking for a proper solution to bypass the “inaccurate” Originality.ai detection with ease, HIX Bypass is the one you are looking for. No matter what type of AI content, HIX Bypass is capable of beating Originality.ai every time, and ensuring your AI content maintains its natural, human-like quality.

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