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ZeroGPT Review: Is ZeroGPT Accurate?

ZeroGPT is one of the many AI detectors available today. It's marketed as the most reliable and advanced detector of ChatGPT, GPT4, and other forms of AI content, trusted by millions of users around the globe.

However, is ZeroGPT accurate? This question is widely debated on Reddit, with many expressing doubts about its reliability. So, can you truly rely on this tool to spot AI content? Read on to find out all about ZeroGPT accuracy levels.

How Does ZeroGPT Work?

ZeroGPT makes use of its proprietary "DeepAnalyse" technology. Leading the way in AI content detection, this model makes use of a multi-stage text analysis system to scan a piece of text, determine its origin, and identify the possible presence of AI in content generation. It's specialized in spotting content from multiple tools, like ChatGPT, GPT3, GPT4, and Bard.

In terms of user input, ZeroGPT is very simple. Users can copy and paste their text into the box provided, and then click the Detect Text button to start the scan. ZeroGPT will then analyze the text at macro and micro levels to spot the signs of AI using its own in-house algorithms. It then provides the user with a result, showing the percentage of the text that seems to be AI-written.

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Feedback and User Reviews of ZeroGPT

One of the best ways to figure out how accurate is ZeroGPT is to look at feedback and reviews of people who have used it. In this section, we’ll explore how well this tool works and what people think about ZeroGPT in general.

General User Experience

In general, as outlined above, the user experience with ZeroGPT is said to be simple and straightforward. In just a couple of simple steps, users can check if a piece of text is made by AI or not. The process is quick and easy, and it doesn’t usually take long for ZeroGPT to process the content and provide a response.

It's also possible to use this tool for free, albeit with a strict limit of 15,000 characters per scan. If users want to scan longer pieces, they'll have to upgrade to one of the two paid plans: Pro and Max. These plans offer up to 100,000 characters per scan and additional features, like PDF reports and big batch file checking.

Public Opinion on ZeroGPT

Unfortunately, despite its lofty claims about accuracy and reliability, ZeroGPT hasn’t proven too popular with many users. There are lots of threads online about the tool lacking reliability, and many people have called into question how accurate is ZeroGPT after putting it to the test. This Reddit thread, for example, is filled with examples of unhappy users.


There are several other Reddit discussions filled with negative comments on ZeroGPT. Additionally, scientific researchers have even put ZeroGPT to the test, finding that it’s only accurate between 35 and 65% of the time, rather than the 98% ZeroGPT accuracy rating that the developers claim on their website.

Is Zero GPT Accurate: Putting ZeroGPT to the Test

Ultimately, the best way to answer questions like “Is ZeroGPT accurate?” and “Is ZeroGPT reliable?” is to put it to the test. So, that's exactly what we've done. Our testing process was as follows: we used ChatGPT, Google Gemini, and Claude to generate pieces of AI text and then put them into ZeroGPT to see if it could detect them.

We also used the Quillbot paraphraser to rephrase the AI text and wrote text on our own to see how the affected ZeroGPT’s accuracy levels. Read on for the results.

ZeroGPT Accuracy Against AI-Generated Content

First, we asked ChatGPT to write 100 words on the topic of “climate change.”

Here’s what ChatGPT came up with:


Next, we fed the text into ZeroGPT to see how well it worked:


As you can see, ZeroGPT was easily able to spot that this text was written by an AI tool.

We then repeated the experiment with Google’s Gemini, asking it to write 100 words about Paris, France.

Here’s what Gemini gave us:


And here’s what ZeroGPT thought about it:


Once again, ZeroGPT did a great job here of spotting the AI-written text.

We then finished up by asking Claude to write another 100-word piece on the topic of baseball:

Here’s the text from Claude:


Here’s what ZeroGPT thought of that:


Again, ZeroGPT nailed it, proving that it is quite effective at spotting AI text from the big AI generators.

ZeroGPT Accuracy Against Paraphrased Content

Next, we wanted to see how well ZeroGPT could handle AI text that had been paraphrased with the aid of Quillbot. First, we took the text from ChatGPT and let Quillbot modify it.

Here’s what Quillbot came up with for the ChatGPT text:


And here’s what ZeroGPT thought of it:


Here, ZeroGPT still spotted that most of the text was made by AI, but some parts of it were able to get past the scans, reducing the original score from 100% to 71%.

Next, Quillbot paraphrased our text from Gemini, resulting in the following:


Here’s how ZeroGPT responded to this text:


As you can see, the difference between the original Gemini content and the paraphrased content is huge. After using Quillbot to change some words and sentence structures, ZeroGPT became way less effective, only detecting 50% of the text as AI.

Finally, we repeated the process a third time with the Claude text. Here’s what Quillbot gave us:


And here’s how ZeroGPT responded:


This was ZeroGPT’s worst performance of the three. It failed to spot most of the text as being made by AI, proving that Quillbot can be used to partially get around this tool.

ZeroGPT Accuracy Against Human Content

Next, we wrote some pieces of text ourselves on the same subjects.

First, climate change:


Here’s how ZeroGPT assessed the text:


As you can see, ZeroGPT got this one right. It correctly assessed that the text was human-written.

Next, we wrote about Paris.


And ZeroGPT’s opinion:


Unfortunately, this proves how unreliable ZeroGPT can be and is a clear example of why so many users are unhappy. Despite writing this piece entirely by hand, without any use of AI, it still got flagged as being AI-generated in an obvious example of a “false positive”.

Finally, the subject of “baseball.”


