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Copyleaks Review: How Accurate Is Copyleaks AI Detector?

Copyleaks is a popular AI detector tool. It’s used by many people around the globe to scan pieces of text and see if they were made by AI or not. However, numerous users have shared experiences of being inaccurately identified as AI-generated by Copyleaks on Reddit.

Consequently, many have posed the question: "Is Copyleaks accurate?" Well, this Copyleaks review is here to find out. Below, we’ll put Copyleaks to the test and see how much you can truly rely on it.

How Copyleaks Works

First, let’s dig into the details of how Copyleaks actually functions, as it’s a little different to many other AI scanners. While other AI scanners look for the signs of AI writing, Copyleaks has been designed to actually look for the signs of human writing, rather than AI. It scans text to spot the usual patterns and trends that real human writers follow.

If those trends and patterns aren't detected, or seem unusual or disrupted, the text is flagged as AI. In its own testing, Copyleaks claims that this technology helps to massively reduce the risk of false positives, with only a 0.2% false positive rate. What's more, the company regularly tests and updates its AI model to make it more effective and accurate.

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Impressions of Copyleaks

Next, let’s take a look at how easy Copyleaks is to use and what people think about it. In this section, we’ll review actual testimonials and user reviews to get a general idea of people’s impressions on this AI detector.

General User Experience

The user experience with Copyleaks is quite simple. Users can paste the text they want to scan into the box provided and then click the "Check" button to run a scan. You can also view sample texts from different AI platforms and alternate between different scanning modes, if you pay for a premium account. Copyleaks offers multiple language scanning and bulk scanning, too.

Price-wise, it's free to get started with Copyleaks, but free users can only access the Basic scan model, which isn't as accurate or reliable as the more advanced options. If you want to get better results, you'll have to sign up for a premium plan, with prices starting at $7.99 a month for AI detection.

Public Opinion on Copyleaks

When we reviewed user impressions of Copyleaks, we found mixed impressions. This Reddit thread, for example, attracted a lot of responses from students, with many claiming that their work had been incorrectly flagged as AI by Copyleaks, even though they wrote every word of it themselves. Other users said that their work was correctly identified as human.


At the same time, there are some very positive opinions of Copyleaks out there. One scientific study found that it was actually one of the most accurate detectors for spotting AI text when compared to lots of other tools on the market. This suggests that the technology behind Copyleaks is reasonably impressive, even if it sometimes gets things wrong.

Is Copyleaks Accurate: Tested

In the end, if we want to know is Copyleaks AI detector accurate, we have to test it ourselves. So, let’s do that! To make this test fair, we’ll use a range of different tools and samples, including both AI-written and human-written content to see how well Copyleaks is able to spot the differences between them.

To save time, you can skip the steps and view the results by clicking here.

How Accurate Is Copyleaks with AI-Generated Content?

We’ll begin with ChatGPT. Let’s ask it to write 100 words on the topic of “democracy.” Here’s what ChatGPT came up with:


And here’s how Copyleaks responded to that text:


As the results show, Copyleaks correctly spotted the text as being written by AI.

We then tried again with Gemini, asking it to write 100 words about learning to ride a bike. Here’s what Gemini came up with:


And Copyleaks’ results:


Again, Copyleaks has successfully spotted that this was AI content.

For the third check, we used Claude. It produced this text on the subject of “advice for first-time home buyers”:


Here’s what Copyleaks thought:


This time, Copyleaks got it completely wrong, believing that the AI text was human-written.

How Accurate Is Copyleaks with Paraphrased Content?

Next, we need to check how well Copyleaks can spot AI in text that has been paraphrased or rewritten slightly with the aid of Quillbot.

We fed the ChatGPT text into Quillbot. Here’s how it changed it.


And here’s the impression of Copyleaks:


Again, Copyleaks got it right, spotting that the content was AI-made.

Next, Quillbot paraphrased the Gemini text:


Here’s what Copyleaks thought:


It again found this to be AI content.

Finally, we finished up by asking Quillbot to rephrase Claude’s work:


And here’s how Copyleaks assessed it:


Overall, Copyleaks proved why it has been classed as one of the most sensitive and reliable tools for spotting AI content, succeeding in all three checks.

How Accurate Is Copyleaks with Human Content?

Next, we wrote three pieces of text on our own, without any aid from AI, on the same subjects.

