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WriteHuman Review: Is WriteHuman Really Work Against AI Detectors?

Scott Brown
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Scott BrownProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Mar 22, 2024

While AI-generated content is becoming more popular these days, so too are methods used to detect it. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at WriteHuman, an undetectable AI writer that lets you transfer AI-generated text to bypass popular AI detection tools.

Is WriteHuman really as good as the tool claims to be, or are there better options on the Internet? Here’s what we’ve found in this in-depth WriteHuman review.

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What Is WriteHuman?

image1 (5).jpg

WriteHuman is an online AI text humanizer that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to rewrite AI-generated content and make the text undetectable by popular AI detectors. Founded by Ivan Jackson in 2024, the service offers simple AI bypassing services with both free and paid options for users.

WriteHuman’s Features

  • Easy-to-use and straightforward interface
  • Able to bypass ZeroGPT, Turnitin, and more
  • Uses Natural Language Processing
  • Built-in AI detection
  • Offers 3 free requests per month

Does WriteHuman Work to Bypass AI Detection?

To show you if WriteHuman bypasses AI detection, we’re going to run through how your content creation workflow would typically look like using the service. First, let’s head to ChatGPT and generate some text for us. In this case, we’ll be asking ChatGPT to generate a short article about parenting.

image9 (8).jpg

While it may look good as-is, it’s still possible for AI detection software to flag the article as AI-generated. So, we’ll copy the entire article, paste it into WriteHuman, and let the tool humanize the AI-generated text for us. Here’s the result:

image5 (6).jpg

Note that for free users, you only have a maximum of three outputs per month. Right now, the built-in AI detector shows the rewritten text as having a human score of 99.3%, which should mean that it’s undetectable at this point. But is this really true?

To prove exactly how “human-like” the text is, we’ll be running the rewritten article through multiple AI detectors.

WriteHuman Against Originality.ai

image2 (4).jpg

Running the rewritten text through Originality.ai shows us that the text is actually not human-written at all. In fact, Originality.ai gives the article a score of 9% original and 91% AI. In other words, the software is 91% sure that the content is AI-generated, which means that it’s likely to be flagged as such by other AI detection tools as well.

WriteHuman Against GPTZero

image4 (4).jpg

GPTZero gives us very similar results to Originality.ai. The entire article is highlighted, which means that every single sentence in the text is flagged as “likely AI-generated.” Overall, GPTZero claims a 90% probability that the text is AI-generated, just 1% lower than that of Originality.ai’s results.

One interesting detail to note is that GPTZero also flags content as “mixed”, which is a combination of AI-generated and human-written content. This can happen if the sentence doesn’t appear AI-generated, but is not natural enough for human-written sentences.

WriteHuman Against Copyleaks

image3 (4).jpg

While not as detailed as the other two, Copyleaks marked every sentence in the article in red, and the result clearly indicates that the text is AI-generated.

A Better Option Than WriteHuman: HIX Bypass

image11 (4).jpg

From the WriteHuman test results above, you’re far better off relying on humans writing your content than using the tool to bypass AI detection. Its built-in AI detector seems to lie about the results to give users a false sense of security in the results, when in fact, the rewritten content is just as AI-generated as the original text.

Fortunately, better alternatives exist, and that’s where HIX Bypass comes in. HIX Bypass is an undetectable AI humanizer that works much like WriteHuman but with far better features. For starters, the content it produces can truly bypass AI detection; the tool can humanize text crafted by popular generative AI models such as ChatGPT, Bard, and Jasper.

HIX Bypass uses state-of-the-art AI text humanization technology to make AI-generated content undetectable, which works on various leading AI detectors like GPTZero and Originality.ai, which you’ll see in a bit. Finally, all of the humanized content is plagiarism-free, so you won’t have to worry about any legal complications that may arise from using the software.

Up and Ready to Bypass All AI Detectors

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HIX Bypass’s Features

  • Can handle any text content generated from ChatGPT, GPT-4, and more
  • Uses advanced text humanization technology to transfer AI text
  • Capable of bypassing popular AI detectors
  • Creates plagiarism-free content
  • Keeps the original meaning of the text
  • Customization options for bypassing AI detection
  • SEO-friendly results

Is HIX Bypass Better Than WriteHuman in Bypassing AI Detection?

To show you just how effective HIX Bypass is at getting past AI detection, we’re going to run the same article we generated through ChatGPT for the WriteHuman tests and humanize it using the software. Here’s what the result looks like:

image7 (5).jpg

While the resulting text looks good right now, we’ll need to run it through multiple AI detectors directly in order to confirm if it’s undetectable or not.

HIX Bypass Against Originality.ai

image8 (6).jpg

In contrast to WriteHuman’s results, HIX Bypass passes with (mostly) flying colors when passed through Originality.ai. Using the software’s current 2.0 model, Originality.ai gave the text a score of 90% human, which means it’s mostly confident that the article is human-written.

Don’t be confused by the 10% AI score. This doesn’t mean that the article is 10% written by AI; rather, it means that Originality.ai is only 10% sure that the text is AI-written, whereas it’s 90% confident that it’s original work instead.

HIX Bypass Against GPTZero

image6 (5).jpg

GPTZero gives us an even better result compared to Originality.ai. The AI detector claims that the text has no AI content whatsoever, and is 100% confident that the article was written by a human.

Not a single sentence is highlighted as AI-generated, which means the text from start to finish appears human-written. While GPTZero does mention a 4% probability of mixed content, AI has a score of 0%, which is a great sign.

HIX Bypass Against Copyleaks

image10 (5).jpg

Copyleaks gives us the same result as GPTZero and flags it as human text with no signs of AI-generated content.

WriteHuman vs HIX Bypass: A Brief Comparison

Here’s a brief summary of all the tests we ran on both WriteHuman and HIX Bypass:

  • AI Detectors
  • WriteHuman Results
  • HIX Bypass Results
  • Originality.ai
  • 9% Human, 91% AI
  • 90% Human, 10% AI
  • GPTZero
  • 6% Human, 4% Mixed, 90% AI
  • 96% Human, 4% Mixed, 0% AI
  • Copyleaks
  • AI-Generated
  • Human-Written

As you can see from the results, HIX Bypass wins by a wide margin. Despite claiming a score of 99.3% on the website, WriteHuman’s content failed in all three tests, whereas HIX Bypass passed the same tests with flying colors.

With these results, it’s clear which AI humanizer takes the cake here. HIX Bypass outperforms WriteHuman, and it’s not even close. Combined with a myriad of other features built on top of an already reliable software, HIX Bypass is the better choice between the two tools.


AI humanizers are great for improving your workflow if you are using AI to assist your content creation process, but only if the humanized content can actually outsmart AI detectors. While WriteHuman claims a high human score on its own, it failed to perform well in our tests, making it very difficult to recommend to new users.

As our WriteHuman review had shown, if you’re looking for a sure-to-work undetectable AI writer to bypass any AI detectors, you’ll want something that isn’t just effective, but also convenient to use and full of handy features. You’re far better off with tools such as HIX Bypass, especially if you want to integrate the use of AI humanizers into your workflow in the long term.

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