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10 Best AI Humanizers to Humanize AI Text

Scott Brown
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Scott BrownProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Apr 12, 2024

The power of AI writing tools lies in their ability to churn out tons of content without requiring you to expend so much time, money, and effort. However, AI detectors have become a prevalent roadblock, as they cause many AI-generated works to be flagged or even penalized. Even if the content is human-written, the risk of facing false positives is a real concern.

This is where AI humanizers come into play. With these tools, you can humanize AI text in just a few clicks and give your content the human touch it needs to bypass AI detection with ease. Here we put together a detailed list of the 10 best AI humanizers that can help you attain that coveted 100% human content score. Let's get into it!

  1. HIX Bypass' AI Humanizer - Best AI Humanizer Overall
  2. AIHumanizer - Best AI Humanizer For SEO-Friendly Content
  3. Humbot - Best AI Humanizer For Fast and Efficient Output
  4. Undetectable AI - Best AI Humanizer For High Success Rates
  5. BypassGPT's AI Humanizer - Best AI Humanizer For Quality, Error-Free Results
  6. BypassAI - Best AI Humanizer For Contextually Accurate Results
  7. AI Undetectable - Best AI Humanizer For Varied Readability Levels
  8. StealthWriter Best AI Humanizer For Multiple Humanized Variations
  9. WriteHuman - Best AI Humanizer For Technical or Academic Writing
  10. GPTinf - Best AI Humanizer For Simplicity & User-Friendliness

HIX Bypass - Best AI Humanizer Overall


HIX Bypass' AI Humanizer is the top AI humanizer we recommend. It is uniquely trained and developed using powerful algorithms to perfectly mimic the common word choices and writing styles frequently used by real humans. This AI to human text converter is versatile enough to process text generated by AI language models like ChatGPT, Jasper, Bard, etc.

This enables HIX Bypass to rework the AI text and create authentic and natural-sounding output that is truly undetectable by AI detectors. It can help you get 99% human scores on even the most stringent AI detectors like GPTZero, Originality.ai and Turnitin.

See The Effectiveness of HIX Bypass Against The Popular AI Detectors

Winston AI
Content at Scale

Moreover, HIX Bypass does well to ensure the humanized text is 100% plagiarism-free. It can also be used to accurately humanize AI text in over 50 different languages with contextual accuracy being maintained. This makes it easier for you to produce humanized content that effectively appeals to wider audiences.

HIX Bypass has an extremely intuitive interface that makes user navigation a smooth and efficient process. Try it out below:

Try HIX Bypass to Create Undetectable AI Writing

Your Content
Usage tips
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  • Humanizes content generated by any AI writing tool
  • Produces 100% human-score content
  • Comes with a highly intuitive user interface
  • Offers multilingual support for 50+ languages


  • Free plan puts cap on word usage
  • Content personalization options are limited

Use HIX Bypass To Achieve A 100% Human Content Score >>>

AIHumanizer - Best AI Humanizer For SEO-Friendly Content


AIHumanizer uses sophisticated AI humanization techniques to rework any AI content and make it completely undetectable to most AI detectors in the market. Instead of using basic paraphrasing techniques, it restructures the entire text to create unique and high-quality output that resembles real human-made content.

What makes this tool shine is its ability for SEO optimization. It can help you generate output that flows well and has excellent readability. Since it can also erase ChatGPT watermarks and AI writing patterns, your humanized content will stay safe from search engine penalties and perform well on SERPs.

What's more, AIHumanizer can adapt and convert AI to human text of any type in just a few simple clicks. This includes all manner of essays, ad copy, reports or emails, and it can humanize the text in 50+ different languages.


  • Employs superior AI humanization techniques
  • Facilitates effective SEO optimization
  • Humanizes AI text in multiple languages


  • Free plan only humanizes up to 300 words
  • Not all humanized output is foolproof

Access AIHumanizer To Get Humanized, SEO-Friendly Content >>>

Humbot - Best AI Humanizer For Fast and Efficient Output


Humbot's strength as an AI humanizer lies in its ability to convert AI to human text in a matter of seconds. The tool is powered by an efficient AI humanization engine that quickly refines any AI text until the overall tone and style are synonymous with human-written work. This enables you to quickly bypass AI checkers like Content at Scale, ZeroGPT, etc.

You can get started by simply pasting the AI text into the portal and clicking ‘Humanize' to get your output. It also ensures that the output is not duplicated from anywhere to guarantee complete content authenticity. In short, if you ever find yourself needing to humanize a ton of content in a hurry, Humbot can be relied on to deliver.


  • Extremely fast and efficient AI humanizer
  • Has a fairly straightforward user interface
  • Secure data encryption to protect information


  • Need to upgrade to unlimited plan to remove the input limit
  • No advanced output style settings

Swiftly Humanize Any AI Content With Ease Using Humbot >>>

BypassGPT - Best AI Humanizer For Quality, Error-Free Results


BypassGPT's AI Humanizer is an advanced AI humanizer that intelligently works to alter and refine the word choice, phrasing, and even tone of any AI text until it becomes undetectable as AI generated. You can use any AI writer and this tool will rework the AI text to evade popular AI detectors like Winston AI, Turnitin, and GPTZero, just to name a few.

However, BypassGPT mostly excels for its ability to humanize AI text without ever compromising content readability. It even works to enhance output quality by ensuring the humanized text is free of any errors or awkward sentence structures. This spares you from having to make extra corrections or revisions to the output.

In addition, its pricing plans are fairly reasonable to cater to those on a budget. Plus, each pricing tier comes with large word count limits, which makes content humanization a breeze.