First up, democracy:


Here’s what Copyleaks thought about that:


Unfortunately, this was Copyleaks’ first big mistake. It created a “false positive” by accusing the human text of being AI-generated.

Next, we wrote about learning to ride a bike.


Here’s Copyleaks’ view:


Here, Copyleaks got it right. It successfully spotted that the text was made by a real person.

Finally, the subject of “advice for first-time buyers.”


Copyleaks gave us this result:


Again, the tool got it right. It only failed one of these three tests in total.

HIX Bypass: The Best Way to Bypass Copyleaks AI Detection

So, in terms of how accurate is Copyleaks, the testing showed that it’s pretty accurate. It had one false positive on the human text, but it was able to spot AI text every single time. That makes it very difficult for people to get around if they want to use AI to make text while also avoiding detection. However, there is a way around it: HIX Bypass.

HIX Bypass is one of the best undetectable AI writers available at the moment. Boasting state-of-the-art humanization technology, it can help you bypass detection and get 100% human scores on AI detection tools like Copyleaks, GPTZero, and Originality.ai. It also has other features, like built-in AI detection, multiple AI bypass modes, and more.


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  • Humanization: Humanize AI-generated text from tools like Gemini and ChatGPT.
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  • Preserves Meaning: Retains the writer’s original intent.
  • Multiple Modes: Three different bypass modes to choose from.
  • SEO: Produced optimized content for SEO results.
  • Multilingual: Works in dozens of languages.

HIX Bypass Put to the Test: Can It Bypass Copyleaks?

In order to determine how effective HIX Bypass is, we put it through the same exact test as the other tools listed above. We used it to humanize the three pieces of AI content made by ChatGPT, Gemini, and Claude, then ran the results through Copyleaks.

Here’s the first piece of text from HIX Bypass:


Here’s what it thought of the first sample:


And the second piece of text, humanized by HIX Bypass from the original Gemini text.


Here’s what Copyleaks thought about that.


The third sample shows us how HIX Bypass handled the Claude text about first-time buyers.


Here’s what Copyleaks felt about that text:


We also use HIX Bypass to humanize the human text about democracy that failed to pass Copyleaks.


Lastly, here's what Copyleaks thought about the rewritten text:


As the shots show, HIX Bypass performed perfectly in all four tests. It got a flawless “Human” writing for all of the pieces of text.

Is Copyleaks AI Detector Accurate: Test Results Roundup

Overall, the table below shows the full results of our tests:

  • Source of Text
  • Copyleaks Result
  • Did Copyleaks Get it Right?
  • AI – ChatGPT
  • AI
  • Yes
  • AI – Gemini
  • AI
  • Yes
  • AI – Claude
  • AI
  • No
  • Quillbot – ChatGPT
  • AI
  • Yes
  • Quillbot – Gemini
  • AI
  • Yes
  • Quillbot – Claude
  • AI
  • Yes
  • Human #1
  • Human
  • Yes
  • Human #2
  • Human
  • No
  • Human #3
  • Human
  • Yes
  • HIX Bypass #1
  • Human
  • Defeated
  • HIX Bypass #2
  • Human
  • Defeated
  • HIX Bypass #3
  • Human
  • Defeated
  • Human #1 After HIX Bypass
  • Human
  • Defeated

Overall, these results are quite positive from Copyleaks’ point of view, but not entirely convincing. While it was able to spot most of the human and AI samples correctly, it still made some big mistakes, notably getting confused with one of the human texts and the Claude AI text.

Additionally, it completely failed to detect any of the AI texts generated using HIX Bypass. This implies that if you are seeking a reliable method to bypass Copyleaks, you might consider giving HIX Bypass a try.


So, is Copyleaks accurate? Well, according to our results, it’s not a terrible option if you want to scan a piece of text and spot the signs of AI usage. It proved mostly effective at spotting AI-made text, as well as text that had been paraphrased by Quillbot. However, it did make a mistake with the Claude content and struggled with one of our human pieces.

Therefore, if you use tools like ChatGPT and Gemini, you might find that Copyleaks catches you. However, it is possible to bypass AI detection with the help of HIX Bypass. As our tests show, HIX Bypass always managed to get around Copyleaks’ scans, with human results every time. Give it a try so you won’t have to worry about Copyleaks detection ever again.

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