A ZeroGPT scan produced this result:


Unfortunately, once again, we have a major case of a false positive. The entire text was written word-by-word, without the use of AI, but ZeroGPT still got it wrong and thought the whole thing was AI-made. This shows that the tool, like a lot of AI detectors, may be unreliable and overly sensitive, causing false positive problems for writers and content creators.

HIX Bypass: A Solid Solution to Bypass ZeroGPT

Clearly, when it comes to how accurate is ZeroGPT, the answer is that it varies. Sometimes, as shown in our testing, ZeroGPT gets things right. Other times, it makes mistakes and incorrectly flags text as AI or human. It can therefore be a difficult tool to deal with, but there is a way around it. If you want to know how to bypass ZeroGPT, just use HIX Bypass.

HIX Bypass is a trusted undetectable AI writer that is capable of state-of-the-art humanization. It can help you get a 100% human score with your text and bypass leading AI scanners like ZeroGPT, GPTZero, and Originality.ai. It also offers built-in AI detection, multiple AI bypass modes, fast processing times, and other key features.


  • Converts AI to Human Text: Humanize any piece of AI-made text from tools like ChatGPT and Gemini.
  • Bypasses AI Detection: Make AI text truly undetectable and bypass a range of leading AI scanners, including ZeroGPT.
  • Delivers Plagiarism-Free Content: Creates 100% original output content without any plagiarism and no grammar or spelling errors, either.
  • Retains Intent: Preserves the original meaning of the text, rather than detracting from it or changing it.
  • Offers Multiple Modes: Three different bypass modes for users to choose from, with varying strategies and humanization techniques.
  • Enhances SEO Performance: Optimizes your content for SEO to help you rank higher on Google.
  • Multilingual Support: Works in over 50 different languages.

Testing Is HIX Bypass Reliable to Bypass ZeroGPT

To prove how effective the undetectable AI writing tool truly is, we took the AI-generated text from the earlier tests and ran it through HIX Bypass. We then checked the results on ZeroGPT.

First, here’s what HIX Bypass did to the ChatGPT text, making various changes to wordflow, structure, and vocabulary to make the text appear more human.


And this is the result of HIX Bypass’s changes to the ChatGPT text:


Next, we can see how HIX Bypass’s changed the Gemini text:


And here’s how ZeroGPT assessed the sample:


Finally, here’s what HIX Bypass did to the Claude text after passing it through its humanization algorithms.


And here’s what ZeroGPT thought about it:


As you can see, HIX Bypass made AI content undetectable by ZeroGPT with flying colors. It got a perfect 100% human score in all three tests, proving that it’s more than capable of humanizing AI content to get past this leading AI detector.

Next, we went one step further. We used HIX Bypass to redo the human samples that failed ZeroGPT detection earlier on. We wanted to see if HIX Bypass could even do better than a real human writer in terms of bypassing ZeroGPT.

Here’s how the second human text looked after undergoing HIX Bypass’s humanization process.


And here’s what ZeroGPT thought about it:


A perfect score. This shows that HIX Bypass was able to successfully improve the original human text in order to beat the scan.

We then repeated the process with the third human sample, which also originally failed to beat HIX Bypass’s scans.


Here’s the result from ZeroGPT:


Once more, it’s a flawless performance. ZeroGPT was completely unable to spot that the text was made by AI, being 100% fooled by HIX Bypass.

How Accurate Is ZeroGPT: Test Results Roundup

Overall, the testing of ZeroGPT produced some mixed results, as shown in the table below:

  • Source of Text
  • ZeroGPT AI Score
  • Is ZeroGPT Accurate?
  • AI – ChatGPT
  • 100% AI
  • Yes, correctly spotted AI
  • AI – Gemini
  • 100% AI
  • Yes, correctly spotted AI
  • AI – Claude
  • 100% AI
  • Yes, correctly spotted AI
  • Quillbot – ChatGPT
  • 71% AI
  • Mostly spotted the AI
  • Quillbot – Gemini
  • 51% AI
  • Mixed result, only half right
  • Quillbot – Claude
  • 22% AI
  • No, incorrectly labeled AI content as mostly human
  • Human #1
  • 0% AI
  • Yes, correctly identified the human text
  • Human #2
  • 100% AI
  • No, incorrectly labeled human content as AI
  • Human #3
  • 100% AI
  • No, incorrectly labeled human content as AI
  • HIX Bypass #1
  • 0% AI
  • Defeated by HIX Bypass
  • HIX Bypass #2
  • 0% AI
  • Defeated by HIX Bypass
  • HIX Bypass #3
  • 0% AI
  • Defeated by HIX Bypass
  • Human #2 After HIX Bypass
  • 0% AI
  • Defeated by HIX Bypass
  • Human #3 After HIX Bypass
  • 0% AI
  • Defeated by HIX Bypass

The table reveals varying accuracy levels for ZeroGPT across different content. While effective with basic AI generators, ZeroGPT struggled to identify paraphrased content from Quillbot. In tests with human-written text, it produced two significant false positives, demonstrating its unreliability.

So, when it comes to the question of whether is ZeroGPT accurate, the truth is that it depends.

And if you need to know how to get around ZeroGPT consistently, the answer is clear: use HIX Bypass. Remarkably, HIX Bypass successfully bypasses ZeroGPT in all five times. This undetectable AI tool proved to be the most reliable method for consistently bypassing the AI detector, surpassing even the efficacy of a human writer.


Overall, our testing has one clear conclusion: ZeroGPT may be accurate from time to time, but it’s not the most reliable tool on the market. It struggled with paraphrased content from Quillbot and produced false positives with our human writing, too.

However, as the test also shows, if you use HIX Bypass’s advanced humanization technology, you can easily bypass ZeroGPT time after time.

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