  • Human-like output that is consistently error-free
  • Very cost-effective pricing options available
  • Large word counts for easy bulk content humanization


  • Lacks enough content editing features
  • Doesn't allow you to upload documents to convert

Humanize Your AI Text With BypassGPT For Quality Output >>>

Undetectable AI - Best AI Humanizer For High Success Rates


Undetectable AI is a cutting-edge AI to human text converter that identifies and eliminates common writing patterns typically found in AI content. This includes content generated by AI writing models like GPT-3.5/4 and Claude. It then undertakes detailed line-by-line revisions to the text until it is completely human-like.

The output generated is humanized so effectively that it can get high human scores on some of the most powerful AI detectors like Copyleaks, ZeroGPT, and others. In addition, the humanized text is guaranteed to not only be 100% original but also authentic enough that it will not be mistakenly flagged as spam.

Undetectable AI also offers multiple AI bypass modes that enable you to convert AI to human text in different ways. This provides you with more varied options when humanizing AI text.


  • Achieves high success rates on most AI detectors
  • Produces 100% unique and spam-free output
  • Has multiple AI humanization mode options


  • Not the fastest AI humanizer on this list
  • No options to adjust the output tone and style

Bypass AI Detection With Ease Using Undetectable AI >>>

BypassAI - Best AI Humanizer For Contextually-Accurate Results


When it comes to ensuring that the humanized AI text still retains the content's original meaning, BypassAI leads the charge. The AI to human text converter works to analyze the text, replace phrases frequently used by AI, and remove ChatGPT watermarks to create 100% human-sounding output that perfectly relays your intended message.

This makes it ideal for humanizing content that typically needs to be conveyed accurately such as creative content, marketing copy, etc. It also has built-in AI checkers that do well to guarantee the revised text is fully AI-proof.

Furthermore, its advanced technology ensures that any text it humanizes doesn't contain any copied content. This ensures you can get past plagiarism-checkers like Copyscape with ease. And as it does well to churn out output that is undetectable and sounds natural, it can even avoid being marked as spam by search engines and can have a good ranking.


  • Output can bypass most AI detectors in the market
  • Excels at maintaining original meaning in humanized text
  • Humanized content will pass any plagiarism-checker


  • Lacks sufficient content editing options
  • The final word count may be different than the input

Maintain Context When Humanizing AI Text With BypassAI >>>

AI Undetectable - Best AI Humanizer For Varied Readability Levels


AI Undetectable is a feature-rich AI humanizer that not only converts any AI text to human but also lets you customize the output to suit your desired readability level. From high school to undergraduate to PhD level, this tool can help ensure your content is tailored to suit any specific audience to a tee.

Other features of this tool include the ability to increase or decrease the word count, which can prove useful if you are struggling with writer's block. The platform also comes with a feature that instantly works to enhance the quality of your content. AI Undetectable is also very simple by design, so there's not much of a learning curve to worry about.


  • Designed with a very simple user interface
  • Has various readability options to choose from
  • Can expand upon/condense content quickly


  • Requires user sign up to access features
  • Humanized output doesn't always bypass AI detection

StealthWriter - Best AI Humanizer For Multiple Humanized Variations


StealthWriter is an effective AI to human text converter that can be relied on to bypass popular AI detectors like Winston AI, Turnitin, and others. The tool even comes with two AI bypass options to choose from, Ninja and Ghost. Each one provides you with a different way to humanize your text, which gives you more flexibility.

The tool's main highlight is its capacity to produce multiple versions of the same humanized text without sacrificing quality. It is for this reason that it is a popular tool among content marketers and agencies alike. Moreover, StealthWriter uniquely allows you to edit and select alternative sentences in real time while humanizing your text.


  • Provides varied humanized drafts to choose from
  • Facilitates real-time content changes for easier editing
  • Offers access to two different AI bypass models


  • Has some of the most expensive pricing plans
  • Extremely restrictive word limits per input

WriteHuman - Best AI Humanizer For Technical or Academic Writing


WriteHuman is a stand-out AI to human text converter, especially when it comes to technical or academic content. This is because it allows you to highlight certain words, terms or phrases in [brackets] to ensure they remain present within the final humanized output. Best of all, it does this while ensuring that readability isn't negatively affected.

The tool has built-in AI detectors that can help you check the effectiveness of rewriting. The site is also mobile-optimized for convenient access, not to mention that WriteHuman can humanize text generated from any AI content generator.


  • Convenient for humanizing industry-specific content
  • AI humanizer can be accessed on mobile
  • Can humanize text from any AI writing tool


  • Free plan doesn't offer much user access
  • Lacks any useful content personalization features

GPTinf - Best AI Humanizer For Simplicity & User-Friendliness


As a first-time user, chances are that you don't want to deal with overly cluttered or complex interfaces, which is where GPTinf comes in. This AI humanizer has one of the most minimal and user-friendly interfaces in the market, which lets you convert AI to human text with no difficulty.

The tool works by removing conventional wording in your AI text and replacing it with human language to make it undetectable. Its ‘Compare Mode' feature even lets you compare the original text with the output to verify changes. In terms of pricing, it has several plans that vary depending on how many words you need per month.


  • Has a unique compare mode feature
  • Designed with a very simple and minimal UI
  • Multiple pricing options to choose from


  • Pricing keeps getting steeper for higher word counts
  • Uses paraphrasing that doesn't always humanize effectively


Humanizing AI text is sometimes important, especially as a content creator or digital marketer. Aside from bypassing AI detectors and avoiding Google penalties, it helps your content sound more authentic and relatable, which boosts reader engagement.

In this respect, the 10 AI humanizers we've listed above are the best in the market with HIX Bypass being the most effective way to convert AI to human text. Take your AI writing to the next level by using these tools to give your content the human touch it needs to thrive in this competitive digital landscape.

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