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Aithor Review: Can It Really Create Undetectable AI Writing

There are plenty of AI writers for academic and creative writing these days. As a newly emerging platform of this kind, Aithor claims to offer personalized AI writing help for scholarly and creative works. It comes with features to tailor the style and tone of your writing, and make it undetectable by AI detectors.

In this Aithor review, we will take a deeper look into the offerings of this AI writer. And specifically we will review its undetectable AI writing feature: we will put it to the test and see its true effectiveness.

Hopefully, with this review, you'll be able to have a better understanding of whether Aithor is right for you.

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What is Aithor?


Aithor is an online AI writing platform designed to assist with writing tasks such as essays and papers. It features a range of writing to support your writing process, including ones for creating outlining, structuring, or reorganizing content, and doing research and generating correct citations for your content.

Different from many AI essay writers out there, Aithor boasts a capability to remove AI writing patterns and create undetectable AI essays. This could be useful for students or writers looking to avoid the detection of AI detectors and maintain the authenticity of their writings.

Features of Aithor

Aithor offers its users many features to help them create personalized essays and papers. These include:

  • Content Creation: Create topics, table of contents and the full content for your academic writing.
  • Undetectable AI Writing: Detect parts that look like AI and rewrite it to make it undetectable.
  • Content Editing: Rewrite, expand or shorten your content.
  • Research and Citation: Find academic resources and generate properly formatted citations from them.
  • Customization: Adjust the writing style and tone to suit your writing.

Pricing of Aithor

Aithor provides multiple pricing options. It offers a free plan with no subscription required. Alternatively, paid subscription plans consist of a monthly plan at $24.99 per month, a quarterly plan at $49.99 every 3 months (equating to $16.66 per month), and an annual plan at $99.99 per year (calculated as $8.33 per month).


All plans grant access to the same core features, including table of contents generation, content generation and editing and tone selection. But its undetectable AI writer ("AI disguise") can only be accessed when you have subscribed to a paid plan.

Does the Undetectable AI Writer of Aithor Really Work?

Aithor claims its undetectable AI writer can check and rewrite the text to appear human. And this, we believe, is what most of its users hope it can truly deliver. So to see the true effectiveness of Aithor's undetectable AI writer, we did a test with five popular AI detectors, Originality.ai, GPTZero, ZeroGPT, Content at Scale, and Writer.

First we used it to generate an essay and. Part of the text we got was:


Then we ran this part through the checks of the five detectors mentioned above. And here are the results:

Aithor Against Originality.ai

The first test result, with Originality.ai, gave us a 100% AI score, marking the whole text as AI-generated.


This was no surprise to us – as Originality.ai is one of the most stringent (and sometimes sensitive) AI detectors, it sometimes flagged human-written content as AI. So we took a look at the next result.

Aithor Against GPTZero

The second detector we put the Aithor text into is GPTZero. This detector gave a lower score, indicating a 82% probability that this text was AI generated.


What's more, it highlighted the whole chunk of text as likely AI-written. More human as it seemed than the previous result, we can still safely say it failed to pass the detection of GPTZero.

Aithor Against ZeroGPT

Next, we used ZeroGPT to check the Aithor text. ZeroGPT returned the result that this text is AI/GPT generated, giving an 93.06% AI score.


And again, the majority of the text was highlighted as GPTZero thought these were all AI-generated. So Aithor's undetectable AI writer could not bypass GPTZero's detection.

Aithor Against Content at Scale

The fourth detector we put the Aithor text in is Content at Scale. Unfortunately, this AI content detector still thought it "reads like AI".


As you can see from the sentence-by-sentence analysis, there are one or two sentences that Content at Scale thought were human-written. But for most of the others, Content at Scale was suspicious or certain that they were AI-generated.

Aithor Against Writer

For the final test, we put the text to the Writer's AI detector. And the Aithor text failed the detection again, with a "82% AI-generated" score.


Summary of Aithor's Performance

To sum up all the test results above, the text produced by Aithor's undetectable AI writer was not undetectable as it claims, failing all the five AI detection tests. So if you're looking for a truly undetectable AI essay writer, you may need to go for another option.

Best Aithor Alternative for Undetectable Writing: HIX Bypass

If you want to find an Aithor alternative to create truly undetectable AI essays or papers, you can try HIX Bypass. As one of the leading AI humanizers, HIX Bypass can humanize your AI-assisted essays, papers, assignments, or other types of text to truly humanized, undetectable content.


HIX Bypass can rewrite and restructure the content to make it read as if it was written by a human writer, allowing the text to bypass the AI detection tools we mentioned above and many others successfully. It provides truly undetectable AI writing across over 50 languages, and can cater to use cases like humanizing essays, papers, assignments, emails and more.

​​Bypass AI Detectors Effectively with HIX Bypass

Winston AI
Content at Scale

And to demonstrate HIX Bypass' capabilities, we've also run a test on this AI bypasser. We did that by using it to humanize the text Aithor generated, and check the output against the same five AI detectors. This was the output we got from HIX Bypass:


On our built-in check that draws results from multiple AI detectors, it's flagged as human-written. This looks promising. And then we checked the text against the five AI detectors ourselves. The results are displayed below.

HIX Bypass Against Originality.ai

Originality.ai gave our humanized text a high, 98% original score. In the text, only a few sentences marked as 50% possibly AI-generated.


HIX Bypass Against GPTZero

The GPTZero test also returned a good result. It identified our humanized text with 97% human, and highlighted basically no sentence as AI-generated.


HIX Bypass Against ZeroGPT

ZeroGPT also returned a positive result. It thought the whole text was human written, give a 0% AI score, and highlight no sentence as AI.


HIX Bypass Against Content at Scale

The humanized text also passed Content at Scale as human too! Although you can see there are still two or three sentences highlighted, in general Content at Scale was unable to detect our writing.


HIX Bypass Against Writer

On Writer's AI detector, we got a "fantastic" result. The detector identified our humanized content as 100% human-generated content.


Summary of HIX Bypass' Performance

As the test results above have shown, the essay content that had previously failed the detections, successfully passed all the checks after being humanized by HIX Bypass. So if you're searching for a reliable tool to create undetectable AI writing, consider HIX Bypass as an option.


Aithor is a decent AI academic writing assistant. It provides multiple features that can help students streamline their essay or paper writing. However, the undetectable AI writing feature may not work as expected, as it's still very likely for its outputs to be flagged as AI by AI detectors.

If you're looking for a better option to create undetectable AI writing, a solution built specifically to humanize your AI assignments, essays or papers, then you can try HIX Bypass. With the powerful humanization technology it has, you can rest assured that your content will easily bypass AI detectors and meet your school or college requirements.

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